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Connie the Container Dog From Rescue to Expecting Puppies

Connie the Container Dog From Rescue to Expecting Puppies

It’s been an eventful and heartwarming few days for our beloved furry friend, Connie the Container Dog!

Thanks to the incredible efforts of a team of marine inspectors from the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston, Connie was rescued from a shipping container in the Port of Houston on January 31.

It’s estimated that she had been trapped inside for at least a week, but now she’s safe and sound, thanks to the Coast Guard Heartland.

When Connie was found, she was tired, hungry, but oh-so-happy to see her rescuers. The Coast Guard Heartland immediately focused on finding her a loving forever home.

After receiving initial care at the Pasadena Animal Shelter in Pasadena, Texas, it was decided that Connie would be given a fresh start with Forever Changed Animal Rescue (FCAR) based in Maryland.

Sharing the news on Facebook, FCAR mentioned that Connie is a little underweight, currently weighing 30lbs.

Source: People

She’s incredibly sweet but understandably a bit shy and scared in her new surroundings. To ensure she gets the best care possible, FCAR will be treating her for heartworm and conducting a full examination to address all her needs.

The U.S. Coast Guard Heartland even shared an adorable video of Connie’s flight to FCAR, where she traveled in style, thanks to two amazing Pilots N Paws pilots.

They made sure she arrived “first class.” Upon arrival, Connie underwent multiple examinations, revealing an unexpected surprise—she’s pregnant!

Immediately after her arrival, Connie received a thorough check-up, including bloodwork, x-rays, and an ultrasound, by FCAR’s rescue Founder, Director, and Veterinarian. The ultrasound revealed bouncing little miracles—Connie is going to be a mom!

While her pregnancy is being closely monitored due to her ordeal of being without food and water for over eight days, the strong heartbeats and lively movements of the fetuses give us hope.

Source: People

FCAR will ensure Connie’s well-being during her pregnancy through the care of a dedicated veterinarian.

Once she has fully recovered, Connie will stay with the vet until her adorable puppies arrive. Afterward, FCAR will begin the search for Connie’s forever home, where she can experience love, care, and a fresh start all over again.

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