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Dachshund Terrier Mix: The Feisty Sausage

Dachshund Terrier Mix: The Feisty Sausage

Are you currently looking to adopt a new pup into your family? But you are unsure which breed to get? Since you are here and reading this article I’ll guess that you are torn between two breeds: The Dachshund and Terrier. But lucky for you, you don’t have to choose at all! With the Dachshund Terrier mix you can get the best of both worlds. Keep reading to find out if this crossbreed is the one for you!


The Dachshund Terrier mix is a crossbreed — that means that you never know what you will get! Although the parent breeds share some similarities, every crossbreed pup will be a surprise. It can look and more like any of its parent breeds. Take a look at Dachshund Terrier puppy photos on the internet, and you will notice that each one is unique in its own way.


As there are many variations of Terrier dogs, there is also a lot of room for different Dox Terrier mixes. A Dachshund mixed with a Yorkshire Terrier is called a Dorkie, while a Jack Russel Dachshund mix is a Jackshund! These two look nothing alike! The Dorkie usually has long hair, while the Jackshund is a short-hair pup. Their color combinations also depend on their parent breeds. And as there are endless combinations for Terrier dogs, there are also a lot of color variations for the Dox Terrier mix.

Most common colors are tan, brown, white, black or apricot. Most of them also have different markings on their coat. They are mostly black, white or a shade of brown.

If you want to have an idea about how your Dox Terrier pup will look like, get a certificate about the parents. Some breeders may even let you meet the parent breeds. That way you should get a good idea on how your Dachshund Terrier mix puppy will come out.

The Dachshund Terrier mix is a crossbreed — that means that you never know what you will get!
The Dachshund Terrier mix is a crossbreed — that means that you never know what you will get!


Just like when it comes to their coat, there is no specific prediction on how big your puppy is going to be. There are different sizes of Dachshunds, and there are endless size variations of Terrier dogs. The best thing to do here is again to take a look at your pups parents. How big is the Dachshund parent, and how big is the Terrier parent.

But, usually, they are about 11–14 inches tall at the shoulders, and they weigh around 30 pounds. Generally speaking, they are small dogs and therefore great for apartments. Provided you take them out for regular walks. But the Dox Terrier mix will also appreciate bigger homes with backyards and more space.

Grooming the Dachshund Terrier Mix

In most cases, the Dox Terrier cross is a low shedder. Great news, right? Their hair will fall off seasonally, but that is to be expected. Make sure to brush your pup once or twice a month to make sure that the dead hair gets out of their coat. This will make sure that they are clean and groomed. If your pup is a cross with the Yorkie or Scottish Terrier, there is a chance that he will have longer hair. In that case you will have to brush more often. So instead once to twice a month you will do it once to twice a week.

But grooming doesn’t stop with brushing. You also have to make sure your dog has healthy nails, teeth and ears! When it comes to the nails, you can clip them yourself if you are practiced. If not, ask your vet or groomer to do it.

Clean the ears of your dog on a regular basis with a cleaning solution and cotton pads. That way you will prevent infections. Brush their teeth at least once a week too, as that will prevent gum and teeth infections. These parts of dog grooming are often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean that they are any less important.


Small dogs with a big attitude — that’s how you could describe most Dox Terrier mixes. Both parent breeds have loads of energy, so their cross is most likely to be as energetic as well. They thrive on activities such as digging, jumping, running. But as they also have a strong prey instinct, they like to hunt as well. So make sure you supervise them when they are around small kids or other small animals.

The training process can be pretty challenging, as they are pretty stubborn. You have to start the training sessions from an early age. This applies for things such as potty training to socialization.

Obedience training works great on these pups, so make sure you have lots of treats for rewarding your pup. But positive reinforcement and verbal praise are great choices as well.

As friendly as these pups are towards their family, they can have a hard time around strangers. That’s why we always recommend to socialize your dog as early as possible. That way you will make sure that you have the most lovable pooch ever!

Small dogs with a big attitude — that’s how you could describe most Dox Terrier mixes.
Small dogs with a big attitude — that’s how you could describe most Dox Terrier mixes.

Dachshund Terrier Mix Personality

These pups are born to be complete goofballs! They are full of zest, lust for life, and an endless amount of energy. Dox Terrier mixes are for people who enjoy adventures and roaming around outside.

They are curious like no other! If you have a garden, be prepared that they will dig some holes in it. But even if you don’t, they will have the best time just sniffing around your home for hours. As they have strong hunting instincts, chances are that they will try to catch squirrels or rabbits that may live in your park. But as wild as they sound, the Dox Terrier cross also enjoys some cuddling on the couch. They are a lap dog and love to have all of your attention.

Even though they are small, they are still super protective of their owners. That’s why they have such a hard time with strangers. If they aren’t trained properly, they can see everyone as a threat.

They are nice and naughty all at once, and you can’t really predict their next move. But you will grow to love this trait about them. Because life with a Dox Terrier mix can’t ever be boring.


When it comes to health, the Dox Terrier mix can inherit the health issues of either parent breeds. Generally speaking, crossbreeds are healthier than purebred dogs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that your mixed dog can’t get sick.

The best thing to do in order to prevent diseases is to buy your pup from a reputable breeder. Get your info on the parent breeds and make sure that they are healthy. That way you are also making sure that your pup is as healthy as possible!

Due to their elongated bodies, Dachshunds are prone to spine problems. The more your cross puppy looks like a Weiner dog, the bigger the chances are that he has spine problems as well. Be carful when lifting up your pup, and supervise kids that are around your pup.

Terrier Dachshunds are also prone to various eye issues, most commonly Lens Luxation. Dogs suffering from this condition have problems with the eye lens that gets pushed either inward or outward. This can then cause various vision problems. The most common ones are infections, inflammations, glaucoma or even cataracts.

Obesity is another major health risk. Make sure that your dog eats a healthy and balanced diet and that he gets enough exercise. These dogs are full of energy for a reason — they thrive on being active!

Other possible health problems include:

  1. Digestive disorders such as bloating and diarrhea
  2. Seizures
  3. Ear infections
  4. Teeth issues
  5. Skin problems
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