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DIY pet’s bed out of old sweater

DIY pet’s bed out of old sweater

It is high time to reward your pet for loyalty. Why not make him a bed, which we are sure both you and your pet will fall in love in an instant. All you really are some time and skills in sewing.

Bed or cot for a dog, your loyal friend, you can do in just in a few steps from the old T-shirt (or sweater) with long sleeves.

The materials you need are

  • Scissors
  • Threads and yarns
  • Sewing Needle
  • Pins/chalk/ruler
  • Old long sleeves T-shirts with (or sweater)
  • The pieces of material or sponges
  • Charging for a pillow or cushion dimensions 45cmx45cm
  • Piece of cloth



Step 1: Turn the shirt inside out shirt.

Step 2: Sew the whole of the collar. You can either use the needle and thread or sewing machine for this process. Once you have finished this step, turn the shirt inside out.

Step 3: At this point, it would be a good idea to use the chalk to mark the part from one armpit to other. Sew that part by following the chalk mark. It is best to use a thicker needle and wool. Also, you can also use a needle and thread, or sewing machine, just as long as you sew it solid and firm so that the filling stays fixed in the part you are sewing.

Step 4: Place the sleeves next to the “body”, and sew them by the ends. The hand openings leave unsowed.

Step 5:  Stuff the sleeves and the collar part with a sponge or the material you have chosen as filling.

Step 6: Once the “tunnel” from one hand opening to another is filled properly, you can sew the wholes. Again, sew it as firmly as possible.

Step 7: Once you have successfully finished all the previous 6 steps, you will notice that the torso is left empty. Actually, that torso will form the part where your pet will sleep. Place a cushion are a sponge of appropriate dimensions in the torso, and sew the bottom opening.

Step 8: Sew the hand openings together, and that loop sew to the end opening that you have sewed in previous step.

And there you have it. Your pet will certainly enjoy the comfort of the product of your hands.

My name is James. A passionate veterinarian who is dedicated to providing the best care for all animals. With a gentle touch and a kind heart, I have earned a reputation as a trusted and respected member of the animal healthcare community.