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Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortilla Chips?

Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortilla Chips?

Tortillas could be a really attractive meal for humans, unfortunately, our pets don’t have the best digestive systems to process flour and corn-based foods. So if you’re wondering can dogs eat corn tortilla chips in large quantities – they can’t. Tortillas are not poisonous or toxic, but flour or corn tortillas and chips are bad for dogs. Therefore if you want your puppy to be the healthiest and fittest she can be, avoid giving tortillas to her. Furthermore, some dogs have allergies or sensitivities to grains, meaning that tortillas can pose health risks to pets.

Why Tortillas Are Bad For Dogs

Have you ever wonder why tortillas are bad for dogs? It’s not because they are dangerous or extremely unhealthy for dogs. It’s because they don’t contribute to a healthy, well-balanced canine diet. Dogs have very sensitive digestive systems in comparison to humans, and if they eat too many tortillas or chips, it can lead to a very upset stomach and other potential health issues for your puppy.

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Moreover, dogs process grains and corn differently than how humans do which is normal since they adapted their digestive system differently in comparison to humans. So these types of foods can lead to health problems for them.

Can Dogs Have Tortillas

Tortillas are in a group of processed food, and those are never good for dogs. They can contain a number of ingredients and preservatives that are usually unhealthy for dogs. This is one of the reasons why corn tortillas are bad for dogs although fresh corn is not.

Tortillas are also high in calories with very few additional nutrients. That can increase your dogs’ risk of developing obesity when over-consumed or other health conditions like diabetes and pancreatitis. Everyone who has a dog should be aware of this problem, and be able to spot it before it can cause any health issues. Also, we should be able to aware society on an everyday basis to prevent any dog to suffer from the problems mentioned above.

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Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips?

Now, you can probably assume that tortilla chips are no better for dogs than regular tortillas. In fact, tortillas and corn chips can be even less healthy for dogs to eat. For one thing, most tortilla chips are loaded with salt, which is not a good ingredient for dogs. Too much salt can lead to many health issues, and one of them is kidney problems, so it is best to avoid giving your dogs any type of chips so they can stay healthy and happy.

Also, speaking of chips, we should be aware that it’s fried which means that they have high fat and oil content. This can increase your dog’s risk of developing obesity and many other issues regarding health. The same goes for corn chips as they are also high in sodium. They are also often flavored with seasonings and other additives that are unhealthy for dogs to consume (e.g. onion or garlic powder).

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Another reason to avoid giving tortillas to dogs is that they might contain gluten. As we know from the human perspective that gluten can cause some serious health issues, it’s the same with dogs. They are sensitive or even allergic to gluten. If your pet has gluten sensitivity, it is definitely best to avoid giving her any bread products, including tortillas.

Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortilla Chips

Typically, you have nothing to be concerned about if your dog accidentally eats a few chips. However, tortilla chips and corn chips should never be given to your dogs on a regular basis and in many quantities.

No, Dogs Can’t Eat Tortillas

If your dogs love crunchy treats, there are several better options available than tortillas, regardless of whether they are made from flour or corn. In fact, it’s actually much safer to give your dogs bread (as long as they aren’t allergic to gluten). Your dogs won’t know the difference and they’ll be just as happy with this tasty treat (in moderation).

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