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A Guide to Determine the Compatibility of a Second Dog for Your Bully

A Guide to Determine the Compatibility of a Second Dog for Your Bully

It is no surprise that micro bullies are becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in America as they have very fun personalities, family loyalty, and adventurous spirit. They make great pets for most families. While many bullies can thrive as only dogs, you might also want to bring a second pup into your house. Though it can bring about a difficult time at the start, you will love everything about them once the pets become best friends. It could be a great addition to improve your life as well as your dog’s. 

Before welcoming a new companion dog, understanding your bully is important. To determine the compatibility of your second dog, you must know your first pet first. Know their personality traits, history, and temperament to choose the best companion. Go through the article to learn more.


The American Bully is of recent origin as they were first bred around the 1980s. The American Staffordshire Terriers and American pit bull terriers are the foundations that had been used for breeding a PitBull. 

Nonetheless, another five breeds are also used to get the Bully-like look. The breeds are the American Bulldog, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. 

Personality and Temperament 

The following traits are important to keep in mind when picking the sweet pup perfect for you:


Bullies are fairly intelligent dogs. You can train them easily in basic commands. Many bullies can go on to more extensive training to become guard dogs. This is because of their intelligence level and ability to adapt. They tend to be very versatile dogs. 

They can learn from past mistakes and adapt to new situations. They can communicate their needs and wants to their masters. They are people-oriented dogs and crave human company. 

Their high energy, love, and affection towards humans make them a perfect companion to have fun with. You can always count on the bullies to play games with you as well as the rest of the family. So, when you are looking for a companion for your bully, you have to be attentive in matching their intelligence and energy level. This will help put both dogs on equal footing while preventing them from getting bored. 

If you’re looking for a companion to match your bully’s intelligence, you can easily go for a Bernedoodle, a Golden Retriever or even a Cocker Spaniel. We provided a few other options later in the article. 


You will find your bully to be an incredibly affectionate animal. It loves your attention. Whenever you give a good belly scratch, or a treat, or just call it a “good boy,” you will find it giggling with joy. Even if it is not convenient for you, they will like to seek your attention constantly. 

You can train them very easily as they are always eager to please you. Give a little positive attention when they do something well, and it will help them to quickly learn that being ‘a good boy’ is always the best way to get love and affection from their owners. They dislike upsetting you, and you will see it in their behavior once they get attached to you. 

As affection is important for your pet, no matter what breed you pick as its companion, make sure you are continuing to give it lots of attention so that they do not feel forgotten or neglected after the second one arrives. 


Bullies are incredibly loyal pets. When you and your bully have spent enough time to become one family, they will love you with their life. They are typically very friendly to be with – even with strangers. 

So, when it comes to the family, it is usual for your bully to go to great lengths to protect them. As they are good at bonding with more than one person, they will be loyal to all of your family members and love them all. 

When choosing a companion for your pet, you will need to remember this trait. To gradually acclimate to being in the home while introducing the new dog to your bully. paying attention to this trait is very important. Make sure your pet views the new companion as a friend rather than a threat to the family. 


American Bullies are usually active dogs. They like being adventurous though they might seem lazy while doing exercise for a long time. They are tenacious and tough when it comes to playing. So, make sure you choose a tough toy that can withstand the constant play of your pet. 

The same goes when picking a breed to be your bully’s companion. Keep their energy level in mind to make them best friends. Find the one that closely resembles your pets’ active nature and energy.

Choosing the Best Breed

Now, as you know the traits of your bully, it’s time to pick the best companion dog for it. Many dogs can make very good friends with other dogs. The ones that would probably make the best partnership with your pet are given below:

Basset Hound 

The Basset Hound might not be the first breed that comes to mind when finding a bully’s playmate. But they are known for their laid-back personality, calm demeanor, and gentle tendencies that make them a great companion for most of the dog breeds, including the American Bully. 

While they are affectionate towards humans, they are not so demanding about getting attention. It will help your pet not feel threatened by them. These two stocky dogs are good at matching each other’s playstyles, creating a great partnership.


Beagles are good at getting along with bullies. You will find them extremely friendly as well as very gentle. They do not like to challenge your pet’s territory, resources, or attention. As they are smaller in size, your bully might not feel the need to show dominance over them and eventually become their best friend. 

They love being around both humans and other dogs. As they are pack dogs, they tend to seek out dog companions. This makes them a natural fit for your bullies.

Golden Retriever 

Golden retrievers are calm and friendly dogs. This gives them the ability to get along very well with the bullies. They also love to be around any human or animal. 

Their low-key nature helps calm your pet down if it sometimes gets excitable. Though they have calm natures, they are outgoing, eager to please, and loyal, making them great partners. They will be a fun companion for your bully as they love playing and hopping around.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are smaller in size. They are very energetic and active. They love to be playful with other dogs. Your pet might find them easy to get along with. They tend to be gentle around humans as well as other dogs. They typically love to have fun. 

Their personalities are friendly and affectionate. Their high intelligence rating and general nature make them a great choice for a companion dog. Your bully will love to be with a second pet like this.

German Shepherd

German shepherds and bullies share a few characteristics. They both are loyal, brave, and sometimes a little stubborn. If you pick a German shepherd as a second pet, it might take a little while to get acquainted with your pet. This means you will need to do a slow and calm introduction to your bully. 

After getting through the initial hurdles of getting along, they have the potential to build a great partnership. As German Shepherds are very energetic, intelligent, and adaptable, if you can start with the right first meeting, they can start a good relationship from the very beginning. However, be patient, and you will see an amazing bond between them as time goes on.

Final Thoughts

While picking your second dog, make sure you go through its origin and characteristics to make the right decision. Look into their size, activity level, grooming requirements, genetic tendencies, disposition for interactions in your environment, and many other factors to pick the perfect breed for your bully. 

Gender choice can make a great difference too. So, know the difference before bringing one. The second dog can bring about hazards if you do not go through the process properly. Make sure you are being cautious about everything required while bringing a new companion for your bully. 

Best of luck!

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