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Dogo Argentino Price And Hidden Costs

Dogo Argentino Price And Hidden Costs

Argentinian Mastiffs, also known as Dogo Argentinos, are extremely adaptable dogs. An Argentinian doctor named Antonio Nores Martinez first bred the dogs in 1928 to make a huge and muscular chaser animal. Today, the Dogo Argentino is as popular as ever, but does that come at a certain cost. And what is the Dogo Argentino price? If you want to find out how much you will have to pay for these intimidating dogs, keep reading.

Basic info

If you are a first-time dog owner, it’s pretty safe to say that the Dogo Argentino isn’t the breed for you. These dogs are everything but low maintenance. It requires knowledge to know what these puppies need, and what products are the best choice.

But if you are still interested in buying a Dogo Argentino, you are probably wondering what the price is, right? Well, the answer isn’t all that simple.

The fact is that the price of any dog breed will depend on many different factors. Those are the demand to that specific dog breed, the type of breeder you choose, the parents of your puppy… but also on all of the investments that were put into getting you a, hopefully, healthy puppy.

Dogo Argentino price

The average price of a Dogo Argentino is anywhere between $1,000 to $2,500. Not a bargain, right? Well, to say the truth, you shouldn’t be looking for a bargain when buying a dog. Puppies of a purebred and champion bloodline will be even more expensive. They can even reach up to $5,000 in cost. That is up to five times the price of a “regular” Dogo Argentino.

But besides his bloodline, a number of other factors can also contribute to the price of your dog. Those are expenses such as initial item payments, monthly maintenance, yearly maintenance, as well as extra services you or your dog may need. If you want full health and genetic exams to make sure your pup is as healthy as possible, this will cost you extra too!

Average Dogo Argentino price for Puppies

Purchasing an Argentino involves commitment, patience, and, of course, money. Low costs for these breeds can be as low as one thousand dollars, but there are a number of reasons that can drive up the market price.

It requires devotion to raise these pets from puppyhood to adulthood as adaptable hunting and guarding dogs.

We collected a list of different factors that determine the price of your Dogo Argentino puppy. We will try to explain each one of them in order for you to understand what you are actually paying for.


Because specialized breeds necessitate a great deal of physical and mental attention, the breeder’s quality is an important consideration for Dogo fans.

The source of a dog’s pricing makes up the majority of its total price, so choose wisely. Purchasing your puppy from an experienced breeder will almost certainly increase the price, whilst purchasing from a less experienced source will result in a lower market price.

But like we already explained, when you are buying a dog, it’s not the right time to look for a bargain. Reputable breeders will make sure that your puppy is as possible as he can be. While on the other hand backyard breeders only want to produce as many puppies as possible. That’s why there’s are so many dogs with genetically transmitted diseases out there.


Genes play a role in your dog’s personality. The personality levels of an Argentine are passed down from their parents. When purchasing a dog from a breeder, keep this in mind.

As a result, Dogos from generations that have won past shows will almost certainly see their prices doubled, if not quadrupled.

Because of the selectively existent hereditary features, a good bloodline equals to puppies who require less work to teach.

We are not saying that you should only buy puppies from award winning parents. But you definitely should take a closer look at them when choosing your fur-ever friend.

Breed Certifications affecting Dogo Argentino price

Before falling for the cutest puppy in the litter, make sure you also check all of the certifications available.

One of these papers is breed certification, which helps to prove or certify your dog’s authenticity. Genetic testing is a technique for confirming the identity of a puppy in relation to its breed.

The American Kennel Club can issue such certifications to ensure a puppy’s quality, but keep in mind that they come at a cost. That may too increase the price of your Dogos.

Health Tests

Although Dogo Argentinos are typically healthy, they are prone to some diseases. These health issues include cataracts, deafness, and hip dysplasia, among others.

Breeders utilize medical tests to assure quality assurance, which can be costly. These fees can subsequently be passed on to buyers as part of the pre-purchase costs.

These payments may appear to other owners as a hardship, but I regard them as an investment. I’d rather pay more up front than be surprised by medical conditions later on due to unforeseen health problems. This is also the mindset you should have while buying a puppy.

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