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Clever Dog’s Paw-Cleaning Routine Wins Hearts on TikTok

Clever Dog’s Paw-Cleaning Routine Wins Hearts on TikTok

In a heartwarming viral video on TikTok, a dog’s ingenious routine for wiping down muddy paws has captured the attention of over 2.2 million viewers.

Posted by @katiebaby4, the clip showcases a golden retriever following a meticulously trained routine to keep her paws clean, even amid a week-long rain spell in San Antonio, Texas.

The footage unfolds as a woman inside the house prepares a towel by the door. Upon opening it, the golden retriever steps onto the towel, lying on her side with her paws lifted.

The owner wipes down the muddy paws, concluding the routine with a belly rub, prompting the pup to walk away.

The post’s caption affectionately reads: “She knows the drill, my sweetest and smartest pup.”

Beyond the adorable spectacle, the video highlights the importance of paw care for dogs, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

Wiping down a dog’s feet is not just about maintaining a mud-free home but is crucial for the pet’s health. Regular paw cleaning helps prevent burns and ingestion of toxic substances.

The veterinarians also caution about frostbite risks in pet paws, advising prompt removal of caked ice and seeking veterinary evaluation if frostbite is suspected.

Additionally, maintaining good skin and fur health through regular bathing, as recommended by The Veterinary Teaching Hospital at The Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, is vital for minimizing dog odors.

The TikTok community praised the clever pup, with users expressing awe at her intelligence and well-behaved demeanor.

Comments like “So smart,” “Wish my dog was that well behaved,” and “The goodest baby” expressed admiration for this adorable and clever canine.

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