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Doberman Colors: All their beautiful shades

Doberman Colors: All their beautiful shades

When you hear Doberman, you probably think of a black and rust-colored dog. But did you know that there are more Doberman colors?

There are six colors of the Doberman:

doberman colors
The Doberman Pinscher comes in six different colors, but not all of them are accepted by the AKC

But, not all of these colors are actually accpeted by the American Kennel Club. According to the AKC there are only four standard Doberman colors, which are:

  • black and rust
  • blue and rust
  • red and rust
  • fawn and rust

The white and black Doberman don’t fit the breeding standards of this breed.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all the beautiful shades of the Doberman Pinscher.

Doberman Colors

There are two types of Dobermans, the American and European. Both of these varieties have a specific look to them, standard colors, and standard markings. So, there aren’t only different colors to the Doberman, but different markings too.

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So, for example, according to the AKC the American Doberman’s rust markings should be sharply defined. These markings can be found above each eye, on the muzzle, throat, chest, on all four legs and feet. You can also see a patch just below the tail. There’s also a rule as to how big certain patches can be. To be precise, the white patch on the chest should not exceed a half-inch square in size.

When it comes to the European Dobermans the Federation Cynologique Internationale (AISBL), says that the “tan” markings have to be clearly defined. Their markings can be on the muzzle, on the cheeks, and on top of each eyebrow. Besides this, their markings can also be on the throat, in two spots on the chest, between the ankles and toes, on feet, the inside of the hind thigh, forearms, and under the tail. Basically, it’s the same as with the American variety, but the small white patch on their chest is not standard for the European’s.

Most common colors

Now, let’s talk a look at all the standard colors of the beautiful Doberman breed. First, we’ll cover the two most common Doberman colors.

  • Black and rust
American VS European Doberman
The black and rust American and European Doberman

The most common color is black and rust, or brown or tan. Some prefer the word rust instead of tan, but it’s referring to the same thing.

Both the American and European varieties consider this the standard color. This is not only the most common color, but it’s also the most traditional color.

  • Red and rust
doberman colors
The red and rust Doberman is very common too

The read and rust Doberman is standard for both the American and European Doberman. This is the most common color right after the black and rust Doberman. It is rarer than the black and rust, but you can still easily find them everywhere.

The shade of red can range in color from a lighter copper-like tone to almost a dark chocolate tone.

Even though all Dobermans have the same personality, many people who own the red and rust say this color is a bit more easygoing than the black. Besides that, they are a little more light-hearted and less territorial.

Because their coat is a bit lighter, they can experience more skin issues like acne and hair loss. But nothing major.

Less common colors

In this part of the article, we’ll cover the less common Doberman colors.

  • Blue and rust
A handsome blue Doberman looking at the camera
The blue and rust Doberman has a diluted black coat color

The blue and rust Doberman exists only in the US. A bluer Doberman has its black pigment diluted. Another name for this color is gray Doberman.

Dogs with this color have a charcoal, gray, silver, or even a purple tone to them. This color is rarer than the black and red Doberman. But, even though the AKC accepts this coat color, it can still be a disqualifier for some dog shows. So, breeders are avoiding this color.

Many people think there is a connection between this coat color and color dilution alopecia or CDA. Which is a genetic skin condition that can cause hair thinning, hair loss, or dry and itchy skin.

If you want to know about pigments in dogs and what we mean by dilution then check out our article about the Black Doberman.

  • Fawn and rust
isabella doberman
The Isabella Doberman color is the least popular color

Lastly, we have the fawn and rust Doberman or Isabella and rust Doberman. This color is also standard only for the American Doberman.

The Isabella and rust color is the least common of the four standard Doberman colors. But, just like with the blue Doberman, even though the AKC accepts this coat color, some people still see it as a disqualifier. Even though it’s a beautiful color and a rare color, it’s also the least popular.

Because their coat color is diluted to a fawn color, they can have many skin issues like ingrown hairs, staph infections, and acne. Sadly, these dogs are also prone to color dilution alopecia.

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