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Dog with big eyes: The top five breeds

Dog with big eyes: The top five breeds

What we love about dogs are their floppy ears, fluffy coats, adorable tails, and their huge eyes! Any time our dogs look at us with their puppy eyes we fall in love with them all over again! There is simply something irresistible in a dog with big eyes.

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It’s safe to say that bug eyed dogs are absolutely the cutest beings ever! That’s why we prepared a list of dog breeds with the biggest eyes.

But we have to warn you, these doggies are so cute you might lose your mind!

Dog with big eyes – Our top five breeds

What is special about dogs with huuuge eyes is that their eyes make them distinct, sometimes comical, but always attention-getting.

So, let’s take a look at our favorite breeds that have the biggest eyes.


The Pug is the first breed on our list. These dogs are definitely quite mischievous but charming at the same time. And, in fact it’s their big adorable eyes that give them that charm!

Fun fact, did you know that many people say “Multum in parvo” about Pugs. This is because they have such a big personality, but are small in size.

Pugs are generally quite small and light in weight. Males and females weigh between 14 and 18 pounds, and are between 10 and 14 inches tall.

pug - dog with big eyes
Pugs are small dogs in size but they have a very big personality

These dogs are very goofy, charming and they love fun! Many people also like to call them clowns in dog form!

Because of their goofiness, you might think that they aren’t especially smart, but you’d be mistaken. Pugs are very smart and intelligent!

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are the second breed on our list of dogs with the biggest eyes. This breed is another very popular one.

boston terrier
The Boston Terrier is another breed with very big eyes

These dogs are very kind, friendly, and loving! They are known for their signature tuxedo coat! Although, sometimes they tend to be very stubborn and hyperactive. Besides this, we need to say that this breed is very smart, but they often clown around.

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What’s also important to note is that, according to the AKC, they are ranked 21 out of 197 on the list of the most popular dog breeds!


Beagles are happy, funny, sweet, gentle dogs and they have huge eyes

Beagles bring the world so much joy with their big ears and huge puppy eyes! This breed is happy, funny, sweet, gentle dogs, but they are also very naughty!

However, let’s be real, one look at their cute little face and eyes and everything is forgiven!

A fun fact about Beagles is that there are actually two types of Beagles. Those that stand at 13 inches and under, and those that stand between 13 and 15 inches.

Smaller Beagles (under 13 inches) weigh around 20 pounds, while the larger ones (13-15 inches) weigh between 20 and 30 pounds.

But, no matter the size, the eyes remain big!


We don’t know if it’s because of their small body, but sometimes it seems to me that Chihuahuas are all eyes and just eyes!

Chihuahua - dog with big eyes
Chihuahua are definitely a breed with the biggest eyes

You already know that this breed is very loud! They are bold, alert, and wary of strangers. However, it’s really surprising how affectionate and loving Chihuahuas can be at the same time.

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Many Chihuahua owners will say that this breed won them over with their big, sparkly eyes. And we must say we agree! There is just something about those eyes!

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound clearly has the biggest eyes of all big-eyed-dogs

The Basset Hound definitely deserves a place on our list.

This breed is a hunting breed with an incredibly accurate sense of smell that could pinpoint wild game such as deer or a rabbit. What’s also incredible is the size of their eyes!

Basset Hounds are happy, charming, friendly dogs that get along with other animals and kids. They love the company of their owners and family and hate it when they are left alone for longer periods.

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The height of the Basset Hound is up to 15 inches and the weight is between 40 and 65 pounds.

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