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How Much Chicken And Rice To Feed Dog

How Much Chicken And Rice To Feed Dog

If your dog feeling kind of sick? Feeling some kind of tummy discomfort or maybe even throwing up? Then it’s maybe time to switch up his diet a little. The most common recipe that is prescribed by vets in these situations is chicken and rice. Clearly, only if your dog isn’t allergic to chicken. But what’s the best way to prepare it? And how much chicken and rice to feed your dog?

When should you feed your dog chicken and rice?

If your dog is going through some kind of tummy discomfort, all you want is make him feel better. He could display symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, gas or constipation. If these symptoms are only mild, switching to chicken and rice could tremendously help. However, if you do notice the symptoms to be more severe, you will have to contact your vet and schedule an appointment. There is a number of more serious conditions that could cause these symptoms in dogs.

But if your dog is having a less serious case of tummy discomfort, the chicken and rice diet is definitely worth trying. It’s easy to digest, it will calm your dog’s digestive system, while he will get all of his essential nutrients.

Chicken and rice is basically the chicken soup of dogs. The meal you can only safely consume when you are feeling ill or low. Chicken is easy to digest (unless your dog is allergic to it), it’s packed with proteins and other nutrients, and absolutely delicious. Chicken with rice will be especially soothing for dogs with diarrhea as it helps form better stool.

As bland as this meal seems to you, your dog will still enjoy it. Chicken is one of the favorites meals of many canines, and the rice just adds the extra fiber and taste to it. You can even try feeding this to your dog if his appetite isn’t there and he refuses the commercial or pre-made food that you offered him.

What’s the best way to prepare it?

If you are unsure as to how to prepare the chicken and rice for your dog, here are some very useful tips.

First of all, make sure to get the right ingredients. The best choice, of course, would be to get organic rice and chicken. That way you know that your dog is only eating the best.

Another great tip is to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts. This will keep the meal easily digestible and you won’t have to worry about bones and a high fat intake.

When it comes to the rice, the best choice would be a good quality white rice. Brown rice could add more fiber than needed, which could even cause diarrhea. White rice is gentle enough to restart your dog’s digestive system.

After you choose the ingredients, it’s time to prepare the meal. The easiest way to make the chicken and rice is to cook it in water. Hold back on the temptation to add any seasoning like you would for yourself. They could be dangerous or even toxic for your dog. Especially garlic powder or some herbs. The natural chicken flavor will be more than enough for your dog. Also, try not to add any butter or oil to the meal. The fat that is naturally found in chicken will do the job perfectly.

After the meal is cooked, let it cool down and it’s ready to be served to your dog.

How much chicken and rice to feed dog?

Lastly, you might still be unsure how much of the chicken and rice you should feed to your dog. The answer to this question will depend on your dog and his breed.

Take into consideration how much your dog usually eats. If it’s a bigger breed that’s usually 4 cups of dog food. And if your dog is small it could even be only one. However, if your dog is not feeling too well, try giving him more smaller meals during the day instead of one big meal. Additionally, if your dog is not feeling too well don’t be surprised if he eats less than usual.

You can start of by boiling 1 to 3 chicken breast in water and then add up to 1 cup of rice in the chicken broth until it’s all fully cooked.

The rule of thumb here is to mix 1/3 portion of meat to 2/3 portion of rice. Now that you know everything you have to know, you can start with the cooking.

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