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A puppy for Christmas: What you should know

A puppy for Christmas: What you should know

Puppies are cute and cuddly, but also completely at the mercy of people. That’s why you should think twice before you get someone a puppy for Christmas.

There is no kid that doesn’t want a puppy as a present. But, giving someone a puppy for Christmas seems like a great idea until it isn’t.

Having a four-legged friend doesn’t just mean cuddling, it also takes a lot of responsibility. Every year a couple of months after Christmas animal shelters get flooded with new puppies.

All those puppies had at some point a cute red bow around their neck and were loved. But then the holidays are over and the enthusiasm drops. People go back to work and leave their puppies home alone. Sadly, that’s also when they realize they can’t take care of a pup, that they have no time at all! And that’s when they make the devastating decision, to take their dog to an animal shelter…

Before you get your kid a puppy, or your friend, or anyone else, please make sure the puppy will be cared for. There are many things you need to consider before you buy a puppy for Christmas, and we’ll go over those in this article.

Getting a puppy for Christmas is a big decision

As tempting as the idea of a cute little furball is, buying a puppy should never be an impulse decision shortly before Christmas Eve. And you should definitely not buy a cheap dog from a random breeder. In most cases, they are probably illegally imported or from a puppy mill or puppy farm.

So, please think well about this decision and make sure you read this article to the end to find out everything you should know before you get a puppy.

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Think carefully before you get a puppy

When you suggest your family get a puppy everyone will probably happily agree. But even if everyone within a family agrees on the purchase, it is important for first-time owners to think carefully about this decision. Is it really the right one for you, can you take care of the puppy, do you have enough time to care for a puppy? All of these questions are important.

If you come to the conclusion that you can care for a puppy think about which breed is suitable. Every breed has its own needs, some are low-maintenance, others are high-maintenance. All of this should influence your decision.

When you’re sure you can take care of a puppy and are sure which breed to get, you can then look for the right breeder. If you want a reputable breeder you can take a look at the American Kennel Club website, where you can find many suggestions.

Getting a puppy is a huge decision

But, even if you do decide to get a puppy, think about if the holiday time is the right time to do that. If you’re buying from a breeder you will probably have to wait for the next litter. And it’s not very likely that they will have a litter ready for Christmas. Besides that, we tend to be more stressed during the holidays. And another living being you have to care for can only add to that stress.

If you really want to get someone a puppy, maybe start small. Get them a leash, bowl, and puppy bed. This way you’ll let them know they will get a puppy soon and they will have time to prepare everything.

Puppies need a lot of time and attention

Giving someone supplies for a dog gives them time to prepare and learn more about caring for a puppy. It’s no secret that taking care of a dog takes a lot of time and effort. And it won’t mess up your holiday parties.

If you get a puppy during the holidays, you can forget big parties. Family get-togethers need to be quiet and only with the closest members.

Your new puppy will be intimidated and scared at first and needs time and rest and get used to his home. We also don’t recommend extensive visits to restaurants or relatives – unless you want to leave a whining puppy alone for hours. Don’t be fooled, they will do their business on the living room carpet and nibble on your shoes.

It’s exactly these behaviors that cause a flood of dogs, cats, or rabbits in animal shelters.

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