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French Bulldog Pitbull Mix: What Makes Them Special

French Bulldog Pitbull Mix: What Makes Them Special

Are you looking for a small but still robust and fierce family dog? Well, then we might have the cross for you! The French Bulldog Pitbull Mix is a cross between the French Bulldog and the Pitbull, and he could be just the ideal choice for you and your family. The breeding of the much smaller French Bulldog with the Pit is a one-of-a-kind combination, and could literally give you the best of both worlds!

The offspring of the French Bulldog and the Pitbull have a lot in common, making them superb designer dogs. This medium-sized canine will always attempt to please you with its actions and will be a fun little companion for your youngsters. They never seem to weary and always appear to liven up the place.

While your puppy may look like a little English Bulldog, its head will most likely resemble that of a Pitbull. These canines appreciate being in the company of people and being the focus of attention. They are loyal, playful, and kind toward youngsters, and they will like sitting on the couch with you.

Because of their Pitbull DNA, these small dogs are highly confident and have a sense of dominance. They will require consistent training from the start of their formative years, as they may get nervous in the presence of other animals and strangers.

If you have enough time to train your dog persistently, and can handle the potential stubbornness of this crossbreed, this could be the crossbreed for you. So keep on reading and find out more about this unique designer dog.

Breed overview

The French Bulldog Pitbull hybrid is a one-of-a-kind canine with its own characteristics. The dog will goof around and try to please you in order to gain a particular place in your heart and life.

Despite the fact that these dogs can be headstrong and difficult to handle at times, their fun and active attitude will make them the ideal companion for you.

Depending on whether they take after the Frenchie or Pitbull, a French Pitbull is usually a medium-sized dog. A full-grown male French Bulldog Pitbull Mix Size should be between 15 and 18 inches tall, while a full-grown female French Pitbull should be between 14 and 16 inches tall.

Male French Bulldog Pitbull Mixes weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. Females are slightly lighter, weighing 30 to 37 pounds on average.

As a mixed breed, French Pitbulls can take on a variety of looks. They are usually stocky, with the enormous bat ears of a French Bulldog, although being smaller than a Pitbull.

Although its overall body shape, size, and structure are more similar to those of a Pit Bull, this breed’s face will remind you of a French Bulldog, primarily due to the ears. Your French PitBull hybrid may exhibit more of his Frenchie side, resulting in a tiny body frame with a Pit Bull-like physical look.

You might also end up with a little large-eared puppy with Pitbull’s stunning and unusual markings. The coat of both the French Bulldog and the Pitbull will surely be short.

Because this dog is a mutt, the overall appearance of your Frenchie Pitbull will vary significantly. Mixed puppies can look more like one parent than the other. You never know what you will get.

History of the French Bulldog Pitbull Mix

The French Bulldog Pitbull hybrid is a relatively new breed with little documented background. However, the pedigree of notable dog breeds from which it descends has a fascinating history that spans generations.

The French Bulldog Pitbull combination is thought to have originated in the early 2000s, according to many designer breeders.

Many dog lovers wanted a dog that was speedy, powerful, and loving all at the same time, and these pups were the result of their efforts.

There is confirmed information on the parent breeds because there is not much information about its history.

French Bulldog history

The origins of the French Bulldog are a source of much debate, yet there is no doubt that they originated in England.

Many people believe that the English Bulldog was relegated to France after being bred to a lower size. The French Bulldog evolved in this area over time.

The current Bulldog’s ancestor lived around 150-200 years ago and was known for being a dominant, athletic dog with a high leg and the ability to engage in the risky pastime of “bull-baiting.”

The French Bulldog is distinguished by its bat-like ears, whilst the English Bulldog is distinguished by its prominent rose-shaped ears.

Fans of the popular toy English bulldogs in France had readily accepted those with upright ears, which were considered undesirable in England.

Many breeds, including terriers and pugs, may have contributed to the bloodlines of the French Bulldog.

In the late 1800s, the French bulldogs were popular among women’s clubs in the United States. By 1898, the American Kennel Club (AKC) had officially recognized the breed, and it was placed among the top ten dog breeds in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

Frenchies are devoted friends who thrive on human interaction. They are both amusing and mischievous, make good watchdogs, and warn their owners when strangers approach. It’s a dog who will spend the entire day at your feet or follow you from room to room.

