Cane Corso Great Dane Mix

What is the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix and how do they act

The Cane Corso and the Great Dane are two of the largest dog breeds out there. So it’s no wonder that their crossbreed, named the Italian Daniff is a pretty large dog as well. This crossbreed is also often referred to as the Great Dane Cane Corso Mix, Great Corso or Corso Dane. But either way, this dog combines the best traits of both the Cane Corso and Great Dane.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix origin and history

Tracing back the origin of any crossbreed is pretty hard. It’s no different for the Great Dane Cane Corso mix. We can’t be absolutely certain when they were first paired together. However, we can take a closer look at the origin of each parent breed.

The History of the Great Dane

The Great Dane has a long and colorful history. It is believed that they originated from Germany, however, they soon became popular all over Europe. They are sometimes depicted in early Norse and British paintings.

They were even very popular amongst the Royal family and were very reliable hunting dogs.

Many believe that they are descendants of the early mastiffs and wolf dogs.

Their large size made them the perfect companions for hunters and they even had the potential of taking down mature bears.

The History of the Cane Corso

The Cane Corso has an equally interesting history.

The fearless Cane Corso is a descendant of the ancient roman war dogs. These dogs were originally used as guard dogs. But also for farming and hunting. Cane means ‘dog’ in Italian while the word ‘Corso’ loosely translates to ‘bodyguard’. That perfectly explains their nature.

These dogs were known to protect their families no matter what and from whom.

The Cane Corso began to rapidly decline as more and more people deserted their farms. In the 1970’s, the Cane Corso was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Appearance of the Cane Corso Great Dane Mix

It comes as no surprise that this is a huge dog breed. They stand between 35 and 36 inches tall and weigh between 115 and 130 pounds.

Due to their large size, they aren’t the best fit for people who live in small apartments without a garden.

Just like with any other hybrid dog, the physical characteristics will depend on which parent breeds he takes after most.

However, most commonly this is a very muscular dog who closely resembles the Great Dane. The chest is wider than that of the Great Dane parent and looks like that of the Cane Corso.

The Cane Corso Great Dane mix has a short coat that rarely sheds. It’s short, smooth and glossy.

His coat comes in five different colors, including black, blue, brown, fawn and Isabella.

Cane Corso Great Dane Mix Personality

These dogs are gentle, loving and protective. Both of their parent breeds are loyal and affectionate, so it’s no wonder that they will be too.

They absolutely adore kids and love to spend time around them. However, due to their large size and prey instincts — supervision is needed.

Your neighbors will love your Cane Corso Great Dane mix as well, because these dogs rarely bark. They love to stay quiet unless they get fearful or anxious.

Training Cane Corso Great Dane Mix

Just like their parent breeds, this crossbreed dog is highly intelligent as well. However, due to their high intelligence they can also get pretty stubborn. That can sometimes make them a bit hard to train.

You will need a lot of time and patience, and of course — consistently. Positive reinforcement, praise and treats will do wonders.

In addition to training, socialization is also important. Early socialization can help your dog get along with other people and animals. Both breeds are hunting dogs with strong prey instincts. Therefore you will have to be careful with your dog being around small kids and animals no matter what.


When it comes to grooming — this crossbreed is relatively low maintenance. Their short coat does not require much grooming at all. However, you will have to brush their coat every few days to keep shedding at a minimum.

It is also a good idea to brush your dog’s teeth to keep their breath smelling fresh.

In addition to that, don’t forget to clean their ears regularly to lower the risk of ear infections.

And just like with every other dog breed — make sure to trim their nails when needed. Or ask your dog groomer to do it.

Health Issues

Knowing which health issues could possibly affect your dog can help you prevent them. Both Cane Corsos and Great Danes are prone to a lot of different health issues.

Both dog breeds are prone to health problems such as bloat and hip dysplasia. It’s best to take your pet to see your veterinarian annually for its vaccinations and to have regular checkups.

Based on the average lifespan of his parent breeds, the Cane Corso Great Dane mix life expectancy is unfortunately pretty short. Most of them live from 8 to 10 years.

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