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A Paw-some Connection: Mark Wahlberg’s Bond with Ukai

A Paw-some Connection: Mark Wahlberg’s Bond with Ukai

It’s not uncommon for on-screen chemistry to spill over into real-life relationships, and that’s exactly what happened on the set of the upcoming film Arthur the King.

Mark Wahlberg felt such a strong connection with his co-star that he even tried to bring him home – his furry friend, Ukai the dog.

In an interview at a screening and pet adoption event for the film, Wahlberg revealed,

“Oh my god, I tried to bribe the trainer to sell me the dog. I offered her whatever she would want. But, of course, that bond is not something that you can separate. I just fell in love with him.

Playing an adventure racer who finds companionship with a stray dog in the movie, Wahlberg shared,

“I was amazed by how close we got and our connection. So, of course, I wanted him.”

The love for Ukai extended beyond just Wahlberg, as his four children also wanted to welcome the adorable pup into their home. Despite his best efforts, Wahlberg couldn’t bring Ukai home, but the bond they shared on set was truly special.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Based on the true story of extreme athlete Mikael Lindnord and his dog Arthur, Wahlberg’s portrayal of Lindnord in the movie showcases the heartwarming bond between man and dog. The off-screen friendship between Wahlberg and Ukai continued even after filming, with the duo appearing in a PSA advocating for pet adoption.

Get ready to witness this tale on the big screen when Arthur the King hits theaters on Mar. 15.

It’s a story of friendship, adventure, and the unbreakable bond between a man and his furry companion.

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