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Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake?

Can Dogs Eat Cheesecake?

Do you have a thing for cheesecake? Then maybe you want to share that love of yours with your furry friend. However, how safe is that? We already know that it isn’t the best idea to give our dogs dairy products or sweets, so does that mean that cheesecake is a no go? If you are wondering “Can dogs eat cheesecake?”, keep reading this article.

Can dogs eat cheesecake?

The short answer would be no. However, there might be some exceptions.

While a little bite of regular cheesecake wouldn’t necessarily hurt your canine, he is still better off not eating it.

Why is cheesecake bad for dogs?

In most cases cheesecake is made from biscuits , cream cheese, intense amounts of sugar and vanilla extract. While this is fine for humans, it can be dangerous for dogs.

First of all, the amounts of sugar that go into making a cheesecake are way above anything that a dog should eat. That also means that the cheesecake is rich in calories which is especially risky for dogs struggling with weight gain and obesity. High amounts of sugar also cause digestive issues, cavities and other disorders. That’s why you should always be on the lookout for dog treats without any sugar in them.

Another problematic ingredient is the cream cheese. Most dogs are actually lactose intolerant and shouldn’t consume any dairy at all. Cream cheese contains not only high levels of dairy m, but fat too. A diet rich in fat is also problematic for canines as it can cause inflammation of the pancreas, which could even end up being deadly.

But besides all of that, cheesecake can also contain chocolate, which is known to be deadly for dogs. The one ingredient in chocolate that is so toxic for dogs is called theobromine. While humans can very easily metabolize this ingredient, dogs can’t. The process takes much longer in a canine’s digestive system. That allows the ingredient to build up to toxic levels in the dog. That’s why bigger dogs can take larger amounts before it becomes lethal. If you give your dog only small amounts of chocolate, theobromine won’t be able to accumulate in their body. In those cases your dog might only experience symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea or an upset stomach.

Can you feed other types of cake to your dog or pup?

The short answer to this question is no; you can’t. As mentioned earlier, the large amount of sugar and dairy products are not advisable for the dogs. Be it a plum cake or regular sponge cake, no type of cake is suitable for your pooch. In fact, anything too sweet such as brownies, candies, etc are also not recommended for dogs.

Can dogs at least eat a small bite of cheesecake?

While a small bite of cheesecake wouldn’t kill your dog, you still shouldn’t give it to him. Yes, we know — it’s hard to say no to someone as cute as your dog. However, it’s for their own good.

If you do find yourself week in those moments when your dog looks at you full with desire to get a taste of your cheesecake — have some dog treats ready to give it to him.

Can we make a cheesecake for a dog especially?

Yes, of course you can! There are different ways to make a cheesecake that is not only dog safe, but that your canine friends will absolutely love. That way both of you can enjoy that sweet and cheesy treat. There are different recipes available on the internet, and you can always add some extra ingredients that your dog enjoys.

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