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Can You Put Lotion On Dogs?

Can You Put Lotion On Dogs?

While grooming and taking care of their dog’s, owners often overlook the skin. However, a dog’s skin needs TLC just as much as anyone’s else. That doesn’t mean that you should do your 12 steps skin care routine on your dog, however you can use some other products. But can you put regular lotion on dogs? Or do you need some special products?

Taking care of dog skin

A study recently showed that 17% of all dogs bave different skin disorders. And 25% of them has itching as the main symptom. This shows how common it is for dogs to have different skin conditions, and how important it is to take care of their skin.

However, if you think that under taking care we mean giving your dog a bath every day — you’re wrong. Shampoos can often damage the natural skin barrier of a dog’s skin, and dog’s often don’t need more than one bath weekly. Some dog breeds will even require less frequent baths.

The one think you will need, however, is something to keep your dog’s skin soft and moist. A dog lotion would be ideal, however some dog owners may wonder — can you put your regular body lotion on dogs. We will take about this more detailed later in the article, however, the short answer is — you shouldn’t.

How can I moisturize my dog’s skin?

You know how you moisturize your own skin after taking a bath while it’s still kind of damp and it just feels like the best thing ever? Well, the same goes for dog skin.

After giving your dog a bath with a pet-safe and gentle shampoo — finish it off with some moisturizer. The shampoo can try out your dog’s skin, even when it’s a gentle one. That’s why you should always rinse it off with water throughly and additionally rebalance the skin with a light layer of dog lotion. Do it while the skin is still a bit damp to lock in that hydration.

Can I put regular lotion on my dog?

No. You definitely shouldn’t use your regular lotion on your canine. First of all, the skin of a dog and the skin of a human aren’t the same. The pH is different and there are also some other anatomical differences. Additionally, human lotion often contains perfume, preservatives, parabens or silicons. However, they may even contain ingredients that are toxic for dogs, such as zinc oxide.

Dogs will often lick the lotion that you apply to their bodies, especially on the nose and paws. That’s why the formulation of dog lotion has to be clean and non toxic, while humans can get away with preservatives and silicone in their skincare. Play it safe and invest in some dedicated dog skin lotion.

What can I moisturize my dog’s skin with?

If your dog is suffering from dry and cracked skin, there are different remedies that you could use to help him. There are dedicated dog skin care brands out there that offer moisturizers, lotions and even skin butters. However, make sure that the product that you choose to use is pet-safe and non-toxic. Your dog is very likely to lick whatever you may put on his skin, especially on his nose and paws.

If you can’t find anything specially made for dogs anywhere near you, you can easily make something yourself. Like a nose butter for dogs made off of shea butter and other rich oils.

You can also find some great options at Amazon, if you are not feeling too crafty. But the main place to look would be a pet store near you. However, once again — make sure it doesn’t contain anything that could may harm your dog if he eats the lotion. Because chances are that he will.

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