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Dogo Argentino Pitbull Mix

Dogo Argentino Pitbull Mix

Dogo Argentinos and Pitbulls are two dog breeds that look a lot alike. The bad thing is that both of them have a bad reputation. Many people think that these dogs are mean, but that isn’t true. A dog will do what it was taught to do. Neither of these two dogs was born to be dangerous. As they do have a lot of things in common, it should be easy to picture the Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix dog!

APBTs look so much like Dogo Argentininos that many people mistake them for each other. This is because both breeds are very similar in appearance, and many people think they look alike.

The APBT is more outgoing and friendly with strangers than the Dogo Argentino, because the Dogo Argentino has a high prey drive.

If you are interested in getting a Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix dog, you have to learn more about their parents. And because they have so much in common, it’s easier to look at the differences. When comparing the Dogo Argentino to the Pitbull, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How do they compare?

Because the Dogo Argentino is so powerful, don’t treat this dog like a puppy.

This dog, even though it looks like it’s a Pit Bull, doesn’t look like one. It doesn’t look like it’s mixed with a Pit Bull in any way.

The Dogo, also known as the Argentine Mastiff, is a breed of dog that is part of the Mastiff breed.

It’s a breed that was made in 1928 by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, who came up with the idea. However, it is true that the Dogo is made up of a lot of different types of dogs.

These ten dog breeds make up the Dogo’s bloodline: The Bull Terrier is one of them. The Irish Wolfhound is another. The Pointer is another one. The Bulldog is another one. The Great Pyrenees is another one. The Boxer is another one.

Dogo Argentino

Do Dogo Argentinas have to be Pitbulls? Many dog lovers have asked this, so I felt the need to answer right away.

The Dogo is not a mix of Pit Bulls, as many people think. They are bigger than Pit Bulls, and they have a white coat. These dogs also have different personalities and temperaments, but they are all the same.

Also they need to be recognized as a separate breed so that they don’t look like they are being looked down on.

Pit bulls have a bad reputation because of a lot of different things.

This essay was very important to me because I am a fan of the Dogo Argentino breed. I wanted to make it clear to the public that the Dogo is not a Pit Bull and that the two breeds are very different.

An Argentine Dogo and a Pitbull are very different.

Because of its size, the Argentine Mastiff breed can grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh as much as 120 kg. Compared to men, women are a little shorter and lighter.

It has a beautiful all-white fast coat that is probably their most unique feature.

Dogos have a lot of black spots on their faces or around their eyes. People who have Dogos can have them for up to 12 years. They are very healthy for a large breed dog.

They need to be trained, but if they stay active, they can live in flats.

Dogos are great hunters, and they’ll keep going until the end. The Dogo is very friendly with kids and is very calm around the house.

Dogo’s ears and tails can be cut or docked to help them hunt. The ears are a dog’s weak spot, and if the prey hits them, it can be very painful.


The real American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed of dog that should not weigh more than 50 kilograms. However, there is a lot of variation in the Pit Bull family, like Staffordshire Terriers and American Bullies.

Staffordshire Terriers and American bullies are bigger than a Pit Bull Terrier from the United States of America.

A pit bull is rarely taller than 24 inches.

Another good thing about pit bulls is that they can live for a long time. They can live for more than 13 years or so. When Dogo owns a Pit Bull, on the other hand, they come in a wide range of colors and sizes.

Pit Bulls may work well with law enforcement and the military even though they don’t like to hunt. This is similar to the Argentine Mastiff.

The ears of Pit Bulls, like Dogo’s, are often cut because they look bad.

When dog fighting was still popular, Pit Bulls had their ears cut so they could fight better.

Because I don’t like cutting ears, I think a Pit Bull’s ears look better when they aren’t cut.

History of the Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino’s journey began in 1928, when he was raised by a well-known doctor.

Dr. Martinez was also a dog lover and a weekend hunter. He needed to train a powerful hunting dog to go with him on his weekend trips.

He made the Dogo Argentino by crossing the now-extinct Cordoba-preventing dog with purebred dogs from all over the world.

To show that he could hunt down mountain cats and other big animals, Dr. Martinez took him on a hunting trip.

Over time, Dr. Martinez found out that he had a loyal and devoted friend on his hands, one who would protect his grip to the end, even if it meant giving up.

He has also become a dog that lives with people in the house because he has a caring side.

The Dogo Argentino has been put in the “Miscellaneous Group,” which is the last step in the process of becoming a breed.

