Can dogs have asparagus?

can dogs have asparagus
Asparagus is safe for your dog to eat

Dogs want to try whatever we’re eating. Be it chocolate, pretzels, or vegetables and fruits. They don’t care what it is, they just want a bite. But, not all human foods are safe for dogs. We all know that chocolate is toxic and that pretzels have too much salt in them. When it comes to vegetables, like asparagus, for example, it’s not that simple. We have to do research and ask can dogs have asparagus?

That’s the question we’ll answer in this article. We will answer if asparagus is safe for dogs to eat.

Can dogs have asparagus?

First of all, the good news is: Dogs can eat asparagus. Most dogs can tolerate asparagus both raw and cooked. And that applies to both green and white asparagus. However, asparagus also has a diuretic effect on dogs.

So if you give your dog a serving of asparagus, don’t be surprised if he has to go out earlier. Of course, you don’t have to worry about this if you give your dog a small piece of asparagus, but a whole piece can have a diuretic effect on a small dog.

Can dogs eat asparagus?

Although asparagus is very healthy, there are people who can’t eat it or can eat only small amounts of it. And that’s the case with dogs too. Asparagus can sometimes trigger gout or aggravate its symptoms. It can even cause kidney problems. So, be careful with asparagus. We suggest you talk to your vet and make sure it’s safe for your dog before you give them asparagus.

Benefits of asparagus

Asparagus is not only rich in valuable vitamins that are good for most dogs, but it is also very low in calories. In addition to the potassium and B vitamins, this vegetable has just 20 calories per 100 grams!

20 calories per 100 grams of asparagus
90 to 93 percent water
0.1 percent fat
0 cholesterol
202 mg of potassium
1.9 grams of sugar
Vitamin A, C, iron, B6, magnesium, calcium
What’s in asparagus

But, asparagus also contains a lot of purine, so the vegetable is only recommended in small quantities for dogs that suffer from gout. If your dog has problems with purine, which is the case with Dalmatians for example, then it is better to avoid asparagus all together.

How to feed it to dogs

If you want to feed your dog asparagus, there are many ways to prepare this vegetable correctly. Proper preparation makes the asparagus even tastier for your dog!

First of all, peel it because the outermost layers of asparagus, are very difficult for dogs to digest. If you don’t remove it your dog might suffer from gas or diarrhea. Also, remove the lower end of the asparagus (stump).

After you did that you cook it in a conventional saucepan on the stove. The water should reach just below the asparagus heads so that the stick can be cooked completely. Make sure to not add any spices to it such as salt or pepper. This can affect your dog’s digestion.

Lastly, make sure you cut the asparagus into bite-sized pieces so they aren’t a choking hazard for your dog.

Signs your dog shouldn’t eat asparagus

Dogs usually tolerate asparagus well, raw and cooked, green and white. But of course, there are also very sensitive dogs who can’t eat is. That’s why it’s best to give your dog a small amount of asparagus and see how they’ll react.

Monitor your dog for 24 hours and take notes on how they behave. If your dog shows signs of gas and maybe even diarrhea, it’s a clear sign they’re not tolerating it. Besides that, vomiting is also a clear sign that asparagus does not belong in your dog’s bowl. Such symptoms should always be taken seriously.

How much can they eat?

We’ve answered the question can dogs have asparagus. But how much asparagus is ok?

First, we need to say that not all dogs will like asparagus. So don’t force your canine to eat it. Secondly, even when you give your dog asparagus, make sure you chop it up into smaller pieces. You don’t want it to be a choking hazard for your dog. Since this vegetable is rich in fiber and hard, your four-legged friend can easily choke on it.

Now, asparagus can lead to a strong urge to urinate. That’s why it’s important to dose the vegetables correctly. A few small pieces of this food are enough for small animals. A large dog can easily eat several sticks.


In conclusion, can dogs have asparagus? Yes, they can. Asparagus can be used as an additional source of vitamins for dogs without hesitation. Asparagus basically contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, so it can have a number of health benefits on your pooch.

This tasty vegetable also contains a lot of folic acid and vitamin K and is even healthier than some other vegetables, for example, carrots.

But, just make sure you peel the asparagus and cut it into small pieces before giving it to your dog. It’s important to peel it because the outermost layers of asparagus, are very difficult for dogs to digest. So, if your dog eats them it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, or even stomach pain. In some cases, dogs might even experience flatulence too.

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