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How To Dremel Dog Nails?

How To Dremel Dog Nails?

Becoming a dog owner means learning how to properly take care for your dog. And part of that is also grooming. While a dog salon might help you with those more difficult tasks like giving your dog a hair cut, you will sill have to do some additional grooming at home. This includes steps such as giving your dog baths, brushing their teeth and cutting the nails. Out of all of these tasks, cutting nails can be the most complicated one. But there is hope even for the beginners of you out there – a dremel! If you want to learn how to dremel dog nails, keep reading this article.

Why to use a dremel?

If you do decide to use a dremel, you will basically be killing two flys with one clap. You will not only shorten the nails of your dog, but you will also to the additional nail filling so that your dog’s nails don’t have any sharp points or edges that could possibly snag. If you hated how inconvenient and time consuming it was to cut your dog’s nails using a regular dog nail cutter, you will probably love using a dremel. It gives it a whole knew and high-tech vibe. However, one part will definitely be a bit more tricky — your dog getting used to the sound and constant vibration.

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Getting over the fear of a dremel

Dogs hate loud and unfamiliar sounds. That’s why so many of them won’t like the idea of a dremel. Especially not in combination with the vibration that they will feel when you start trimming the nails. That’s why it’s so important to start slow. Introduce your dog to the dremel slowly. Let him sniff it but make sure that he doesn’t touch it with his delicate nose. Win him over with treats, praise and pats on the head if he positively reacts to it. Reassure your dog that the dremel is nothing to worry or feel anxious about.

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After your dog got used to how the dremel looks, start turning it on so that he can get used to the sound. Modern dremels shouldn’t be to loud so the sound may even be completely fine for some dogs. If your dog stays calm even while the dremel is on, reward him with a treat.

How to dremel dog nails?

Just like with any other method of cutting your dogs nails, injures and cuts around your dog’s paws are possible. That’s why it’s so important to be extra careful and to make sure that you don’t hurt any of the nerves or blood vessels that are surrounding your dog’s nail bed.

Make sure that your dog is calm and in a stable position. You can place him on the couch, floor, bed or wherever you might prefer. It’s important that he feels comfortable and isn’t making any sudden movements.

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If you can, ask someone to help you and hold your dog for some extra safety and comfort. Turn the dremel on and move it slowly checking how far the nails are trimmed down. Don’t underestimate how fast the dremel may sand down your dog’s nails. Always do quick check-ins to make sure that you aren’t hurting your dog with the dremel or sanding down too much of the nail.

After the first few movements you should already be used to the speed of the dremel and your dog should be used to how it feels on his nails too.

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Make sure that you offer your dog enough treats and comfort so that he doesn’t feel anxious or scared during the process. Be very careful and patient and move the dremel methodically to make sure you aren’t hurting your canine.

If done right the dremel method of trimming down nails isn’t only fast, but also the best way to make sure your dog’s nails are neat and perfectly shaped.

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