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Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Border Collie German Shepherd Mix

Can you possibly guess which two dogs are included to create the Shollie? If you haven’t heard, it is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the German Shepherd Dog and Border Collie dog breeds. Known as very intelligent, energetic, and loyal, the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix inherits some of the best qualities from both of their parents.

Be sure that the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is an excellent family dog who forms close bonds with the humans in their life and will act as a protective guardian. Also, the mixed breed is also energetic and playful, meaning that they’re not a dog suited to living in a small apartment situation. Keep in mind that they need access to outdoor space and a commitment to regular exercise sessions.


As always, we’ll start with the History section. Ready? Let’s go! As with every designer dog breed, there isn’t much in the way of accurate history on record about the Shollie. But tracing the backgrounds of the dog’s parent breeds can give you a good sense of their heritage.

First off, the German Shepherd Dog was originally bred as a herding dog in Germany and dates back to the 1800s. This dog is well known to everyone on planet earth. As we know, the breed eventually became renowned as a working dog for the police and military, and these days you might also see them as guide dogs.

However, the Border Collie also claims herding roots, this time from England and Scotland.


After the short history description, we’ll move to their Size section. Based on the available statistics, the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix is a large dog. As is always the case with newer mixed dog breeds, exact size standards might vary, and this is something that you can’t have an influence on. Most weigh in at 70 to 80 pounds and range in height from 21 to 29 inches.


Now, we’ll talk about the personality of this breed since this is a thing that every owner wants to know. So, when it comes to personality, Shollie is a solid mix between being affectionate towards the humans in their life and also acting as a protector of the family. We mentioned this above. Also, be sure that the dog will form an exceptionally strong bond with children. They will also display protective behavior if strangers approach.


As every future dog owner, you are concerned for its health. Keep in mind that the Shollies are generally considered to be healthy dogs. Although the mixed breed can be predisposed to some of the same conditions that the German Shepherd Dog and Border Collie face. As always, it’s important to schedule regular wellness visits with your dog’s vet and everything should be fine.

Find list of some of the more common health problems that Shollies suffer from below:

  1. Bloat
  2. Elbow dysplasia
  3. Hip dysplasia


When it comes to Care, this one could be tricky. You should know that the Shollie is a dog who demands a lot of exercise–ideally over an hour a day split up into a couple of sessions. If you live near open fields or have access to a large dog park, these will become ideal playgrounds for the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix. Also, if you are an owner who doesn’t have much time, avoid getting this physically active dog.

Besides everything said above, the Shollie doesn’t need too much in the way of a regular health care routine. Usually, the mixed breed has good dental hygiene, so brushing their teeth twice a week should suffice. Ask your regular vet about an appropriate toothpaste brand for the mixed breed.

Also, just be sure to check nails and paw pads after outdoor sessions, and look for any potential signs of damage or infection. Check their ears for signs of debris or pests, as well. Maybe it’s a little tricky, but your dog will be very thankful for this.

Coat Color And Grooming

This breed could have many colors and the main colors of the Shollie’s coat are black, brown, golden, and white. Often, it’s a mix of two or more colors.

You can probably guess their coat length, It’s usually described as medium in length, and it’s dense and straight in terms of texture and feel. Also, the Shollie is considered as a heavy shedder, so you’ll need to commit to daily brushing sessions. If everything above fits into your perfect description for a dog, then it’s time to get one. So, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

My name is Katy and I am 27. I love to travel and you would be surprised how good I am at karaoke. 🙂 Passionate dog lover and a "mother" to a beautiful toy puddle named Zara. I work as a volunteer in a local shelter and I am a veterinary assistant helping our four-legged friends every day.