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Spiritual Dog Names And Their Meanings

Spiritual Dog Names And Their Meanings

Did you just recently adopted a new puppy and are looking for a mystical and meaningful name? Well, in that case we might have just what you are looking for. Many spiritual dog owners are also on the lookout for some spiritual dog names for there canines, and that is just what we prepared in this article.

So in case you want a unique name for your dog that will both be deep and cute, we gotcha. But not only that, we also explained the meaning to each and every of these spiritual dog names.

Spiritual girl dog names and their meaning

The following 20 names would be best suited for a female dog. However, that doesn’t mean that only a bitch could gracefully carry these names. You can name your dog these nevertheless of the gender.

But for easier understanding we did make different sections for each gender, just to make it all a bit easier. However, it’s up to you to go for the one that sounds best in your head.

  1. Karma (Fate or destiny, what goes around comes around)
  2. Eternity (Time that is never ending)
  3. Harmony (Concord, a sense of unity)
  4. Gita (Sanskrit for “song”)
  5. Rene (Born again or reborn in French)
  6. Shaina (Beautiful)
  7. Leslie (Garden of holly)
  8. Yana (God is gracious)
  9. Juno (Queen of the ancient Greek gods)
  10. Charity (One of the seven virtues)
  11. Mecca (The holiest city for Muslims)
  12. Medina (The second holiest city for Muslims)
  13. Shiva (Kind, auspicious)
  14. Donatella (Given by God)
  15. Shakila (beautiful, well-shaped)
  16. Grace (Gracious, lovely)
  17. Angel (Messenger of God)
  18. Maura (Dark-skinned)
  19. Torah (Bearer of a great spiritual message)
  20. Nirvana (Place of great bliss)

Spiritual boy dog names and their meaning

Here is our list of our favorite spiritual names for male canines. All of them have some deep meanings and they also sound very cool.

  1. Yogi (One who performs yoga)
  2. Deacon (Servant)
  3. Spirit (The soul or ghost, the energy that’s eternal)
  4. Tibet (“Roof of the world”)
  5. Confucius (Chinese philosopher)
  6. Rector (Head of a parish)
  7. Charism (Spiritual gift)
  8. Isis (Greek goddess of fertility)
  9. Tobiah (Hebrew for “God is good”)
  10. Aikido (Japanese for “harmony; spirit or energy”)
  11. Santo (Holy)
  12. Chaos (First of the primordial deities)
  13. Bless (holiness)
  14. Brahma (The creator of the whole universe, Hindu)
  15. Moksha (Liberation; salvation)
  16. Asher (Hebrew for “blessed, fortunate”)
  17. Teddy (Gift of God)
  18. Zion (Hebrew for “highest point”)
  19. Sinai (Reference to Mount Sinai)
  20. Druid (Religious leader in ancient Celtic religion)

Other spiritual names for any dog gender

Here is the rest of the spiritual names that we are just so obsessed with. These aren’t associated with any specific gender and they would fit every dog.

Make sure to let us know which of these names is your personal favorite.

  1. Mantra (Holy chants)
  2. Miko (Female shaman or priestess)
  3. Chandra (Sanskrit for “moon”)
  4. Dharma (Sanskrit for “law”)
  5. Bodhi (Sanskrit for “awakening”)
  6. Mojo (Magical charm or spell)
  7. Chant (Old French for “song”)
  8. Akasha (Sanskrit for “sky”)
  9. Serenity (Peaceful)
  10. Virtue (Moral excellence)
  11. Miracle (something wonderful)
  12. Yoko (Japanese for “child”)
  13. Hope (Faith in divine assistance)
  14. Christian (Follower of Christ)
  15. Trinity (Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)
  16. Japa (Meditative repetition of a mantra)
  17. Vida (Life)
  18. Kaleb (Hebrew for “a dog; faithful”)
  19. Tiki (Ancient symbol bringing good luck)
  20. Clement (Merciful)
  21. Sprite (Elf or fairy)
  22. Friar (Monk)
  23. Pax (Latin for “peaceful”)
  24. Pilgrim (One who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons)
  25. Amara (Sanskrit for “eternal”)
  26. Horus (God of the sky, Egyptian)
  27. Chakra (Human energy center)
  28. Faith (Belief, confidence)
  29. Warlock (One who uses magic)
  30. Nimbus (Halo surrounding a supernatural being)

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