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Community Gets Together To Save Dog That Was Dumped On A Parking Lot

Community Gets Together To Save Dog That Was Dumped On A Parking Lot

In Tampa, a gesture of kindness is being investigated by Hillsborough County Animal Control. A driver recently left a dog in the parking lot of a plastic surgeon’s office in Tampa, sparking a wave of concern and action in the community.

The incident unfolded early in the morning on February 7, catching the attention of Dr. Geoffrey Kwitko, whose office is located on MacDill Avenue and Azeele Street in Tampa.

Thanks to a notification from his Blink camera, Dr. Kwitko was alerted to the situation.

Upon realizing what had occurred, Dr. Kwitko and his secretary, Janine, sprang into action. Although the car and the dog were nowhere to be seen, they quickly located the dog walking down MacDill Avenue.

With the help of a veterinarian from Four Paws Veterinary Hospital, they safely took the 2-year-old dog to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

Expressing his shock and dismay at the abandonment, Dr. Kwitko emphasized the importance of responsible pet ownership.

“If you don’t want the dog, drive it to the humane society, drive it to a shelter, don’t just leave the dog out on a busy street where the dog could be hurt,”

he urged.

Regan Blessinger, a dedicated member of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, shared insights into the dog’s background and upcoming adoption prospects. The dog, now known as Goldie due to her captivating eyes, is expected to be ready for adoption soon.

Reflecting on the increase in owner surrenders and illegal abandonments, Blessinger touched on the harsh realities faced by many pet owners.

“We’re not seeing people surrendering their pets for silly reasons. People are surrendering for very real reasons,”

she noted, emphasizing the need for support and planning.

As the investigation continues, authorities seek information about the driver involved, described as driving a white Mercedes.

Abandoning an animal is a serious offense that can result in fines and even imprisonment, underscoring the importance of treating animals with care and respect.

Dr. Kwitko summed up the sentiment shared by many in the community, emphasizing the value of animals as cherished members of the family.

“They have feelings. They’re scared. They get hungry. These are beings just like we are,”

he said calling for compassion and responsibility in pet ownership.

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