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What To Put In A Kong For A Puppy?

What To Put In A Kong For A Puppy?

Kong toys are popular all over the world and there is one specific reason why dogs love them so much — They can be stuffed with food! Genius, isn’t it? But what food should you stuff it with. Many dog owners are struggling to find out what to put in a Kong toy for a puppy or an adult dog. But the options here are really endless. If you need some extra ideas on what to stuff your dog’s Kong toy with, we prepared some easy, quick and delicious recipes that your canine will love!

What are Kong toys?

If you never heard of a Kongo toy then this article might be a bit confusing for you.

Kong toys are famously strong and durable toys. They were initially designed in the 1970s for dogs with “destructive chewing habits.” The classic KONG toy is made from natural red rubber and can be stuffed with KONG’s Easy Treats or other delicious snacks like peanut butter.

What can I put in a Kong toy for a puppy or an adult dog?

There are countless options on what to stuff a Kong toy with. However, not every option will work for your dogs. You use pretty much any food that your dog enjoys eating, however always make sure that he isn’t allergic to it, or that it isn’t unhealthy. There are also some types of human food that could actually be toxic for dogs. Needless to say that you should avoid these food groups all together.

Here are some of the most popular options on what to put in a Kong toy for a puppy or an adult dog.

Peanut butter

The most common thing that dog owners stuff their dog’s Kong toys with is peanut butter. However, if you do decide to stuff it with peanut butter make sure that it’s without any additional sugar or sweeteners. A common sweetner that is used in peanut butter is called Xylitol. While it’s completely harmless for humans, it can become deadly for or canines.

Dog food

Another no-brainer option would be to put dry, canned or wet dog food. Make sure to buy some dog food that is of good quality so you make sure that your canine gets all of the nutrients that he needs.

Cooked chicken and rice

Chicken and rice is a great meal for dogs that is not only yummy, but also calms their stomach if they have any kind of digestive issues. If your dog has lost his appetite or just isn’t feeling too well, cook him some chicken and rice without adding any other seasonings of fat and stuff the Kong toy with it.

Fruit and vegetables

There are different fruits and vegetables that you could chop up and stuff the Kong toy with. Dogs need to have some balance in their diet so if they aren’t eating any greens during their meal then this is the perfect way to add some fruits and vegetables into their diet and to make them enjoy eating them.

Ground meat

It’s no secret that dogs love meat. However, always make sure to not add any kind of seasoning to the meat that you are preparing for your dog. Not even salt! Too much sodium could cause cardiovascular and kidney issues on our sweet canines so it would be better to avoid them. Also, seasonings such as onions, garlic or some other spices or herbs could be highly toxic for your dog. So even if you think that meat tastes better with them, your dog won’t enjoy them too much.

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James Kirkland

Wednesday 15th of November 2023

Thank you!

Michael Penny

Wednesday 8th of November 2023

It is important that you correct this line above from "While it’s completely harmless for dogs, it can become deadly for or canines." to "While it’s completely harmless for humans, it can become deadly for canines."