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How Much Is An X Ray For A Dog?

How Much Is An X Ray For A Dog?

No dog owner wants to see their pet sick or injured. However, sometimes it just happens. In those moments we have to be prepared. That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself in advance about all of the medical procedures and diagnostic testings your dog may have to go through. One of the most common ones are X rays. However, when they are done many dog owners are shocked by the price of it. That’s why you should know the answer to the question — How much is an X ray for a dog?

How much is an X ray for a dog?

When you taking your dog to the vet you should be at least partially prepared for what is coming. Both emotionally and financially.

When you’re at a checkup with your dog, your vet may suggest “taking a closer look” at whatever your concerns are. That could mean a number of different things. Blood work, stool samples — all of those are on the table. However, if your dog had an injury or maybe even a broken bone, an X ray is unavoidable. That’s why you should at least partially know how much is an X ray for a dog.

To calculate the possible amount of the cost, there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration.

The average cost of a X ray for dogs

Typically, the cost of a X ray for dogs is somewhere between $150 to $250.

The procedure is relatively inexpensive, not invasive and painless for your pet. However, your dog will have to stay still for an extended period of time. While that part isn’t to hard to achieve when it comes to humans, it is for animals.

Some dogs will even have to be sedated before getting a X ray. That way it can be done properly and the picture will be clear. Only with a clear picture can your vet see what’s really wrong with your dog.

That’s one of the reasons why the cost of the X ray will depend on the size of your dog. Larger dog breeds require more sedatives than smaller dogs, and that’s why the X ray may cost a bit more.

Are X rays really necessary?

While the cost of an X ray isn’t incredibly high, it is still an additional cost to your dog’s vet bill. So many dog owners may wonder — is it really necessary? The answer is — it depends.

X rays use electromagnetic waves that help see your pets internal organs, muscles, blood vessels and bone structure.

They can help provide a clear image of your dog’s chest, neck, jaw, and other bones in their body.

It’s a quick procedure that will not only be painless for your dog, but it also won’t require any healing time. While your dog will be exposed to a small amount of radiation, it’s nothing to be too concerned about. According to the American Cancer Society, a typical chest X-ray exposes the subject to the same amount of radiation they’d experience in everyday life over 10 days.

However, the biggest benefit of doing a X ray is that it could help accurately diagnose your dog. In some cases, a X ray could even save your dog’s life. From that perspective it isn’t expensive at all, right?

X rats help your vet to reveal the exact location of a broken bone or some other kind of injury that maybe isn’t too apparent on the first glance. Altogether, it could significantly speed up the process of your dog getting the treatment and medical care that he actually needs.

Does Pet insurance cover the costs of X rays?

Yes! If you have good pet insurance you can get reimbursed for the cost of not only X rays, but also ultrasounds and other imaging techniques. That’s why it’s always a smart idea to make sure that your dog has good health insurance.

In some cases, pet insurance even covers wellness exams that your dog may need after an injury.

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