Pitbull history

Pitbull’s roots may be traced all the way back to the 1800s in the United Kingdom. These canines descended from Old English Bulldogs, who made their name in the terrible bloodsport of “bull-baiting.”

However, the British Parliament outlawed the baiting of some animals, such as bulls and bears, in 1835. However, the public’s attention was drawn to other violent sports such as ratting and dogfighting.

Several immigrants from the United Kingdom arrived in the United States shortly before the Civil War, bringing the Pitbulls with them. The American Pitbull Terrier was named after these dogs. As they took on an all-purpose role, they quickly became the pride of the American country. Their strength and bulk made them ideal for family dogs, farm dogs, and even nanny dogs!

The American Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1936, and it is now the 81st most popular breed in their register.

These dogs are noted for their agility and obedience and are extremely powerful.

The French Pitbull Mix is a superb hybrid of two prominent dog families that has lived up to designer breeders’ expectations all over the world!

The problem with crossbreeds

The concept of hybrid breeds (hybrid dogs) or designer dogs sounds good in theory. Experts are combining two breeds, and the resulting breed will have the best characteristics of the parent breeds.

In reality that’s not at all how it works. We can’t be sure that the hybrid will have only the best characteristics of both parents. Of course, there are some things scientists can control.

Uncertain results of designer dogs

Let’s take the Labradoodle as an example. Labradoodles are a mix between the Poodle and the Labrador. The idea was to get a dog that is low-shedding like the Poodle. But also a dog that has all the amazing characteristics of the Labrador, such as their temperament and personality.

Firstly, the issue with this is that poodles come in three different sizes. So that’s the first characteristic you can’t control. You will not know how large the dog will be.

Secondly, you can’t know if your Labradoodle puppy will be more like one parent or the other. They might have more traits of the Poodle than the Labrador, and vice versa.

And lastly, a designer dog breed does not have the breed standard an already formed breed has. We want to stress one more time. Hybrid breed puppies can differ a lot based on the dominance of their parent breeds.

We are not saying that at some point all of these won’t be predictable. Breeders are working on perfecting the hybrid breeds. But in the end, it will likely take several years and decades until that happens.

Personality of the French Bulldog Pitbull Mix

If you’re thinking about getting a French Pitbull, you should be aware of a few personality traits. To begin with, they enjoy being lapdogs, cuddling up to you as you watch your favorite movie or TV show.

They have a loving personality and enjoy being shown affection. They frequently desire to be the center of your universe, receiving the most attention from you.

These pups are also known for being quite playful. This makes them an excellent alternative for older children because they can play together.

However, especially if your children are younger, you may want to keep an eye on them while they play. They may accidentally fall on the dog or pat them too hard.

You should also keep in mind that they make excellent protection dogs. They’ll want to be near you and will defend you if they believe you’re being threatened by someone else.

You’ll need to enroll them in training sessions to ensure that they don’t mistakenly demonstrate hostile conduct to their peers. They are bold and confident, which may be a good or bad thing depending on the situation. However, you will be hard pressed to find a more caring and loving combination.

If you have children, they will be like siblings because these dogs like playing for hours. But it’s critical to teach kids how to gently play with dogs and respect their personal space. Never leave small kids unsupervised with dogs.

Because they are intelligent and eager to please, this combination is quite straightforward to train. Remember that positive reinforcement works better than anything. If you’re not sure how to teach your dog, get advice from an experienced trainer.

Are they good family dogs?

Bully Pits are a suitable breed for households with slightly older children. Despite the fact that well-trained Bully Pits are unlikely to harm someone, you don’t want to take any chances. Bully Pits are not a recommended breed for families with young children.

Even if your Bully Pit is well-behaved, these dogs can be rough when they’re having a good time. Even if the Bully Pit loves the child, this can be a highly dangerous condition for small children.

Bully Pits are a terrific addition to any home once your children reach the age of ten or more. Despite their intimidating appearance, these dogs are really friendly and cuddly. They enjoy having a large family who can lavish them with attention.

Both the family and the dog will likely feel at ease in no time if all family members know how to behave around this dog and treat it with respect.

French Bully Pits, however, do not get along with other animals. Even when well-socialized, Bully Pits are likely to dislike having another animal in the house. As a result, having a Bully Pit as the only pet is preferable.

You might be able to find a pet that has to be kept in a cage or tank. Many Bully Pit owners, for example, have lizards or fish. Do not, however, get another dog or cat since the Bully Pit will become highly territorial about you and your home.

