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The Pawsitively Adorable Goldendoodle Taking TikTok by Storm

The Pawsitively Adorable Goldendoodle Taking TikTok by Storm

A video circulating on social media showing a dog’s remarkably human-like behavior has been delighting users online.

The video, which has over 12.1 million views since its upload to TikTok on February 4, features a goldendoodle eagerly standing at his owner’s kitchen counter, eagerly anticipating a snack.

Several TikTok users have chimed in to praise the intelligence of the goldendoodle breed, showing support for the dog’s owner, known as @yoimdave on the platform.

“I know we’re all worried about AI taking over, but I think doodles are coming for us,” one user humorously commented.

Another user remarked, “Ah because doodles ARE human. I don’t know how, they just are. Their eyes?!? Like hellooo!!!”

“You can’t convince me that all golden doodles are humans in doodle suits,” shared a third user.

The post was captioned with a question: “Anyone else’s goldendoodle stand like a human?”

The goldendoodle is a hybrid breed resulting from a mix of a golden retriever and a standard poodle. It’s common for miniature or toy poodles to be crossed with golden retrievers to produce miniature goldendoodle puppies.

Purina, a popular pet food brand, highlighted on its website the rising popularity of the goldendoodle breed worldwide, attributing its development to the success of the labradoodle breed.

“The goldendoodle can be a first cross (with one retriever and one poodle parent), can be bred back to one of the original breeds, or be two goldendoodles bred together, resulting in variations in size, shape, coat types, and temperaments,”

Purina explained.


anyone else’s goldendoodle stand like a human? #goldendoodle #fyp

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What Are People Saying?

Since its upload on February 4 by @yoimdave, the TikTok video has received over 1.7 million likes and garnered more than 9,000 comments. Many TikTok users have expressed their amusement in the comments section.

“Sunny can’t walk in heels,” one user quipped.

Another user humorously suggested, “Someone said golden doodles were sent by the government to spy on us, and now I’m beginning to believe.”

“High heels on my tippies,” shared a third TikToker.

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