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Why You Shouldn’t Get Cavapoo Puppies

Why You Shouldn’t Get Cavapoo Puppies

We have already talked about the full-grown Cavapoo multiple times. We answered the questions “Are Cavapoos smart?” and “Are Cavapoos high maintenance?”. And now that you know that there are so many different Cavapoo pros, you are probably wondering if there are any Cavapoo behavior problems as well. The truth is that even though these companion dogs are pretty amazing, there are some things that could make Cavapoo puppies the wrong choice for you and your family. 

In this article, we will go into detail and explain what the possible downsides of owning a Cavapoo could be. But we have to warn you that we will possibly be a bit biased because if you ask us as dog experts, the Cavapoo pros outweigh the cons significantly. These adorable teddy bear pups are complete people pleasers, and when put into the right environment they make the ideal family dog for a lot of different people and lifestyles.  

Are Cavapoos a good breed?

In case you couldn’t tell by everything that we have said previously, the Cavapoo absolutely is a good breed. Don’t let the title of this article confuse you. There isn’t anything particularly at fault with the Cavapoo, but some people simply don’t have the time and space for these small dogs. And here, we want to warn those folks before they decide to get a Cavapoo. Having a dog is a huge responsibility, but having such smart and social dogs is an even bigger commitment. 

If you, after reading this article, feel confident that you can give the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix the life that he deserves, then definitely feel free to adopt one of these fur babies. But don’t ignore the Cavapoo price problems just because you want to own a fancy dog or you want to impress the people at the dog park with your bougie hybrid dog.

An adorable cream puppy with her dog leash

Source: Instagram (@clementine_the_cavoodle)

Which is better Cavapoo or Cockapoo?  

The similarities between the Cavapoo and Cockapoo don’t end at their names and the fact that they are both Poodle mixes. These two crossbreeds are indeed pretty similar. Due to their lovely nature and limitless vigor, both make wonderful family pets and are gentle with young children. But compared to the Cockapoo, the Cavapoo is more energetic and loves to play. Both of them make excellent companion dogs. Some people also think that Cockapoos are a lot more vocal than Cavapoos and more likely to bark for no reason. 

There are some physical differences too, as a Cavapoo can weigh more than a Cockapoo. While the Cavapoo weighs from 9 to 25 pounds, the Cockapoo’s weight ranges from 6 to 19 pounds. But either way, we think that both of these breeds make amazing pets. They have similar perks as well, which include compact size (the Cavapoo is pretty small even at 25 pounds) and a hypoallergenic coat. Inform yourself about the Cavapoo and Cockapoo breeders in your area, and see what the price differences are. If you ask us, you can’t go wrong with any of these two breeds if you have enough time, patience, attention, and money to invest in your future canine. 

Are Cavapoos good for first-time owners?

Yes, they absolutely are! One of the Cavapoo pros is that these canines are so smart and eager to please. That makes training them a blast. In addition to that, they are also very friendly and outgoing, so socializing them won’t be a problem either. To exercise a Cavapoo you also don’t have to be a pro athlete. These dogs have moderate exercise needs, and they will be completely content with about 40 minutes of activity a day. You can break it up into multiple short walks, or one long and one short walk a day. 

They wouldn’t be the best choice for first-time dog owners if you aren’t ready for the financial commitment of owning these dogs. Don’t get me wrong, no dog is cheap. However, maintaining a Doodle is always a bit more expensive. These dogs need to visit a professional groomer from time to time, and their desire to only get the best lays in their DNA. 

Do Cavapoos have any problems?

There sure are some problems associated with this breed. But in my opinion, the biggest one could be how popular these canines are. And no, that’s not an issue for me because I’m a hipster and want a super unique dog. Instead, this causes Cavapoo breeder problems. When the demand for a dog is so high, some people will see that as an opportunity to grab some quick cash. Backyard breeders don’t have the necessary knowledge to breed healthy puppies, so your chances of getting a sick dog are much higher. 

Generally speaking, Cavapoos are very healthy dogs. But even as such a robust designer breed, if the parents of these canines are sick, they could get sick too. That’s why my biggest suggestion would be that if you don’t have the extra coin to pay for a reputable breeder and top-quality puppy, don’t buy a Cavapoo at all. I know that they are already expensive as it is. However, when you buy from a backyard breeder, the risk is simply way too big. There are plenty of cheaper dog breed options out there, and dogs of any breed can give you the love and companionship that you are looking for.

Are Cavapoos high maintenance?

There is no such thing as a low-maintenance dog, so if you are wondering if Cavapoos are high maintenance, the answer is a clear yes. And they definitely do require more regular grooming than the average canine. And that’s all thanks to their Poodle parent. You will have to take them to a professional groomer if you don’t know how to do it yourself. 

You will have to give them a bath every month or so, together with monthly nail trimming and ear cleaning. But when it comes to brushing their coat and teeth, you will have to do that every day. They are hypoallergenic dogs, so they don’t shed. But their coat can still tangle. Because of their small jaws, these dogs are prone to dog dental problems. So make sure you never slack on their oral hygiene. 

But don’t forget about their dog training and exercise needs either. They are small canines, so the amount of exercise they need is pretty moderate. But you still have to make time for two 20-minute walks during the day. Start proper training and socializing them while they are still a puppy, as they learn best in that time period. 

Do Cavapoos bark a lot?

Even though they don’t have a reputation for having barking issues, the typical Cavapoo is noisy and can develop a serious bark. Due to their high intelligence, Cavapoos can be trained to stop barking when needed. But you have to consider that sometimes dogs bark for a good reason. 