Caring for a French Bulldog Pitbull mix


The best part about this breed is that it sheds very little and requires very little upkeep. The French Bulldog Pitbull Mix has short hair and is quite easy to care for.

Grooming sessions are a terrific method for you and your dog to bond. Because dogs are usually sensitive to touch, it’s best to start caressing and washing them at a young age. Because the French Bulldog Pitbull Mix has a short coat and sheds seldom, it just requires weekly brushing.

When it comes to bathing, there is no such thing as a strict routine. But don’t do it too often as it can dry out his skin. Only bathe your dog if he is visibly dirty or has a funky smell.

Because their nails grow quickly, you’ll need to clip them every two to four weeks or whenever you hear them tapping on the floor. If you are not sure how to do that, leave it to a professional dog groomer.

You should also examine your dog’s ears once a week to prevent wax or other debris from building up, which can lead to ear infections. Cleaning the ears with a cleaning solution and a few cotton balls is pretty easy as well. You can read all about that here.

To prevent plaque and tartar buildup, veterinarians recommend brushing your dog’s teeth anywhere from three times a week to everyday. Periodontal disease can result in tooth loss as well as more significant complications such as heart disease. In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth at home, take him to the vet for expert dental cleanings once a year.


These dogs are intelligent, friendly, and fast to learn new skills. This attitude is passed down from their parents, and with consistent and early training, you will have a loyal puppy who is always eager to please.

In terms of training, you must ensure that your puppy is exposed to socializing from an early age. Early training will prevent the dog from being overprotective and destructive.

These dogs may not always prioritize their owners’ wishes, but once they’ve mastered a new skill, they’re sure to shine. This is true for everything from dog sports to service jobs.

The French Bulldog mix is a naturally protective dog who, if not properly socialized, can soon become dominant and violent. And this is something that professional breeders will start doing right away, and it’s something you’ll have to keep doing once you get him home.

Introduce him to new sights and sounds, as well as animals and people he is unfamiliar with. As a result, he will grow into a self-assured and courteous dog who will no longer feel the need to be too protective.

Also, because puppies have short attention spans, it would be most beneficial to break the training sessions into shorter ones.

The French Bulldog Pitbull hybrid can be headstrong and strong-willed. For those who are new pet owners, the dog’s nature will be a difficulty. Consistent training is the only way to control its stubbornness.

Always employ the positive reinforcement approach of training. They will thrive on rewards such as verbal praise and treats. But don’t be hesitant to scold him when necessary.


Every dog, including the French Bulldog Pitbull mix, has a minimum exercise demand that, if not met, might have negative consequences.

The French Bulldog Pitbull hybrid cannot be left alone for long periods of time. It inherited the Pitbull parent’s violent nature, and the unused energy will further increase its aggression.

This dog requires moderate energy and is not a couch potato. Instead, your dog will want to be out and about doing activities.

You may be concerned about its temperament, thus the best method to calm them down is to burn off their aggression. Remember the golden rule: Only a tired dog is a happy dog.

To begin, take him on long, frequent walks, jogs, or even adventurous treks! Make sure your dog gets enough time outside to burn off its excess energy. Every day, you can let it run around in a safe and secure yard for about an hour. Games that train the brain, like as retrieve, tugging, running, and other ball games, are also good.

If you and your dog have a competitive side, dog sports could be a fun way for you and your canine to bond. Consider activities like agility, rally, dock diving (which appeals to their natural affinity for water) or lure coursing, in which they race around a track pursuing a mechanical bait.

Bring the fun indoors with games like hide-and-seek or fetch when the weather isn’t cooperating (if your home has enough room or a long hallway). Puzzle toys are nice to have around the house since they provide brain stimulation. Bored dogs will come up with less-than-fun methods to pass the time, such as biting your shoes.

Food & Nutrition

Each dog has its own set of dietary requirements. If the food is not tailored to the energy requirements of dogs, they are at risk of becoming obese. On the other hand, dogs are high-energy creatures, and their growing bodies require the proper diet to keep them going.

Overfeeding the French Bulldog Pitbull Mix is never a good idea, as it can exacerbate health issues like elbow and hip dysplasia.

Contacting a local veterinarian when you obtain the puppy is a wonderful approach to ensure a complete and satisfying diet. The veterinarian will recommend a feeding program that is both nutritious and avoids health problems.