History of the American Pitbull Terrier

Dogs like the APBT fall under the umbrella term “Pitbull,” which refers to a dog made from Bulldogs and Terriers. The APBT is one of four breeds that fall under the umbrella term “Pitbull.”

The three breeds are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

This happens because most people don’t fully understand what the term “pitbull” means, and even people who work with dogs can make mistakes.

The APBT is the offspring of a dog that was used to fight bulls in England. In the 1800s, dog prevention became a popular sport in the United States. When the sport was banned in England in 1835, immigrants brought him to the United States, where they kept fighting against him. Because of this controversy these dogs aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club AKC.

The APBT was made by crossing the most important and best-protective dog with the most powerful fighter.

Because of where the APBT came from, he has a bad reputation for being naturally mean. However, this isn’t true.

In the past, dog prevention was illegal, so dogs have been bred for their sweetness. They are now used on farms or as pets for families.

If you want to get a new dog, you can mix them with other breeds, like the boxer or the husky, to make the Pitsky. We have a whole article on Pitbull mixes.

Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix — The Dogo Pit

Because the Dogo Argentino and the APBT look alike (both are stocky and muscular), the Dogo Argentino is often mistaken for the APBT.

However, there are a few things that make them different from each other.

This is how the two breeds of dog look: The Dogo Argentinao is a little taller and heavier than the APBT. It stands 24–27 inches tall and weighs 88–100 kilograms. The Dogo has been talked about in a lot of different ways.

Argentino is the older brother. He has a strong body that is bigger and more intimidating than his younger brother.

It comes in only one color: white.

In order to register him as a pure breed, you can’t let him have more than 10% of his head covered in dark spots.

As long as you don’t have a merle, the APBT comes in a huge range of colors, and almost all of them are fine. Both of their coats have short, shiny hair.

Each breed is sometimes subjected to ear cropping operations in order to keep their appearances the same, but this is becoming less common.

It makes them look less scary if the ears aren’t cut off.

A big, happy smile is on their faces. The American Bulldog can also be compared to the APBT all the time.


Coats and colors of an Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix can range from white to black.

The coats of the dogo Argentino and the pit bull terrier are very different.

As you can see, pit bulls can be any color. They can also be strong, part-colored or patched. A completely white APBT is pretty rare though. Most of them have some patches or spots.

According to the American Kennel Club, the dogo is almost always white. However, a black or darkish patch around the dog’s attention is allowed as long as it covers less than 10% of the dog’s head.

Pit bulls have coats that are strong and fast. It might be quick to grow a dogo’s coat, but the feel is pleasant and uniform, and the size ranges from half an inch to one inch.

The size can vary too

Both the dogo Argentino and the pit bull terrier are powerful and effective, but the dogo is bigger. It can be up to 27 inches tall at the withers. It should be at least 23 1/2 inches tall for females of the breed to be tall enough.

The dog can add 80 pounds to its weight. Pit bulls usually don’t weigh more than 60 kg, even though the AKC says they should.

As a rule, bigger pits can weigh up to 75 kilograms.

Men who are pit bulls can reach heights of up to 19 inches. Females are only a few inches shorter, standing between 17 and 18 inches tall.

Ears of the Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix

This is what you should look for when you’re getting your dog’s ears cut. If you do, they should look like triangles.

Because of this, the AKC says that the clipped ears of dogos can’t cover more than 50% of the entry fringe of the pure ear’s auricle.

In fact, even if the dogo doesn’t have its ears cut, they’re medium in size, thick, and rounded at the tip.

These little spots on his ears may also be lined with simple hair and stick to the back of his cheeks.

Pit bulls with ears that are cut back aren’t very popular. The pure ear of a dog is what most people like. They are short and half-pricked, and the dog’s ears are placed in an odd way on its head.

Personality of the Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix

Both the Argentino dog and the pit bull are smart dogs that need a lot of training and socializing when they are young.

If they haven’t been raised with cats or other dogs, they may think they’re prey and try to chase them. That is just one of their natural characteristics, to be on the outlook for prey.

For well-rounded socialization, large, untamed dogos need to spend a lot of time with their owners both in public and at home.

Dogs want to live in a yard with a high fence to keep them safe. They also need to do things to keep their minds from wandering.

In contrast to the aloof dogo, playful pit bull terriers are nice dogs even if they meet new people for the first time.

A pit bull is a dog that likes to run with its owners. They may also be able to keep up with bikes.

When they are trying to communicate with their owners, they may use a lot of different sounds.

Temperament of the Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix

It doesn’t matter that the Argentino Dogo and the APBT both look like the same dog. They don’t really have similar temperaments.