If your dog isn’t usually excessively noisy and vocal, check if everything is alright with him. He might be trying to tell you something, like that he is hurt, hungry, or thirsty. It could also be a warning if he hears some suspicious sounds that you may not be hearing. 

How do you stop a Cavapoo from barking? 

The best way to stop a dog from barking is by distracting him. So if your dog is being extremely loud for no specific reason, try to give him something else that he can focus his attention on. For example, a dog toy, treat, or just a few pats on the head. 

What kind of health problems do Cavapoos have?

Because they are hybrid dogs, most Cavapoos are very healthy. The whole idea of creating crossbreeds was to make them superior to their parent breeds, by combining the best features. And health played a huge role in that. However, that doesn’t mean that your dog can’t get sick. While it is pretty rare, theoretically speaking, Cavapoos could inherit any of the diseases that his parents are prone to. 

The most common genetic diseases are hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, hypoglycemia, and patellar luxation. Pet owners should always make sure to only buy from reputable breeders that do all of the necessary health screenings. Always ask for papers from health registries when you are buying a new puppy. If the breeder can’t provide you with any, take it as a significant red flag.

An adorable Cavoodle sitting while someone wonders why you shouldn’t get a cavapoo puppy

Source: Instagram (@clementine_the_cavoodle)

How long does a Cavapoo live?

Most Cavapoos are healthy and happy dogs, that will live long and fulfilling lives. Typically, they live between 10 and 15 years, though they have been known to live even longer. A Cavapoo once lived to be almost 20 years old! So if you aren’t ready for a long-term commitment, then this breed definitely isn’t for you.

Even though Cavapoos have won the genetic lottery, these dogs still have to live a healthy lifestyle in order to live for so long. So it’s your responsibility as a dog owner to make sure that your dog is eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise. In addition to that, don’t forget about their annual vet visits and health checkups. 

What is the price of Cavapoo puppies?

If you want to buy a “cheap” dog, then this designer dog definitely isn’t the choice for you. A Cavapoo puppy costs between $1,200 and $2,000 to buy.  This is the typical price range, however, occasionally you might discover both cheaper and more expensive Cavapoos. 

Anything significantly cheaper than that can be a red flag. This is a popular breed of dog, which means that the demand is high. If the price is too good to be true, chances are that it really is. The puppy could be sick, or the breeder could be a complete scammer. 

The cost of adopting a Cavapoo from a shelter or rescue facility is about $500, which covers all initial vet bills. However, Cavapoos are such popular dogs that your chances of finding one in a dog shelter are slim to nonexistent.

Where to get Cavapoo puppies

While the Cavapoo is a healthy dog breed, it’s still important to buy Cavapoos puppies from reputable breeders that can provide you with the needed medical information. Experienced breeders also start training your little puppy, like potty train or other basic commands. If you are a new owner, it would be a good idea to do some deep research on the breeder you are going to buy your puppy from. Make sure that he does the needed health checks that will give you vital information if you are getting a healthy Cavapoo puppy. 

While reputable breeders often are a bit more expensive, you can at least be sure that your dog is cleared from the most common health concerns. A healthy Cavapoo puppy will live by your side for many years and give lot of love to you and your family members. 

If you live near Collierville Tennessee, check out Blue Diamond Family Pups. Other reputable breeders include Allison Hollow Puppies, Foxglove Farm puppy, and Kathy Cavapoos Tennessee. So make sure you give Allison, Kathy and Foxglove Farm Puppy dozens of calls if you think these small size dogs would be a good fit for you. If you don’t live near any of these breeders, check out your local breeders and research important information about them before buying a puppy.

Are Cavapoo puppies a good choice for families with kids?

Because of their gentle nature, Cavapoo puppies make a great choice for younger children. They make great playmates for little kids, but you should never leave them without supervision. Cavapoos are small and gentle canines, and they could easily get hurt during rough play. But other than that they will make fantastic family companions. 

Make sure you start socializing, training, and potty train your dog on time. He should soon feel absolutely comfortable with all of your family members. However, be warned that just like most Doodles, Cavapoos too choose one specific person that they get the closest to. 

Why you shouldn’t get a Cavapoo? 

As you can tell by everything that we have said above, there aren’t many cons to owning a Cavapoo puppy. Most future pet parents can be confident that this cross breed would make an excellent choice for a new dog. They have a lot of good traits, such as their high intelligence, the fact that they live for a long time, their hypoallergenic qualities, and their sweet personalities. However, nobody is perfect, and there are even some bad things about the Cavapoo.

The most obvious thing is the price of these dogs. But it doesn’t end with the money you have to pay to the breeder. These dogs also need a lot of grooming, and as a Poodle mix, they should also eat premium dog food that is protein based. Definitely make sure you have the financial means to care for a Doodle, and don’t underestimate the total yearly cost.  

Also, don’t forget that as a designer dog the Cavapoo can’t be registered with the American Kennel Club. So if you are interested in participating in dog shows with your canine, go for a Miniature Poodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, or other purebred dogs. 

Lastly, if you live a super busy lifestyle and don’t have lots of time to spend with your Cavapoo puppy, then this social dog isn’t the pet for you. They are prone to separation anxiety and a lot of your attention. They can only be left alone for short periods of time, 

My name is Katy and I am 27. I love to travel and you would be surprised how good I am at karaoke. 🙂 Passionate dog lover and a "mother" to a beautiful toy puddle named Zara. I work as a volunteer in a local shelter and I am a veterinary assistant helping our four-legged friends every day.