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Pittsburgh Family Dog Eats $4,000 In Cash

Pittsburgh Family Dog Eats $4,000 In Cash

In a remarkable story out of Pittsburgh, a couple’s dog, Cecil, managed to consume a very expensive meal, but not in the way one might expect. Reporting for CBS News, here’s how the event unfolded.

Cecil, a normally well-behaved 7-year-old Goldendoodle, got himself into trouble when he decided to eat a significant amount of cash. His owners, Clayton and Carrie Law, were astounded by his actions.

“I walked back into the room and then all this cash was on the ground. He’s just like this, standing there, and I’m just like oh my gosh, he ate some of this money and was in shock. I yelled to Carrie, ‘He ate the money, he ate $4,000!'” Clayton Law recounted, as he told CBS News.

The Laws, residents of Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze neighborhood, had set aside the money for a home project.

Clayton had placed the envelope filled with $50 and $100 bills on the kitchen counter, not expecting Cecil to show any interest in it.

Describing Cecil, Clayton Law said:

“He doesn’t do many dog things, he doesn’t chew furniture or clothing, that’s why we’re extra shocked when he decided to do this”.

His wife, Carrie, added:

“He has never in his life tried to get anything from a counter, even a coffee table. We could leave dinner and go to the kitchen and grab wine, and he would not touch the food, and he just doesn’t care. He just took this opportunity and ran with it”.

After ensuring Cecil’s health was not at risk, the couple faced the task of recovering the money.

Just trying to find numbers, we’d recover something from something he left in the yard and say oh my gosh, we have a 6 for the serial number. And try to get that taped on,” Carrie Law shared.

They succeeded in retrieving most of the money after meticulously washing and taping the bills.

The Laws’ story, including a video of Cecil and his expensive taste, garnered significant attention on social media. Reflecting on the incident, Carrie Law said to CBS,

“At one point, he was sitting on the couch, we were laughing, thinking there is potentially $2,000 inside of this dog.”

Nearly four weeks later, Cecil is doing well, still considered a good boy by his owners, despite his one-day venture into financial mischief. This story highlights the unpredictable and often humorous nature of pet ownership

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