They’re mostly used as guard dogs, so they have strong instincts to protect. Even though you might not need them, the Dogo Argentino can use them at any time, even if you don’t.

He’s wary of strangers and can defend himself and his things if he thinks there’s something wrong with him or his pack.

Intruders might be scared away by his loud bark and strong desire to eat, but he’s not afraid of them.

Are they good pets for a family?

Even though some people say that the Dogo Argentino isn’t the best dog for families with young kids, many parents and grandparents of this breed say that they have lived peacefully with their younger children.

In order to get a dominant grip from the Dogo Argentina, you need to be very angry. If the Dogo doesn’t think you’re strong enough, he’s likely to give you the boot. As a result, he’s not good for people who aren’t very good at taking care of dogs.

It doesn’t matter that he needs a pack leader to keep him in line. The APBT isn’t likely to try to be like the family’s “top dog.” There are a lot less problems with the APBT because it is now easier to deal with.

There are very few or no guarding traits in this dog than in the Doga Argentino. It’s better to go with the Dogo Argentino if you want to get a security dog.

Because the APBT is so friendly with everyone who wants to play with him, APBT fans think he’d be a bad guard dog.

Because he’s so good at being a brother to little kids, he’s often called a “nanny dog.”

At the end of the day, you’ll often find them laying on your lap while you’re on the couch. If you have an APBT, you’ll often find them there at any time of the day.


Each of these people has a lot of fame, but a lot of it isn’t true. They’re said to be cruel and untrainable because of how they came to be and how hard their bodies are to work with.

The alternative is a little bit like the truth in the end, though. They are, without a doubt, very good at what they do. Because they do have a powerful bite.

They’ll be dangerous if they’re raised to be.

There is no difference between any dog breed.

In spite of what the media wants you to believe, these guys aren’t as good as their owner.

In many countries and states in the United States, breed-specific laws (BSL) have been used to make sure that dogs aren’t dangerous.

There are a lot of legal rules and standards that apply to each of these breeds, like having to wear a muzzle, getting certain insurance, having to be sterilized, and even being banned from owning both species in public.

Make sure you know what the rules are in your area and how they might affect you if you want to get one of these dogs.

If you raise them the right way, you should have a well-behaved and balanced puppy.

It’s important to make sure that they’ll work well with you and your lifestyle, but you can get a sense of how they act as pets in a real-life setting by watching them on social media.

All of us can see how loving and affectionate Pitbulls are when Pugsley the dog shows us how.

Activity and exercise needs of the Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix

The Dogo Argentino and the APBT both need about 60 minutes of training each day because they are both medium-energy dogs that need a lot of work.

These two dogs are very different. The Dogo Argentino is a lot more likely to become bored and indifferent than the APBT, so you’ll need to do different things to keep him interested.

For a good thing, he wants more psychological stimulation than the APBT can give him.

The APBT is the more active of the two breeds, so he needs a lot more training. He likes to play fight with his owners, as well as play frisbee, ball, and doggy agility programs.

However, he is happy to do the same thing over and over again as long as he can work with his grasp!

If a breed gets bored or is left alone for a long time, it can be very dangerous.

If they are stressed, they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, which is what everyone agrees on.

Because these dogs love to be with people, you should think about getting a breed that isn’t as intense.


They both need the same kind of training, but the Dogo Argentino would require a much more systematic way to do it.

As we said before, the Dogo Argentino is a strong-willed animal that will need a strong-willed hold to keep him from being rowdy or annoying.

Do not take on him because it is almost certain that you will lose and that you could change the family dynamic.

It doesn’t matter if they’re clever or not. They all want to please their owners.

The best way to work with these dogs is to use constant positive reinforcement training, and the rule is that you should never be angry with the dog, no matter what he does.

If you have a bad reaction to a dog, the dog will have a bad reaction to you. Keep a positive attitude and reward him with small snacks and a lot of praise if he behaves well or follows the rules.

If he’s behaving in a way that you don’t like, you can tell him no or just ignore him to show him that this isn’t acceptable.

He can learn how to be more self-disciplined by taking obedience classes with a professional trainer.


From a very young age, each breed needs to be taught how to get along with other people.

According to some websites, neither of those breeds is very friendly to other dogs. When this is combined with the Dogo Argentino’s high prey drive, these dogs would benefit from going to pet school.

If they don’t get a lot of socialization, they won’t be able to be comfortable with all kinds of people and animals in a lot of different situations, and they won’t know that neither man nor dog is usually dangerous.

