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Dog Mullet: The Hilarious Hair Trend

Dog Mullet: The Hilarious Hair Trend

Joe Exotic isn’t the only one who can rock a mullet! And apparently, neither is Miley Cyrus. 2020 was quite the wild year. It still feels a bit like a fever dream. All of us were in quarantine, Tiger King just aired on Netflix, and hair salons and pet groomers were all closed. That year was a whirlwind in more ways than one. But in case you didn’t know, in 2020 for the first time the dog mullet became popular. Yes, you read that right. And we don’t know if that is due to Joe Exotic or the fact that local groomers weren’t working, but the retro look became a popular trend for both people and unfortunate pooches.

In fact, the trend hasn’t died down even years later. The eighties are back! And it seems that the iconic mullet hairstyles way better on canines than it ever did on us humans. Because they never looked good on humans to begin with. Sorry Joe. And there are plenty of old embarrassing yearbooks to prove it.

mullet on a canine
Canines with mullets look like 80s country music lovers at a music festivals

The surprising revival of the short-in-the-front, long-in-the-back hairstyle wasn’t really appealing to anyone. Well, except Jamie Middleton, Miley Cyrus and her hairstyle inspiration — Joe Exotic). But it seems as if dog owners can’t get enough of it. And they posted plenty of snaps of their dogs to prove it.

Dog groomers and cruel dog owners all over the world are sharing pics of the dog mullets that they cut. And let us tell you right away — there are some pretty hilarious ones! We picked out some of the best examples for you to enjoy.

During quarantine, a lot of dog owners were even brave enough to challenge the dog groomer in themselves. Some of those mullets did go wrong, others impressed us. Some of these unfortunate pooches looked like a country music lovers with that hairstyle.

Dog mullet hashtag

While the hype of dog mullets was at its peak, the #dogmullet hashtag was trending on social media. There are still dozens of photos of adorable canines rocking this brave hairstyle in different colors, lengths, and styles. Owners were completely thrilled to post the photos of their dogs inspiring others to try this weird hairstyle on their own pooches too.

Hundreds of curious and weak owners just couldn’t resist the pressure, and had to try these new haircuts on the grey locks of their Schnauzer. The Mullet Canines went viral all over the world, and sites like Bored Panda wrote articles on them as well. Oh, what a crazy time 2020 was, right? Well, even tho all of that happened during one of the craziest times in our modern history, the dog mullet is still pretty popular. And the second season of Tiger King has absolutely nothing to do with it. Because let’s be real, who watched it in the first place?

So let’s take a closer look at some of these wonderful dog mullets. While it may not be something for your furry friend, you might enjoy the vibrant colors or color scheme on one or these pooches mullets.

When did this hairstyle become a trend?

It’s unsure when the mullet style came back from the dead, but we have some suspicions. Last year when quarantine just started “Tiger King” came out on Netflix and the whole world was mesmerized. “A list” celebrities like the Kardashians were following the documentary and it became one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

Tiger King follows the life of Joe Exotic. An incredibly eccentric man whose life revolves around exotic animals and making the life of his rivals a living nightmare. In his free time, he was busy proving that Carol Basking murdered her husband. And also becoming the next president of The United States.

Pooch mullet
When Tiger King came out the mullet came back to life too

Joe Exotic’s signature look was a blonde mullet matched with the most colorful clothes. So why wouldn’t some of these pups enjoy the hair style as well? They don’t always have to have normal short hair. Let’s make it a bit more fun.

When Tiger King came out the mullet came back to life too. Even Miley Cyrus decided to swap her then-long blonde hair for a choppy-looking mullet.

But some dog owners weren’t brave enough to try the trend on their own heads. So, they decided to give their dogs a fresh new look.

That’s most likely how the dog mullet became so popular. The popularity became even bigger once hair salons for doggos were back open again. The hair of many canines was so long that they were simply in desperate need of a new hairstyle. That was the perfect base for cutting a mullet.

Is this trend worth trying?

While the dog mullet can look cool in photos, is it worth doing? It’s up to you. Just like with any other dog hairstyle, it should be convenient for your pup and his lifestyle. While it can be something fun for a Halloween party, your furry friend may not like to wear this hairstyle in his spare time.

Will the extra hair come in his way of doing anything? Does your dog feel comfortable with it? Will it be too hot for him under that extra hair? As fun as it may sound to you, your pups well-being needs to come first.

All of those are valid questions. If you are unsure if that hairstyle would fit into your dog’s lifestyle, then maybe you should skip it.

canine mullet
Canine mullets can look cute

There are always new trends coming back to life. And frankly, trying out every trend could be overwhelming. Not only for your dog but for the groomer too. Grooming is a busy business and while your groomer wants you to be happy, these styles require a lot of time. Also, if you don’t follow hair trends blindly yourself, why would your dog have to?

Canine mullets can look cute. But, sometimes less is more. And there is no need for weird styles. Especially not in the summer heat or when your pup is feeling uncomfortable with his new look.

So if your pup is living his best life with a short and simple hairstyle, then let him be. Comfort and simplicity are sometimes better than an Instagram-worthy hairstyle.

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