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Dog Whose Snout Had Been Cruelly Zip-Tied Shut Was Saved By Police Officer

Dog Whose Snout Had Been Cruelly Zip-Tied Shut Was Saved By Police Officer

In South Bend, Indiana, a tale unfolded recently when a dog, whose snout had been cruelly zip-tied shut, found a loving forever home with the police officer who came to his rescue.

The South Bend Police Department took to social media to share the heartening news of the dog’s rescue, thanks to the quick actions of Ofc. Stephanie Northcutt.

Responding to a call about an animal in need, Northcutt discovered a Doberman with a zip tie tightly fastened around his snout in a neighborhood on the city’s south side.

Despite the efforts of several people who had tried to help the dog before the officers arrived, it was Northcutt who managed to earn the pup’s trust. With the help of bystanders, she successfully removed the zip tie and comforted the frightened animal.

Over the weekend, the rescued dog, now named Zeus, got to spend quality time bonding with Northcutt’s other canine companions.

It soon became clear to Northcutt that Zeus was meant to be a part of her family, and she officially adopted him through the South Bend Animal Resource Center.

Fortunately, despite the ordeal he had endured, Zeus is expected to make a full recovery without any lasting physical effects.

The police department expressed their joy at seeing Zeus thriving despite the initial challenges he faced, highlighting the resilience and spirit of this lucky pup.

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