As a result, a regular medium-sized breed diet should be fine. Two cups of nutritious dog food and raw meat should be included in your dog’s diet to keep his teeth sharp.

Treats should be based as rewards. Dried meat snacks and dental care treats are examples of this. Additional bites should be prepared in the same way as the main course: Sugar and cereals should be avoided. Both of these ingredients have no place in high-quality dog food.

From time to time, reward your dog with dog chewing bones or dry chews. These provide your dog a lot of chewing enjoyment. It is critical to let huge four-legged friends, such as a Briard, to relax after eating. This is also how you can avoid bloat.

Don’t overfeed your dog as they are prone to obesity. They gain weight pretty easily. The majority of dogs in the United States are overweight, and the primary reason for this is that their owners do not spend enough time learning about their pets’ requirements. Also, keep in mind that your dog must have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Health and Life Expectancy

They have an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years. However, there are a number of potential health issues that a French Pitbull owner should be aware of.

Unfortunately, the poor French Bulldog has more than his fair share of health issues, many of which are caused by his appearance.

As previously stated, being brachycephalic makes breathing difficult, but it also causes other health issues, such as corneal ulcers and dental problems.

Chondrodystrophy is a kind of dwarfism characterized by small legs in French Bulldogs.

Intervertebral disc disease, which can cause discomfort, nerve damage, and paralysis in severe situations, is a high risk for them.

Screw tail is the name for the charming tiny corkscrew tail that can cause significant back problems in the breed.

The Pitbull has a considerably better health record, but is still susceptible to some diseases.

Hip dysplasia, heart disease, autoimmune thyroiditis, eye disorders, and cerebellar ataxia should all be checked in breeding stock.

You should take your French Pitbull to the veterinarian on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good health.

This will enable you to detect any potential issues early on. Avoid overeating, which can lead to obesity, which can exacerbate these diseases.

Most common health problems

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome is a collection of disorders caused by the body conformation of dogs with short noses.

Short-nosed breeds have a compressed skeleton, resulting in a variety of abnormalities in their nasal canals, spines, and tails, but typical quantities of skin and soft tissue. Because their soft tissue is too large for their skeleton, brachycephalic dogs have a lot of skin folds on their faces and bodies.

Inside the body, similar folds and extra soft tissues cause a variety of blockages, including in the airway. These skin folds frequently cause dermatological problems and may require surgical resection.

Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia

Canine hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint becomes unstable as a result of both developmental and environmental factors. Dogs are prone to this bone and joint disorder. The femur does not meet the pelvic bone appropriately, causing the bones to wear out prematurely.

Later in life, your dog may develop arthritis, which can be excruciatingly painful. This ailment shows itself as a peculiar walk, shaky posture, or limping, all of which are plainly seen in your beautiful pup. To preserve your dog’s quality of life, discuss care with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Patellar Luxation

This is a condition in which the kneecap isn’t properly anchored, which makes it slip out of position and mechanically lock the leg. After a few steps, the kneecap ‘unlocks’ allowing the dog to carry on. While mild cases can be managed with pain control, some dogs will require surgery.


Allergies to pollen, mold, and dust cause people to sneeze. Instead of sneezing, allergies in dogs produce itching. Atopy is a name used to describe a common skin allergy in these puppies. The feet, tummy, skin wrinkles, and ears are the most commonly affected locations. Symptoms normally emerge between the ages of one and three, and they can get worse as time goes on. Licking the paws, stroking the face, and recurring ear infections are the most prevalent allergy symptoms. The good news is that these diseases can be treated in a number of different ways.


In older canines, cataracts are a common cause of blindness. The lenses of his eyes become more opaque—in other words, hazy rather than clear. Many dogs adapt well to losing their vision and live happily ever after. Surgical removal of cataracts and restoration of vision may also be a possibility.

Thyroid Disease

This is a common health issue among Pitbulls. It’s when their thyroid gland becomes unable to produce enough hormones, so they gain a lot of weight and develop many skin problems. This condition can also lead to extreme aggression. The only solution to this problem is doses of thyroxine for the rest of its life.

Cerebellar Ataxia

A hereditary condition where the dog has poor muscle coordination and loss of balance. Basically, your dog will show uncoordinated movements, tremors and they can even lose the ability to walk.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is an eye ailment that might have a negative impact on the quality of life of your dog. This usually happens later in life as a result of retinal degeneration. Retinal dysplasia is the name for the early-onset type, which is observed in puppies. This is when the retinal cells do not mature properly.

