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Doberman Pitbull Mix: Best Of Both Worlds?

Doberman Pitbull Mix: Best Of Both Worlds?

The Doberman Pitbull mix seems to be a promising crossbreed. Combining two highly intelligent, people oriented, and protective dog breeds. But what is the end result of the Dober Pit really? Well, just like with any other crossbreed, you can’t really know what you are going to get — therefore let’s sort out our options but looking at each of the parent breeds.

Just like with any other designer breed, we will first take a look at the parent dogs to find out if this is the right dog for you.

What are designer dogs?

Designer dogs have become extremely popular in the last two decades, especially with their quirky names such as Dorkie, Pugle and Labradoodle. They are a combination of two or more different breeds. The whole point about creating a designer breed is to create a dog with more superior characteristics than his parent dogs.

However, there is a big debate about these hybrid dogs. And it’s getting more and more heated the more designer breeds are being created. While they are advertised as better and healthier dogs, that’s not always the case.

They often charge higher prices than purebred ones, even though they do not have registration documents. They also often aren’t recognized by kennel clubs, such as the American Kennel Club.

And while their breeders always hope to grasp the best characteristics and characteristics of the two parent breeds, this is not the guaranteed result. You can’t ever know what exactly you are going to get with a designer dog.

While purebred dogs have predictable properties in terms of size, temperament, coat type and care needs, hybrid dogs are a kind of lottery.

A designer dog can inherit more characteristics from one parent than the other, including the best – or worst – characteristics of a breed. You also can’t know how your dog will look like: short, tall, black or white. It will all depend on which parent breed is more dominant in the genes.

Doberman Features

The Doberman is a fairly new dog breed, that we know for his powerful and proud appearance. While appearing a bit intimidating, Dobermans are very devoted to their owners. They are very intelligent, loyal and energetic. We know this dog breed as very reliable guardian dogs, but also as an important part of the police and military.

Origin of the Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher was founded at the end of the 19th century. Century developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in Apolda, Germany.

Doberman, a tax collector, wanted to produce a dog with an intimidating appearance that is aggressive enough to protect him in dangerous areas.

Dobermann ran a local dog house to gain access to different dog breeds.

Many believe that the Doberman came from short-haired shepherd dogs, black and brown terriers, Rottweilers, German pinschern, Greyhounds and Weimarans.

The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1908.

The Doberman worked in both world wars, searched for wounded soldiers, saved them and found enemy places.

Pitbull Features

The Pitbull is sadly known to have a pretty bad reputation. These dogs are deeply misunderstood, and they actually make amazing pets. These canines were originally bred to ‘bait’ bulls, but over time, they became excellent farm dogs before people started breeding them to be ‘nanny dogs’ because of their gentleness towards children.

They are short and muscular, with a big head and jaw. When trained well, these dogs make the sweetest, smartest, most loyal and protective pets out there. Most of them don’t show any aggressive behavior at all. They make great pets and excellent companions.

They love to spend time with their humans and they are especially good with little kids.

Origin of the American Pitbull

The Pitbull can trace his ancestors back to the early 1800s in Great Britain.

They were developed by Old English Bulldogs and used to fight bulls.

Aggression was drawn into these dogs, but that was the unwillingness to bite people.

Immigrants to the USA brought these pit bulls with them. They were used to work on farms, protect property and as companion dogs.

The breed was named American Pitbull Terrier by the United Kennel Club in 1898.

They were recognized by the AKC in the 1930s, but renamed American Staffordshire Terrier to separate the dog from its struggling past.

Pitbulls represented the US armed forces on posters during the First World War and served in the field with the military.

Doberman Pitbull mix Appearance

When it comes to their appearance, Dobermans and Pitbulls are quiet the opposites. So what will a Doberman Pitbull Mix look like? Well, this will depend from litter to litter.

One thing is sure — this is going to be a strong and muscular dog breed! Both of the parents have an athletic frame and a lot of strength. So the Dober Pit will be no exception as well!

The average height of a Pitbull is between 14 and 16 inches. The weight is between 24 and 40 pounds. While Dobermans weigh around 88-99lbs and are 27-28 inches tall. Their crossbreed is expected to be somewhere in the middle.

Some people like to say that these dogs have the head of a Pitbull and the body of a Doberman. Overall, they look more or less like a larger Pitbull.

There is a variety of colors they can come in: white, black, tan, brown, fawn — or a combination of these.

They will have a single coat that is relatively easy to handle.

Doberman Pitbull Mix Best Of Both Worlds
Doberman Pitbull Mix Best Of Both Worlds

Doberman Pitbull Mix Temperament

Just like with the appearance, the Doberman Pitbull mix will inherit the personality traits of each parent breed. But personality wise, Dobermans and Pitbulls aren’t too different actually.

There is one thing that they definitely have in common. Many people have the false understanding that these pups are aggressive. Dobermans and Pitbulls are only aggressive if they don’t know any better. If their owner starts the socialization process early these make very well-rounded, calm, social and friendly dogs.

They are very stubborn, driven and natural born leaders. However, they can be dominant, which is why it’s so important to train them from an early age. Owners have to establish themselves as the leader of the pack, or else their dog will think he can do whatever he pleases. These dogs are highly intelligent and willing to learn. They will love to complete different tasks that you set up for them.

Another thing that is pretty sure is that the Doberman Pitbull mix will be protective over his family. That’s why they will make great guardian and watchdogs. If they sense that you are in danger — they will do whatever it takes to protect you.

