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How Brynn Nursed a Rescue Dog from a ‘Sick and Skinny’ Pup to an ’80-Lb. Potato on Legs

How Brynn Nursed a Rescue Dog from a ‘Sick and Skinny’ Pup to an ’80-Lb. Potato on Legs

“Biggie became my best friend right from the start — even if he didn’t realize it then,” shares 10-year-old Brynn.

Their story began over two years ago when Brynn’s family welcomed Biggie into their lives from Three Little Pitties Rescue, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless pets in Texas and finding them loving homes across the nation.

“When he hopped off the truck, he just looked so silly with his wrinkles, crooked legs, and droopy eyes. He brought a smile to my face,”

Brynn recalls of their initial meeting.

Source: People

Describing Biggie as a unique “bulldog mocktail” — a blend of English bulldog, French bulldog, and pit bull — she knew he was special from the start.

Biggie arrived with some health challenges, but with love and care from Brynn and her family, the bulldog mix has thrived, enjoying a life filled with joy and new experiences.

Brynn shared their bond in an entry for Petco Love’s 2024 Love Stories campaign, celebrating the impact rescue pets have on their owners’ lives.

In recognition of the campaign’s 25th anniversary, Petco Love, in collaboration with BOBS from Skechers, awarded 25 grants totaling $500,000.

Brynn’s entry not only won the grand prize but also secured a $100,000 grant for Three Little Pitties Rescue, a Petco shopping spree, and a year’s supply of Yummers pet products.

“I was beyond thrilled to hear about winning the Grand Prize! I couldn’t believe it at first. I’m so thankful that Petco Love selected my essay, and I’m excited that the prize will help more pets like Biggie,”

Brynn expresses with joy.

Brynn’s essay detailed Biggie’s journey from a sickly, skinny pup to a healthy, happy companion, emphasizing the power of tender loving care in his recovery.

“He arrived from Texas on a rescue truck, very ill and underweight. He underwent surgeries and received lots of treats. I was scared he wouldn’t make it. But with dedication, we nursed him back to health. Biggie now resembles an 80-pound potato on legs,”

Brynn shared in her essay.

The young girl reveals that the key to Biggie’s transformation was simple: lots of love and attention.

Working on his obedience skills, Brynn and her family helped Biggie settle into their home, rewarding his good behavior with treats and affection.

Source: People

“We practiced commands repeatedly, showering him with treats and love when he obeyed. The first time he sat and stayed on his bed, we threw a dance party! Biggie just needed time to trust that we wouldn’t abandon him,”

Brynn shares.

Today, Biggie is a healthy and well-mannered companion, bringing joy and laughter into Brynn’s life.

“He’s a goofy and laid-back guy now. He enjoys playtime but also loves lounging for 15 hours a day. I believe he knows he can rely on me, and he returns the love,”

she adds.

Brynn advocates for pet adoption, emphasizing the need for loving families to provide homes for animals like Biggie who crave love and care.

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