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Best dog food for Huskies

Best dog food for Huskies

If you are a Husky owner, you know how serious they take their meals. But what is the best dog food for Huskies? Huskies are physically very active dogs, so at best they get a diet consisting of one third of vegetables and cereals and two thirds of meat. To make it easier for the husky to digest, make sure to feed your dog the meat separately from the vegetables.

Husky nutrition

A balanced diet is the basis for a healthy husky!
Basically, the husky eats no differently from other breeds. Pre-made food makes sense, because it provides your dog with all the necessary vitamins.

However, it is recommended to always buy the finished feed fresh and in smaller quantities.

Larger packs must be stored open longer, which can cause oxygen and possibly even germs to penetrate.

Vitamins are destroyed and the food generally loses quality.

Which is better: dry or wet food?

When feeding the husky, the spirits differ. Some clearly favor wet food, others are followers of dry food chunks. In addition, the selection in the pet shops is simply overwhelming. How can you decide?

Many puppies prefer to eat what they have already received from the breeder. You can continue feeding this for a while and later switch to adult food (possibly from the same brand). Otherwise, you have to try out what the husky is good for and what he likes. Of course, what you ultimately choose also depends on your budget.

If you want, you can combine both types of feeding to combine the advantages of both variants. The dog will be happy if he has a little variety in his bowl. However, there is still the alternative to Barfen the four-legged friend.

In any case, both feeding variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

Best dry dog food for Huskies

A good dry food for Huskies is Blue Wilderness. We are always asked which dry food is recommended. The dogs often struggle with diarrhea, blunt fur and scratching.

It is important that your dog likes the food and that he receives all the necessary nutrients. Many types of food offer sufficient care and keep your dog healthy.

As an example, we can recommend the food of Blue Wilderness. As I said, it is only a good food among many. The amount of food must be adjusted to the turnover and activity level of the dog.

Why do we recommend this dry food?

  • High meat content
  • The dog is often more agile and powerful,
  • He often smells better
  • Grain-free feed
  • Shiny fur
  • In addition to this variety of wolf blood, there are other flavors with a high meat content.
  • Firm stool and optimal digestion
  • Good tolerability – many huskies with allergies tolerate this food very well.
  • No more scratching and licking of the paws

Information on prices and pack quantities on Amazon.

Best wet dog food for Huskies

As with dry food, there are also 1001 possibilities on the market for wet food.

Even with wet food, it is important again that your dog’s food tastes good and that he receives all the necessary nutrients.

A lot of wet food offers sufficient supply and keeps the dog healthy.

As an example, we can recommend the wet food from Purina Grain Free – a good food among many.

The amount of food must be adjusted to the size and activity level of the dog.

Information about Purina Grain Free on Amazon.

Why do we recommend this wet food?

  • High meat content
  • Guaranteed without cereals
  • Without artificial colors
  • Without preservatives
  • Great variety for the dog due to the different
  • Shiny fur
  • Firm stool and optimal digestion
  • Good tolerability – many dogs with allergies tolerate this food very well.
  • No more scratching and licking of the paws

Things to remember

Offer different food over the course of a few days. Not only because the Husky is otherwise bored quickly, but also to provide it with a wide range of nutrients.

Adult huskies receive their food once in the morning and once in the evening. One day of fasting per week corresponds to the natural way of life of Nordic sled dogs. But it’s not necessary.

Puppies need shorter intervals with smaller rations: Feed the offspring three to four times a day up to their sixth month of life.

Immediately after the adoption of your puppy, keep the food mixture known from the breeder. Do not start switching to other eating until after a few months – when the dog has settled in. There is optimally suitable ready-made puppy food.

Dry food — cost effective but with a downside

Dry food is usually cheaper than wet food. However, this is often reflected in the quality of the ingredients:

For longer shelf life, it contains additives that can cause allergies. Since dry food often does not taste good to dogs, it is in most cases enriched with sugar or cereals to enhance taste.

However, these ingredients permanently harm your husky. By the way: In order to improve the dog’s water balance, it makes sense to let the dry food swell in water before you offer it to your Husky.

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