Since there is a risk of separation anxiety for both breeds, their puppies need a knowledgeable and experienced dog handler. Don’t leave them alone for long periods of time with nothing to do. They will fall into their destructive behaviors.

For generations, both races have been taught to react aggressively to some situations. They will need a lot of socialization and positive reinforcement to grow up calmly and confidently so that they do not become aggressive again.

Therefore, the Doberman-Pitbull mix is generally not suitable for first-time owners.

Training and Exercise of the Doberman Pitbull mix

As working dogs, both the Doberman and the Pitbull have high levels of energy.

A Doberman and Pitbull mix puppy has the same exercise requirements as her parents.

This means at least two strong walks a day and access to a safe backyard where she can run off and play games such as picking up and frisbee.

The best way to prevent a bored dog from taking out his frustration on the furniture is to burn his energy.

Both breeds are highly intelligent and are used in the military and are used as police dogs, guard dogs and therapy dogs.

A Doberman Pitbull mixed dog likes many doggy jobs to channel this focus and feel targeted.

If you can find dog classes in your area that are specially tailored to work breeds, this is a great place to get started!

After all, some people still have the wrong impression that dogs that were historically bred for aggression must be “dominated” by their owner in order to keep them in line.

In principle, this is not the case. The theory of dominance was largely and definitively discredited.

Like all dogs, your Doberman Pitbull mix breed dog reacts best to patience, kindness and positive training.

Food and nutrition requirements of the Doberman Pitbull mix

When it comes to their diet, the Dober Pit is like any other active breed. You need a healthy and balanced diet consisting of lean protein, healthy fats and fiber. They also need other vitamins and minerals such as antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins D, C, E, etc. and they benefit from glucosamine to strengthen their joints.

You want to make sure that your pet receives enough protein and fat to maintain its active lifestyle. You should also consume up to 30 calories per pound of body fat. In addition, this breed performs better with either a dry or freeze-dried meal. About three cups throughout the day are usually enough, with some healthy snacks and treats in the meantime.

Both parent breeds have few dietary restrictions, so the choice of recipe depends on your puppy. They are also known as picky eaters. Of course, you should also talk to your veterinarian about how much food he should eat and what other restrictions he may need.


Grooming should be pretty easy as both of the parents breeds have short, single coats. That means that they don’t shed too much and you won’t have to vacuum twice a day.

However, their coat does require weekly brushing with a bristle brush. Additionally, their nails grow fast, so they will have to be trimmed regularly.

And don’t forget about their teeth! Good dental hygiene and regular brushing will greatly improve your dog’s overall health.


Again, the health and life expectancy of a Doberman Pitbull mix will depend on the health of the parent breeds.

The life expectancy of a Doberman is 10-13 years.

Since they were bred for work, their health has not been affected by an exaggerated appearance. They were and still are the right hands of their owners. They make amazing military and police dogs.

And breeders were looking for healthy dogs to produce more good working dogs – that’s why this breed generally has a robust condition.

While being generally healthy, Dobermans are prone to certain health conditions. Such as: Wobbler syndrome, Von Willebrand’s disease, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, albinism.

However, many of these conditions can be prevented with regular exercise and a balanced and healthy diet.

Pitbulls are generally healthy dogs. The average lifespan of Pit Bulls is between 13 and 15 years. They only suffer from several health issues.

The most common ones are: Thyroid issues, bone diseases, congenital heart defects, skin allergies.

The Dober Pit could inherit any of these possible diseases.

It is particularly important that both parents of Pitbull Doberman Mix puppies have been examined for common diseases – thyroid diseases and hip dysplasia.

Tests for both should be arranged by the breeder with his veterinarian.

Is a Doberman Pitbull mix a suitable pet for me?

Before considering a Doberman Pitbull mix, you should check whether it is legal to keep this dog in your State. The best way to do that is contact a local Kennel club.

These hybrid dogs are excellent companions. But require an knowledgeable and experienced owner to ensure the right training.

You need an appropriate living conditions with a safe backyard and time to train this energetic dog. They make great pets, but their exercise requirements are hight.

Since many Dobermen and Pitbull experience separation anxiety, their puppies thrive best in households where someone is at home most of the day.

Although the mixture of Doberman Pitbull is good for children, he may not get along with other pets due to the fighting roots of the Pitbull.

In the right hands, however, the Doberman Pitbull mix has as much potential as any other dog to be a faithful, loyal and intelligent companion.

Doberman and Pitbull Mix Puppy

If you are looking for Pitbull Doberman Mix puppies, it is important that you go to a serious breeder who tests his dogs for genetic diseases.

You should also be welcome to observe the living conditions and health of the puppies.

Puppies under 12 weeks should still be with their mother when you meet them.

For dog breeds with unpredictable temperaments, such as the mixture of Doberman Pitbull, insist on meeting both parents before getting involved in a puppy.

Just like any other of their characteristics, their price can vary too. You can find them at the cost of anything between $500 and $1500. This will depend on their parent dogs and the breeder themselves.

Three little known facts about the Doberman and Pitbull mix

  1. War heroes

Although the Doberbull is too young to remember, both parents acted as scouts, messengers and other important positions during the war. The Doberman held these positions for the British and their allies during World War II, while the Pitbull had this distraction during World War I.

  1. Face and body

Although it can vary to a certain extent, the Doberbull will largely have the face of a Pitbull with the body of a Doberman.

  1. False accusations

One of the most common fears among these two races is that they are aggressive and bite people. Although they can bite (all dogs can) both parents have a strong dislike to bite a person. This applies in particular to the case of the Pitbull.

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