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Do You Tip Dog Groomers?

Do You Tip Dog Groomers?

Getting your dog to the groomer can be expensive. Depending on your dog’s coat, the maintenance can be pretty costly. However, if you try to cut your dog’s hair by yourself, you will soon realize that it isn’t at all easy to do. So if you are wondering “Do you tip dog groomers?”, know that our answer is 100% yes! And here is why.

Do you tip dog groomers?

Of course — you can and should tip your dog groomer. These people are professionals doing their job with a lot of love and care, and there absolutely isn’t one reason to not tip them.

Grooming dogs isn’t as easy as it seems. And even though there isn’t anything nicer than spending time with dogs, it can still be tiring and exhausting. If you ever tried to groom your dog yourself (for example, during quarantine) you definitely know by now that it can take a lot of time, patience, and most importantly — skill, to do it the right way.

In this article we will go over the reasons why you should tip your dog groomers, and how much you should tip them.

Why should you tip your dog groomer?

You might still need some convincing on why you should tip your dog groomer.

Even if it doesn’t seem to you to be that way — pet grooming is a physically demanding job. Especially when you are working with larger and stronger dog breeds. It could take a lot of energy to do the grooming properly and in a way that the owner and dog would be happy with it.

Groomers don’t just wash and cut coats, they also have to do some more demanding tasks like cutting the nails, dematting and even anal gland expression.

While doing all of that they also have to make sure that your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. Every pet needs a unique approach and that’s why it can be so difficult to work as a dog groomer.

The amount of effort and love they put into their work definitely deserves a tip, don’t you agree?

How much should I tip my dog groomer?

When it comes to how high that tip needs to be — it’s completely up to you and how much you are comfortable with. However, we can provide you some basic guidelines that could help.

In most cases, the tip equals 15-20% of the total price that your dog groomer provided to your pet. This is a quite good rule of thumb. That means that if the total cost of the grooming equals 60$, you would give a 9-12$ tip.

While that amount is completely fine, you could also consider adding a bit extra in some circumstances. Especially if your dog groomer did a fantastic job and made your dog feel relaxed and comfortable.

How do I tip?

Now that you know how much to tip, let’s discuss how to do the tipping. You don’t have to sweat this part, because it’s incredibly easy.

There are two options: Either to tip the groomer in person — or to do it through the website or app of the dog salon their work at.

You can always ask your dog groomer which option works better for them.

If you do decide to do it through an app or website, check if there are any options to rate the groomer as well. A good review could help them out in their future work as well and it would take you only a second to do it.


Just like with any other person who provides you with their professional skills and time — you should also tip your dog groomer.

Even though it may seem like a dream job to you, grooming dogs is hard and physical work.

The amount of the tip will depend on you and what you are comfortable with.

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