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When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes?

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes?

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Is there anything sweeter than an adorable newborn puppy? Tiny puppy paws, wet snouts and the tiniest ears.Their clumsy walk around the house while their eyes are still closed. However, that phase only lasts short. In this article we will go over their puppy stage and answer the question — When do puppies open their eyes?

When do puppies open their eyes?

Puppies open their eyes after two weeks. Only from this point on are the central nervous system, the optic nerve and the eyes of the puppy fully developed. Only then do puppies see the world the way they are supposed to.

Occasionally, opening the eyes may begin in the first week of their life.

Newborn puppies need little help from humans. During this time and also afterwards, you can do some things that will help your puppy and make sure that his eyes are healthy.

Why the puppies’ eyes are initially closed

When a person is born, he is actually fully developed biologically and ready to explore his environment.

It goes a little differently with puppies. Puppies are not yet fully developed at birth and are always born deaf and blind. The dog needs a little time to build up the central nervous system and optic nerve to such an extent that they are operational.

During this developmental phase, the eyes are extremely sensitive to bright light, which is why nature has incorporated this small delay when opening their eyes.

This means that puppies are fully dependent on the help of their mother in the first days of their lives to find their way around.

If you have never seen a puppy open his eyes for the very first time, you have missed something.

I hardly know anything that moves you more and makes your heart jump than this very special moment.

Why you shouldn’t touch the eyes before opening

Not touching the eyes may be a little exaggerated. I have been thinking for a long time whether I should include this warning in the article at all.

Of course, you can touch their eyes very gently. But what you should definitely not do is try to open them by yourself.

There are actually people who want to “help” the puppies open their eyes or cannot curb their curiosity at all. Because it’s so cute.

I have already written above that your dog’s closed eyes have a protective function within the first two weeks. They are intended to protect your puppy from being exposed to too strong light, which his optic nerves and eyes cannot cope with at all.

As soon as you try to open your puppy’s eyes with your fingers, you expose him to very great health damage. Not only short-term health consequences, but also long-term consequences that can lead to blindness of your dog.

Puppy peacefully sleeping
As soon as you try to open your puppy’s eyes with your fingers, you expose him to very great health damage.

Therefore, under no circumstances should you try to open the eyes of a puppy with your hand. The process of opening is a completely natural mechanism that happens absolutely automatically.

We humans do not have to intervene in any way.

What you can do to make your puppy safe

However, you can do a few little things to give your puppy a safe time until the eyes open.

The most important factor is that you ensure that the puppy always stays as close to his mother as possible. Females know what is best for their children and also take care of the little ones very safely. Just trust the bitch, she has the matter firmly under control.

In addition, you should make sure that the dog bed with the bitch and the other puppies is in a safe environment.

By a safe environment, it means that a puppy must not run the risk of falling down a staircase, for example.

Make sure that the bed with the bitch and puppy is on a flat surface and that there are no sloping places in the vicinity that could be at risk of injury.

Owner of an absolutely adorable pup wonders when do puppies open their eyes
Normally, the process runs completely smoothly and naturally until the eyes are open. Complications are relatively rare.

This happens as soon as the dog’s eyes are open

As soon as their eyes are open, the development of your puppy is not quite over yet. Puppies still need a little longer for their eyes to be fully developed.

Their vision will probably still be very blurred and you should avoid bright light in the first few days after their eyes open.

Just be a little considerate of the puppies, even if the eyes are already open.

When you should see a veterinarian

Normally, the process runs completely smoothly and naturally until the eyes are open. Complications are relatively rare.

Nevertheless, you should observe your puppy well and consult a veterinarian if there are certain signs.

These include:

  1. Swelling or minor bumps could indicate infection in the area of the eyes.
  2. Pus or discharge are also an indication of infection.

As already described above, the eyes open after about two weeks. If your puppy doesn’t open his eyes in this period, I would also recommend a visit to the vet.

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