The dog becomes partially or completely blind in both cases. While the disease isn’t unpleasant, it can have a significant influence on your dog’s quality of life. Consult your veterinarian about your dog’s alternatives, as well as what to do if he becomes blind.

Heart Problems

All dogs are susceptible to heart disease, which should be treated properly even if it is moderate. Dogs, like humans, are susceptible to heart disease if they have a bad genetic history as well as unhealthy habits such as obesity, lack of exercise, and insufficient socialization.

Dogs can avoid heart disease by eating well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, and getting regular exams.


The greatest approaches to keep your dog from acquiring too much weight are a well-balanced, whole-food based diet and regular exercise. You can assist prevent further strain on your dog’s spine by keeping them fit and healthy. Any sudden weight gain should be taken seriously because it could suggest a more serious health problem, such as hypothyroidism. Consult your veterinarian as soon as possible if your dog begins to gain weight, appears lethargic, or becomes easily fatigued.

Before you buy a French Bulldog Pitbull mix puppy

The French Bulldog Pitbull Mix has a lot of energy, which might be difficult for parents who do not lead an active lifestyle. They are a medium/small breed that may find it difficult to spend time in large groups of people.

If you can’t decide on the gender of your future puppy, know that male and female Frenchie Pits have a lot in common. Both dogs are medium sized, affectionate, lively canines who can be overprotective at times. Males make better playmates, while females are more cautious and make better watchdogs. They are almost the same size.

These pups, when properly socialized and taught, they make wonderful additions to any home. Bully Pits can be protective and violent when challenged, but most aggressive behavior can be suppressed simply by placing them in the correct household.

It’s crucial to understand that they demand a lot of attention and care. They not only expect to be by your side 24 hours a day, but they also have a number of health issues that can be pricey to cure. So, before you buy this high-maintenance yet lovable breed, do some research on your own talents and limitations.

What is the price of Frenchie Pit puppies?

Estimating the cost of a French Bulldog Pitbull Mix might be difficult. Many unethical breeders offer these pups for extremely low prices, whereas responsible breeders charge between $500 and $1,000. Because there are so many issues with French Bulldog birth, you can certainly expect the fee to be around $1,000, if not more.

It’s critical to choose a responsible and ethical breeder when acquiring a Frenchie Pit puppy. Pitbulls are frequently bred for fighting purposes, and it’s no surprise that their breeders are unconcerned with the dogs’ welfare.

Always ensure that the puppy you purchase was bred by a respectable breeder who does not intend to compete with the dogs. This not only guarantees that the dogs in the breeder’s care are adequately cared for, but it also assures that the puppy you receive is healthy and has not been a victim of abuse, inbreeding, or any of a number of other undesirable circumstances.

Final thoughts

The French Bulldog Pitbull hybrid is a one-of-a-kind canine with its own characteristics. The dog will goof around and try to please you in order to gain a particular place in your heart and life.

Despite the fact that these dogs can be headstrong and difficult to handle at times, their fun and active attitude will make them the ideal companion for an active family.

As great as they are, keep in mind that they prefer to be the only pet. Your dog may not get along with other dogs in the house, but they will be your family’s protective companion.

And boy, do they enjoy to be in the company of their family. They will be by your side no matter if you’re watching TV on the couch or going for a walk in the neighborhood. The French Pitbull is an excellent companion dog who enjoys spending time with you.

They have a strong sense of loyalty and get along well with older kids. Because they are so jealous very young kids may not be favored by this crossbreed. And like we already explained, the same goes for other animals.

If you still think they’re a good fit for you after reading this article about French Bulldog Pitbull Mix dogs, know that they could be the perfect fit. The French Pitbull will provide plenty of cuddles and hugs for the rest of their lives if you’re willing to train them properly.

In every way, they’re wonderfully affectionate and rewarding dogs. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to start training early, monitor their health, and provide them the attention and care they require.

They will provide you with many years of wonderful memories if you correctly raise them and comprehend all we have discussed in this post today.

My name is Katy and I am 27. I love to travel and you would be surprised how good I am at karaoke. 🙂 Passionate dog lover and a "mother" to a beautiful toy puddle named Zara. I work as a volunteer in a local shelter and I am a veterinary assistant helping our four-legged friends every day.