When you’re crate training your dog, you’ll also need to get the right size crate for your dog.

You don’t want your dog to pee in a crate that’s too big or too small.


In general, the Dogo Argentino and the APBT are healthy dogs with few major problems.

It is thought that the Dogo Argentino lives between the ages of 9 and 15. However, the APBT lives for only a few more years, between the ages of 12 and 16. Each breed has been found to have problems with their skin and pores.

Cerebellar Abiotrophy and Hip Dysplasia are two of the APBT’s top health issues.

In some cases, Cerebellar Abiotrophy can make it hard for people to move or be able to do things. It can also make people think less clearly.

Hip dysplasia is an abnormal growth of the hip joint that can lead to arthritis that can be very painful.

Estimates say that about 10% of Dogo Argentinos are born deaf.

It’s because they’re all white, but pigment-related deafness can happen to other breeds, like the English Bull Terrier, so it’s not just white dogs.

All reputable breeders must do a BAER examination, which is an electro-diagnostic examination of the parts of his ears to see if he is deaf. This is done to make sure he is not blind.

This dog is at risk for hypothyroidism, which is when the gland that controls metabolism and energy levels doesn’t work. He doesn’t have to be checked for it.

If you feed your pet two and a half cups of food each day, it will eat three cups of food each day.

The Veterinarian might suggest a specific kind of kibble because they both have skin allergies. In any case, high-quality food is always the best way to keep your pet in the best possible condition.

Grooming a Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix

There are two types of dogs with short hair: The Argentino and the APBT. They only need to be brushed once a week.

This is in addition to getting rid of any unwanted hair and keeping their hair shiny.

A manicure should be done every two to three weeks. Ear and dental cleaning should be done every week, just like with any other dog.

It took each of them about two or three months to shower, but they all had the same needs.

They are likely to get dirty while they are running or looking for things, so wash them as needed. Bathing them too often could damage their pores and skin oils.

Wet and dry shampoo can help you keep your dog clean and smell good without having to bathe them.

It’s not unusual for these guys to have skin that is very sensitive and to have allergic reactions to things that touch it.

If they show signs of skin allergies, you may need to treat or bathe their skin with ointments as directed by the veterinarian, and you may need to bathe them more often if this is the case.

Price of the Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix

People who know how to breed Dogo Argentinos charge about $2,000 for them, compared to the APBT, which costs about $800 to $1,500.

It will cost you a lot of money to get one of these dogs if you want one from an award-winning hunting line.

APBTs that have more interesting traits can cost a lot more. A popular color for APBTs is blue, so expect him to cost more than the other colors.

You could also think about getting a Dogo Argentino or an APBT from a shelter.

There are a lot less Dogo Argentinos in kennels than there are APBTs, but there are a lot more APBTs that need homes.

The reason they’re dangerous is that most of the time they’re killed right away or given a small window of time before they’re put down.

According to the study, 93% of Pitbulls in shelters were put down.

On average, adoption fees range from $50 to $350. This means that you can save a lot of money and also save a life!


The Dogo Argentino Pitbull mix is a pretty amazing but intense dog. They are fearsome but also very different beasts who are devoted until the end.

If the second-ever thing happened, they might be able to keep their grip on him and his family safe. They’re all lively and fun, and they’re sure to make you laugh and have fun.

Some websites say Pitbulls aren’t good pets, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good dogs. It all comes down to the pup. There is no such thing as a perfect family dog. But every dog can be a good dog if he went through the right training.

He’s very easygoing with most animals, except for flies, which drive him crazy. It all comes down to how they were raised.

Dogo Argentino is definitely not a beginner dog, and neither is this mix. You could go and get the APBT, which is more likely to be a good match for you if you aren’t as experienced.

These are all good options for anyone who has the money and time to work on them.

There are a lot of differences between a Dogo Argentino and a PitBull. Pit Bulls, even though they are small, have more stamina than Dogos, even though Dogos are bigger.

People still think Pit Bulls are little compared to Dogo in terms of how big and strong they are as well as how well they can hunt. Both of them have a muscular body, but their personalities are pretty different.

I hope you found this post about the Dogo Argentino and Pitbull interesting. Let me know what you think about the mix of Dogo Argentino and Pitbull that you saw.

My name is Katy and I am 27. I love to travel and you would be surprised how good I am at karaoke. 🙂 Passionate dog lover and a "mother" to a beautiful toy puddle named Zara. I work as a volunteer in a local shelter and I am a veterinary assistant helping our four-legged friends every day.


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