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Basset Hound Pitbull Mix: Why they’re rare

Basset Hound Pitbull Mix: Why they’re rare
Basset Hound Pitbull Mix

Do you know what a Kinder Surprise Egg is? In the US it’s illegal, but basically, it’s a chocolate egg with a little surprise toy inside. Hence the name Surprise Egg. With that egg, you have no idea which toy you’ll get, and that’s how it is with the Basset Hound Pitbull Mix.

This is a rare crossbreed with which not even the breeder can know which traits it will have. Now, I know that’s usually how it is with crossbreeds. But with this mix, it’s on a whole new level! This is because two breeds with completely different traits are combined. And not only personality traits, but physical too!

This is a very interesting crossbreed worth mentioning and learning about. And that’s what we’ll do now! We’ll talk about what makes this breed so unique.

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Basset Hound Pitbull Mix – What to know

A Basset Hound Pitbull mix is, as the name implies, a crossbreed of a Pitbull and a Basset Hound. Obviously, because this is a crossbreed, kennel clubs like the AKC do not consider them a real breed.

As we’ve already mentioned, because these two breeds are so different, we can’t predict how their puppies will look like nor what they’ll be like. Not even the puppies in the same litter will look the same!

There is no record of when the first Basset Hound Pitbull Mix was created or even where they were created. It’s kind of a mystery. But, let’s take a closer look at this mix.

What they look like

There is no standard to how these dogs look. But, if we look at both parent breeds we can get an idea of how their puppies might look. So, both parents have short coats. And that’s where their similarities end.

When it comes to their coat color, there is no rule. They can be one solid color or a combination of white and another color, for example:

  • grey
  • fawn
  • reddish brown
  • black

Their color basically depends on their parent’s colors. These dogs don’t shed a lot, so grooming won’t be hard. Just make sure to brush them at least once.

Genes and genetics are complicated topics. So, it’s not easy to understand which traits from which parents the puppies will get. But, because of the Basset Hound’s marked features, it’s more likely for the puppies to look like their Pitbull parent.

Generally, they have short legs and a long face. Their bodies are elongated, but they are relatively proportionately built. What sets them apart from other dogs is that the ankles on their front paws are inward-facing.

basset hound pitbull mix
What the front paws of a Basset Hound Pitbull Mix look like

But how big do these dogs get? Well, the Basset Hound parent breed can be up to 15 inches tall and weigh between 40 to 65 pounds.

The American Pitbull Terrier is larger than the Basset Hound. Pitbull males are between 18 and 19 inches tall, while females are a bit smaller and between 17 and 18 inches. Both females and males can weigh between 30 and 85 pounds. But usually, females will weigh less.

Now that we know that, let’s see how large their puppies will get. A Basset Hound Pitbull mix is between 15 and 17 inches tall and can weigh between 40 and 60 pounds.

What they’re like

The Basset hound is a charming, patient, and calm dog. The Pitbull is smart, confident, protective, but they also have a good nature. So, what will happen when you combine two such different dogs? Let’s see!

To better understand what the mix could be like, let’s compare the traits of both parent breeds.

So, given that they are completely different, each puppy will usually have a different temperament too. Many people who own these dogs say that they are charming but fierce. They are loyal and devoted to their family. These dogs will do anything to please you, so they are obedient and sweet-tempered.

Basset HoundAmerican Pitbull Terrier
Loving and affectionateLoving and affectionate
A comparison of the Basset Hound’s and Pitbull’s personality

As you can see, at first glance it seems like these dogs have nothing in common. But that’s not completely true. They have many similarities and traits that mean the Basset Hound Pitbull Mix will be a great family dog.

Of course, for a puppy to grow up into a well-behaved and well-rounded dog you have to train them and socialize them. So, you can’t expect them to know what acceptable behavior is without teaching them.

The Basset Hound Pitbull Mix makes a good family dog

Training them can be a bit of a challenge. Just like the parent breeds, the mix is an intelligent dog. But they are also very stubborn. Especially the Basset Hound. So, you will have to stay patient and consistent with them and use the positive reinforcement approach.

Health and exercise

The Basset Hound Pitbull Mix is a relatively healthy dog that lives between 12 and 16 years. Crossbreeds are usually much healthier than their parent breeds anyways. But that doesn’t mean these dogs aren’t susceptible to certain hereditary health problems. Some of the most common health problems they experience are:

  • Cardiac disease – Problems with the heart or blood vessels. This condition can be congenital or acquired.
  • Hip Dysplasia – A very common problem among all dogs. It’s an abnormal development of the ball and socket of the hip. It leads to hip joint deterioration and loss of function.
  • Skin and coat allergies – Your Basset Hound Pitbull mix can suffer from different skin and coat allergies. They can have itchy skin, they can suffer from hairlos, flaky skin and so on.
  • Bleeding Disorders – They can suffer from nosebleeds very often or have bleeding gums.
  • Hypothyroidism – Their thyroid is underactive and slows down your dog’s metabolism causing damage to other organs.

Another very common health problem these dogs suffer from is ear problems, and eye problems like glaucoma.

One aspect of keeping these dogs healthy is making sure they get enough exercise. The Basset Hound Pitbull mix is a very active dog. They are full of energy and need a lot of exercises. How much exercise they will need depends on the particular dog.

So, there is no rule. Some might need half an hour of exercise, others might need an hour of exercise.