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Vibrant Life Dog Beds (exclusive Walmart brand)

Vibrant Life Dog Beds (exclusive Walmart brand)

Do you want to get a nice, comfy bed for your beloved dog? Maybe a bed that would be his or her peaceful place where they could relax? But at the same time, you don´t want to spend too much money, because let´s be honest, dog beds do tend to be quite expensive. If you don´t want to spend a little fortune but still want your dog to have a cozy sleep area then look into Vibrant Life dog beds!

Vibrant Life is an exclusive Walmart brand that sells various pet products including dog food, treats, accessories, and dog beds. A big part of the company’s portfolio is also Vibrant Life dog beds! They have a full line of dog beds that are suited for all dogs, for your tiny potato and gentle giant! These dog beds come in numerous colors and different sizes we guarantee you´ll even be able to find the perfect size of dog bed no matter which breed you own. You can also get it in different shapes! Are you looking for a rectangular dog bed, or maybe a dog bed that is a round shape? Vibrant Life has it!

Vibrant Life dog beds are luxurious, comfortable dog beds that provide a safe and cozy place for your dog to sleep and relax.

Even though there are several types of Vibrant Life dog beds you can buy in Walmart, today we will review the most popular ones.

Vibrant Life Dog Beds: Our top picks summary

We will do a review of three Vibrant Life dog beds. Now, we won´t only cover what Walmart has to say about the dog beds, but also what the reviews say and if people are happy with the dog beds they received.

We will also look a bit at the style of the dog beds. You want the dog bed to be a safe space for your pooch, with a soft mat made out of the best material, but you also want a fashionable dog bed that will fit into your home.

Vibrant Life Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed

This bed is a great option for both cats and dogs. There are raised rims on all four sides providing great support for the dog’s neck and head. The rims also create a cacoon-like environment, which makes the dog feel safe. The bottom of the bed is a sturdy, but soft and cozy removable memory foam.

You can remove the foam and easily wash the rest of the dog bed in the washing machine.

Also, if your dog has pee problems, you can put a plastic bag around the foam to prevent it from getting wet. The bed comes in two colors, grey, and beige.

Generally speaking, the reviews for Vibrant Life Deluxe Orthopedic Pet Bed are positive. People love this dog bed, one positive review says the following:

Great product, especially for an older dog with pee problems. The base is a soft removable foam that we put a plastic bag around so in an accident the foam doesn’t get wet. Easy to wash. Just remove the foam base and throw the rest in the wash. The perimeter stuffing supports the dog’s head well. We have 2 dogs and the one that seldom uses a dog bed loves this one as well.

But as it usually is with all products not everyone will be happy. Some dog owners complained that they got smaller beds than they ordered. Also, several owners reported issues with the zipper. Here´s what one unhappy buyer said:

The bed is great and my dog loves it. However, I was sent a size small. I saw the bed in the store and all they had were small beds so I ordered a medium online and was still sent a small. Even paid more for the medium bed. It is such a hassle to try to send it back.

Vibrant Life Therapeutic Pet Dog Bed

The main purpose of Vibrant Life Therapeutic Pet Dog Bed is to reduce strain on the dog’s key pressure points and joints. The bed is ideal for dogs of all ages. However, older dogs will benefit most from these beds.

Vibrant Life Therapeutic Pet Dog Beds are also easy to clean. Simply remove the thick foam cushion and wash the cover in machine wash.

The bed comes in several colors including beige, blue, gray, and pink.

Many people love this dog bed and the overall rating is 4.2 out of 5, which is pretty decent. Here´s what one positive review says:

I have tried several different beds for my dogs. These are the only beds that offer the support that I like for them to have. The thick padding is great. The cover is machine washable which is a bonus.

But, some dog owners didn’t like the overall quality of the product. Most complaints are about the difference in products they saw in the photos from the product they received. Others complained about a chemical smell that was coming from the soft mat:

My dog was reluctant to sleep on it and I wasn’t sure why until I walked by it and it gave off an unusually strong smell, at first I thought it was just dog smell so I removed the cover but I realized it was a chemical odor from the foam so strong it instantly gave me a headache.

Vibrant Life Lounger Pet Bed

The last bed we will introduce to you is the Lounger pet bed. This pet bed measures 27 inches wide and 36 inches long making it ideal for large dogs. The bolstered walls on the three sides of the bed will provide good support for your dog’s head and neck. The bed comes in a variety of colors, so make sure to pick one that will blend best in your home.

Featuring modern colors and designs, and a fuzzy plush interior, this pet bed is sure to add a pop of style to your home while giving your pet a comfortable space of their own. Available in multiple colors and patterns, you can pick the bed that best fits your pet’s needs. Bring home the Vibrant Life Lounge Style Pet Bed for your special pup today.

Don’t buy this bed if you own a teething puppy as he will tear it apart.

But generally, the reviews for this bed are positive. One person even says that he had to buy multiple Lounger Pet Beds:

Purchased for my older dog and buying 2 more now because all of my dogs choose this bed over the plethora of choices in the house. It has held up well but my dogs are not chewers.

Frequently asked questions

We´ve only introduced you to three Vibrant Life dog beds, but there are so many others to choose from. They come in many styles and designs like the tufted design or blue denim print! You can even get a colorful dog bed for a pop of color in your home.

No matter which bed type or size you need, you will probably find the perfect match at Vibrant Life.

Even though there are negative reviews on these dog beds, the consensus is that these dog beds are worth buying, especially because they are so affordable. And it can be used for residential as well as commercial use.

Are Vibrant Life dog beds washable?

The Vibrant Life dog beds are easily washable. You can remove the foam cushion and wash the cover with a little laundry detergent, preferably mild detergent and cold water. To make it extra comfortable for your dog you can use fabric softener when you wash the cover. The best news is that the cover is also machine washable for easy care. But please, if you wash it in your washing machine make sure it´s on a gentle cycle. When it comes to the frequency of washing, contrary to popular belief, dog beds need to be cleaned regularly. We would recommend washing it every week.

You will hear some people washing dog beds at the highest temperature to kill bacteria. Theoretically, that makes sense, but not all dog beds are made to be washed at a high temperature, so it´s best to follow the washing directions on your particular dog bed.

One extra tip we have is to clean your machine after washing your dog’s bed. To remove any lingering dirt or pet hair run the washer on empty with one cup of vinegar!

Can you put these beds in a dryer?

You can air dry Vibrant Life dog beds, which would be the best option and better choice if you want the dog bed to last you a long time. But, if you don´t have time for that you can put the cover in the dryer and let it dry at a low heat and without dryer sheets.

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