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  • Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut

    Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut: The Answer Will Surprise You

    We often make a mistake thinking that everything good for us must be good for our dogs. We consider our furry friends as members of our family. Therefore, it’s easy to forget they are in some ways very different from, and they have different nutritional needs. We often share the food we eat with our […] More

  • Can Dogs Have Hummus

    Can Dogs Have Hummus?

    It can be hard for people to realize that food they consider safe and healthy isn’t healthy for their dogs. However, this is the case since the digestive systems of dogs and humans are very different. Ingredients we consider safe and healthy can be toxic and deadly to our furry friends. Therefore, it’s crucial that […] More

  • How To Brush Dog's Teeth

    How To Brush Dog’s Teeth: Step-By-Step Guide

    We all know how important dental hygiene is for us. It prevents bad breath, loss of teeth, and infections that can occur if you don’t brush your teeth regularly. Well, dental hygiene is equally important for our furry friends. Therefore, it’s important to brush your dog’s teeth regularly and monitor his dental health. Why It’s […] More

  • Split Nose Dog Breeds: Rare And Mysterious Dogs

    One of the rarest physical characteristics in dogs is most certainly the split nose. Also known as a cleft nose, bifid nose, or double-barreled shotgun nose, a split nose is a feature characterized by the distinct cleft in the middle of the nose separating the two nostrils. A split nose gives the appearance of the […] More

  • pastor aleman

    Dog Names That Start With R: How To Choose The Right One?

    Even though it seems like a no-brainer, choosing a dog name can be a difficult decision. There are so many options out there, and you can only choose one that will stick with your dog and define your furry friend for the rest of his life. In this article, we will focus on male and […] More

  • chicken feet for dogs

    Are Chicken Feet Safe For Dogs?

    If you are looking for a natural, relatively healthy treat for your dog, look no further than chicken feet. Yes, they may look gross and too real for some people, but chicken feet are actually good for dogs. They are good for a dog’s dental health, and they improve the health of the dog’s joints. […] More

  • Dog Withers

    Dog Withers: What They Are: How To Locate Them?

    To determine the height of some animals, such as dogs and horses, you need to measure their height at the withers. But, what are the dog withers, and where are they located on the dog’s body?  The withers are the highest point of the dog’s body, excluding the neck and the head. It’s an area, […] More

  • How Should You Place A Prong Collar On A Dog

    How Should You Place A Prong Collar On A Dog?

    When you see a prong collar, chances are you are thinking it’s some kind of a medieval torture device. Therefore, it’s no surprise that prong collars have a bad reputation, and many dog owners run away from them. It seems counterintuitive to put something that has spikes on it around the neck of a dog […] More

  • Do Dogs Have Lips

    Do Dogs Have Lips?

    What you see when you look at another human’s face. You can clearly distinguish ears, eyes, nose, and mouth with upper and lower lips. When you look at your dog you can also distinguish ears, eyes, snout, and mouth. But, where are the lips? Do dogs even have lips? In this article, we will answer […] More

  • Stud Tail In Dogs

    Stud Tail In Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

    Stud tail or tail gland hyperplasia is a common condition in dogs. In the upper to the middle part of the dog’s tail, there is a supracaudal gland, also known as the violet gland. This gland secretes lipids, oil, and protein. However, when the supracaudal gland secretes too much androgen, this causes the occurrence of […] More

  • Tick Head Stuck In Your Dog

    Tick Head Stuck In Your Dog: What To Do?

    Ticks are one of the grossest and most dangerous parasites. They can affect both humans and dogs. However, our furry friends are at greater risk due to their lifestyle. Ticks are small, egg-shaped, grey-brown blood-sucking parasites that live in woods, grassy or swampy areas. These parasites don’t fly or jump on animals. Ticks simply climb […] More

  • can dogs eat black pepper

    Can Dogs Eat Black Pepper? All You Need To Know

    Black pepper is actually a cooked and dried-out version of flowering vine fruit called peppercorn. Humans have used black pepper for thousands of years as a spice and as natural medicine. Black pepper has many benefits for humans, it relieves cold, cough, improves skin, stimulates digestion, promotes weight loss, and has anti-cancerogenic properties. According to […] More

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