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What Kills Fleas On Dogs Instantly: Top Remedies

What Kills Fleas On Dogs Instantly: Top Remedies

As annoying as they are — fleas still happen. You’re not an irresponsible dog parent. You didn’t fail your dog. It can happen even to the best ones. However, you will definitely want to look for a solution immediately, before the fleas get to comfortable around your house. Because than it can be a long and tiring process to successfully get rid of them. To learn what kills fleas on dogs instantly, keep on reading this article.

What are dog fleas?

Dog fleas are the most common parasites your dog could have. They are much more common than ticks, but luckily also less dangerous. Fleas are very small (about 1-2 mm) and usually live from one to two weeks. Female fleas lay up to 40 eggs each day, that hatch into larvae that often live in your carpets or on your dogs bed. And the scariest part — you won’t even know it. After some time the eggs develop into pupae.

Fleas live in this stage quietly for months, until they emerge as adult fleas and jump on a passing host, in this case – your dog. That’s when the cycle starts all over again. For every flea on your dog, they could be 99 growing in your home, no matter how clean you keep it.

However, there is still hope. There are different remedies available that can help you get rid of fleas. Not only on your dog, but in your home too.

However, with all of the options available it can be confusing to make a decision and know what kills fleas on dogs and in your home instantly.

Commercial products you can get from your vet

If fleas become an issue for you and your dog, you can start off by contacting your vet. The vet should be able to provide you with commercial flea products. They are trained to help you keep your pet safe, healthy, and flea-free.

Treatment plans will most commonly include an initial treatment that will kill the existing fleas. You should follow that up with a regimen that will keep fleas from attacking your dog again over time. Especially as the fleas living in your house could start bothering your dog again, which could end up in a never ending circle.

One of the most common products that is used to kill fleas on dogs instantly is Nitenpyram, or also known by it’s brand name — Capstar.

It’s a single use tablet that is administered orally and will kill the fleas within 30 minutes.

When using it you should keep your canine in a smaller area. You can use an old sheet or blanket to lay under your dog and catch the dead fleas falling off from your pet. That will make the cleanup much easier.

Another product that your vet may recommend are topical treatments, or in particular, dog flea shampoos. They can also kill the fleas instantly if they are used correctly.

Another available commercial medication is lufenuron. It’s an insect development inhibitor that does not kill adult fleas, but will prevent their reproduction.

Products that will keep your dog flea-free

After the flea treatment, you will still have to use some maintenance products that will keep your dog flea-free.

These products include dog collars, drops, powders, shampoos. But also a combination of all of these.

Many dog owners will reach for natural products to help them prevent a new flea infestation. These include products such as vitamin B, garlic or yeast. However, no of these have been tested and their efficiency isn’t proven. So be aware that the results most likely won’t live up to your expectations.

An over-the-counter product that many dog owners choose are flea drops. You apply them directly to your dog’s skin. Even though they are quite gentle, over time they will maintain the effectiveness of your primary flea treatment.

Another great options are flea collars. They can be effective from 30 days to even up to a year — depending on which one you choose. Make sure to invest in a good quality dog flea collar, so that your dog is both protected, but also comfortable with his collar.

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