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Cane Corso Grey: What To Know

Cane Corso Grey: What To Know
Cane Corso Grey

The Cane Corso originates from Italy. There it’s believed that these dogs guarded farms in ancient Rome. By now, you have probably already heard of the Cane Corso grey. But while many believe that this is a separate dog breed, it’s not. This is just a stunningly beautiful color variation of the classic Cane Corso.

Origin also explains which characteristics were particularly important to breeders. As a guard and herding dog, they had to be strong, but also obedient. It is also suspected that the Cane Corso has also been used as a hunting dog throughout its history. In any case, it is a working dog. Today, the Cane Corso is recognized by the American Kennel Club.

If you want to learn more about the gorgeous Cane Corso grey, keep on reading.

Appearance of the Cane Corso grey

First of all, the strong stature of the dogs stands out. The body is extremely defined and muscular. Occasionally, the animals are therefore called powerhouses. Owners should actually prepare for this dog to bring a lot of physical strength. The biting force is also considerable, it reaches a high value with up to 600 PSI.

Adult males reach a height of withers of 64 to 68 cm, females are slightly smaller at 60 to 64 cm. The weight of an adult dog is 40-50 kg, so it is not too heavy for the size, as is the case with other Molosser breeds.

In addition, it is noticeable that the Cane Corso has a balanced, natural physique. No special features have been bred that restrict the animal in any way. The guard dogs are usually attributed to medium-sized breeds. The coat is short according to breed standards and shows a matt shine in most animals.

The Cane Corso grey obviously has a grey colored coat. But this color can vary from a very light grey, to more of a faded black.

Personality of the Cane Corso Grey

The Cane Corso is classified as a potentially dangerous breed. This assessment is controversial. We don’t believe that any dog breed is aggressive by nature. Instead, a lot of people train their Cane Corsos in the wrong way to make them a threat to others. If your Cane Corso grey is appropriately socialized, you will have no issues.

The animals have always been kept to protect the house and yard. This also includes the dogs standing protectively in front of their master or mistress in case of doubt. Now it is up to their owners to train the animal in ways that are both ethical and appropriate.

The Cane Corso is therefore not a dog for beginners. Nor is it an aggressive race. On the contrary, the breed has a high stimulus threshold and is very loving. This means that a dog tolerates many external influences.

In addition, the animals are considered very balanced in nature. The breeding history as a working dog is very evident in their personality. The Italian working dog is looking for and needs employment.

Training and Exercise

As already indicated, the dog needs to be busy. They appreciate a garden and a lot of room to jump around. They also love to spend their time in nature. And Cane Corsos can also take place in different dog sports.

The education of the strong animals should definitely start early. The puppy has to learn what tasks he has in the family.

Traininf of the dog is definitely a task for an experienced dog owner. It may make sense to consult a dog trainer. If you want to buy a Cane Corso, you should pay attention to a serious breeding. Puppies from appropriate breeding cost at least $1,500. Often the price is even higher.

Compatibility with other dogs is evaluated differently. Here it is best to go according to the individual character. If you buy a Cane Corso for the first time, it is best to concentrate fully on this animal first.


The health of the Cane Corso grey is the same as of the regular Cane Corso. These are generally health dogs. Due to the history as a working dog, the animals are generally robust. For example, they like to be outdoors even in cooler weather, but then need appropriate exercise.

As with almost all larger dog breeds, diseases related to the joints occasionally occur. In particular hip and elbow dysplasia. But if you do some testing, you can find out if your puppy is predestined to develop this disease. A visit to the veterinarian provides clarity here.

In addition, this breed also often suffers from different eye problems.

The life expectancy of the dog breed is 10 to 12 years. However, this is only an average. In general, the breed is still quite variable, at least in terms of its systematic breeding. This means that variations occur, for example, in terms of height, physique and weight. The same applies to possible diseases.

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