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Hotel For Dogs — Review And Summary

Hotel For Dogs — Review And Summary

“Hotel for dogs” is a heart-warming and cozy movie that every member of your family is guaranteed to love! It was released in January of 2009 and won two movie awards (Genesis and ASCAP).

Friday the hero

It’s about a group of stray-dogs that are not only adorable, but very well trained too. The leader of the pack is a Jack Russell terrier named Friday. The dog that was playing Friday did an amazing job and you are about to be mesmerized by his talent.

Friday is a clever dog that knows how to get himself out of every situation. Such as letting himself up and down a fire escape landing using his special system. Finding his owners anywhere they are. Stealing hot dogs and even gyros pizzas. Even being able to get out of his collar and then right back into it. Running on a treadmill or sitting on a toilet are no problem for him either. But his master ability that he is teaching dozens of other dogs to do too is — feeding himself.

Friday owners are Andi (Emma Roberts) and Bruce (Jake T. Austin), a brother and sister in foster care. They are keeping Friday in secret from their foster parents — two wannabe rock stars portrayed by Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon.

Making of the hotel

Andi and Bruce saved Friday from the streets three years and five foster families ago. One day Friday leads them into an abandoned hotel in downtown. The place is occupied by two dogs that he is friends with and the two siblings will find themselves leading an unplanned dog shelter.

They won’t be alone in this. Instead, they are assisted by Dave (Johnny Simmons) and Heather (Kyla Pratt), two pet shop employees that are ready to jump in and help at any given moment.

These kids will soon realize that it isn’t as easy caring for all of these dogs as they thought. But they will try the best they can to develop a well-functioning system.

Don Cheadle plays the social worker in charge of Andi and Bruce. He helps the kids get out of trouble with the cops and meanie attendants at the animal pound.


All in all there is a lot to learn from these dogs. But also the kids who passionately wanted to help their canine friends. Hotel for dogs is a great thing to watch on a family movie night. But also on your own when you just want something easy and adorable.

While it only has 5.4 stars on IMDb, we still think that it is worth a watch. Especially for all of the dog lovers out there.

My name is Katy and I am 27. I love to travel and you would be surprised how good I am at karaoke. 🙂 Passionate dog lover and a "mother" to a beautiful toy puddle named Zara. I work as a volunteer in a local shelter and I am a veterinary assistant helping our four-legged friends every day.