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Blind dog rescued from drowning in NYC’s Baisely Pond Park (+VIDEO)

Blind dog rescued from drowning in NYC’s Baisely Pond Park (+VIDEO)

For any dog lover, the mere idea of their furry companion in distress is utterly devastating. Imagine then, discovering your beloved pet in a dire predicament.

In a fortunate twist of fate, a pair of astute NYPD officers were the heroes of the day.

Officers Branden Williams and Marc Esposito faced an unusual distress call on a chilly Halloween morning at Baisely Pond, where a blind Border Collie was perilously floundering in the chilly waters.

“The person who called was actively trying to get our attention, signaling to us frantically,” recounted Esposito.

The woman indicated the location of the struggling dog. Visibility was poor amidst the underbrush, but the dog’s distress calls were unmistakable.

“The sound was just heart-wrenching,” admitted Esposito. “We reached out to our Emergency Service Unit. They were on their way, but the urgency in the dog’s cries meant we had to act immediately.”

The officers sprang into action, with Esposito’s body camera documenting the challenging rescue.

“The ground beneath us was treacherously soft. One moment you’re stable, the next, you’re sinking in deep,” Esposito described.

“It was quite the physical challenge,” added Williams.

“And bitterly cold,” Esposito chimed in.

Their resolve was unwavering as they worked to extricate the canine from the icy waters, subsequently cradling him in warmth inside their patrol vehicle, turning up the heat, and swaddling him in a jacket.

“All I could think was if my own dog were in this situation, I’d want someone to rescue him,” Esposito reflected.

The dog, an 8-year-old named Sparky, had been reported missing by his owner just the day before. He was promptly taken to a local veterinary clinic. With the collaborative efforts of the Animal Care Centers of New York City, Sparky was safely reunited with his owner.

“I’m filled with pride over our actions and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again,” declared Williams.

Sparky has since been joyfully restored to his family and is reported to be recovering splendidly.

The officers extended their heartfelt thanks to all who played a role in this successful rescue, from the initial emergency call to the assistance provided by BluePearl Pet Hospital and the ACC, emphasizing that it was a collective endeavor that ensured Sparky’s safe return home.

(Photo: Youtube Eyewitness News ABC7NY)

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