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Russian Dog Breeds: The Colorful Mix

Russian Dog Breeds: The Colorful Mix

First of all: As the headline suggests, a colorful mixed group awaits you in this article about Russian dog breeds. Some of these fur babies are perfect as family pets. While others are active and adventurous working breeds. Curious? Then it is time to overview the most popular Russian dog breeds.

The rough tundra, forests, snowstorms and more! Russia has a lot to offer geographically. But you can also expect a wide range when it comes to Russian dog breeds.

There are endless of size variations available. From dogs that are as small as cats to gentle giants. Either way, you will find the right fit for you!

Russian dog breeds helped hunters at work, transported the inhabitants from A to B and reliably protected a herd from attackers. In the past, Russian ladies from the nobility also discovered the pure joy of loving and having dogs themselves. Over time, affectionate companion dogs were created.


The Borzoi reaches speeds of up to 80 km/h. He used to be the hunting greyhound of Russian aristocracy. Therefore, it is best taken care of by active families, who firstly comply with his increased urge to move and secondly train properly.

Bolonka Zwetna

The small dog experienced great popularity. The social and companion dog weighing up to 4 kg has a fuzzy fur dress, which is available in almost all colors. This explains his name, which translates to “colorful lap puppy”.


The Chortaj is a Russian greyhound. The dog breed, also called Chortaja Borsaja, is not recognized by the AKC. Like the Barsoi, the Chortaj is a hunting dog in Russia and scores with above-average endurance. He’s an active dog who loves to exercise.

Caucasian Ovcharka

This four-legged friend weighing up to 65 kg is an excellent guard dog whose attitude goes hand in hand with a high sense of responsibility. For beginners and city dwellers, the giant is by no means the right choice. In terms of character, he is independent and freedom-loving. He enjoys staying outdoors all day and guarding the property.

Moscow Watchdog

This muscular four-legged friend is a breed of dog that originated in Russia after World War II. It emerges from intersections between Ovcharas, Saint Bernardines and Bracken. The Moscow watchdog dog is powerful and confident, but has more basic obedience than the stubborn Ovcharka. Dogs with their size require a large place. But don’t underestimate the high costs for nutrition and veterinary care.

Eastern European shepherd

In appearance, this Russian breed of dog resembles the German Shepherd. Only that it reaches an even larger size. His fur is either saddled, black or sable-grey. The dog breed originated in the days of the Soviet Union. The focus was on characteristics such as assertiveness, robustness and the ability to work in as many climatic regions of Russia as possible. Nowadays, he often works as a police dog in his home country.

East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika is an above-average active dog. This is not surprising if you know his background. The Russian dog breed was bred for work as a sled dog and hunting dog. The latter is noticeable by its high hunting instinct outdoors. The East Siberian Laika is a working dog through and through, who doesn’t mind low temperatures thanks to its dense fur.

Russian Bracke

The Russian Bracke is a gifted hunter. As soon as she is in the great outdoors, she eagerly pursues tracks and nothing can stop her. The rare dog breed is reminiscent of a beagle that has fallen too large in terms of appearance. She is intelligent, active and also enjoys the company of her people. As a family dog, the sporty Bracke must be able to fulfill its willingness to walk every day.

Russian-European Laika

This medium-sized four-legged friend originates in the European forests of Russia. It is highly appreciated by hunters for its outstanding sense of smell. Typical for the Russian-European Laika are on one hand his eye-catching standing ears, which give him an attentive view. On the other hand, it can be recognized by its often black and white or occasionally monochrome fur with an undercoat.

Russian Black Terrier

The Russian Black Terrier is an impressive and powerful dog. Its dark, wavy and long fur paired with a massive body give the four-legged friend an intimidating appearance. He is actually difficult to understand and reserved towards strangers. Therefore, the large dog is only suitable for people willing to train him.

Russkiy Toy

This almost tiny Russian four-legged friend is a heart on four paws. What the Russkiy Toy lacks in body weight, he compensates with its charm in no time. He is considered playful, affectionate and active. But the delicate fur nose is not to be confused with the Chihuahua from Mexico. The Russkiy Toy is a Russian breed of dog derived from the English Toy Terrier.


Samoyeds are named after a West Siberian and North Russian nomadic tribe. Typical of this Russian dog breed is its white fluffy hair dress, which requires regular grooming. Another feature for the sled dogs is their magical “smile”. Dog lovers all over the world appreciate this Nordic dog breed, which is also suitable as a family dog.

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