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Parti Yorkie Puppies: Everything you should know

Parti Yorkie Puppies: Everything you should know

Are you one of those lucky people looking for a new pet to welcome into your home? If the answer is yes, we would highly suggest taking a look at Parti Yorkie pups. If the small size of this dog doesn’t win you over, then his beautiful colors for sure will. But don’t be misled by their name. Parti Yorkie puppies did not get their name because they like to party. But instead, because their coat if made of many differently colored parts.

Parti Yorkies are purebred Yorkshire Terriers, despite the fact that they may appear otherwise. The Parti color variation, which is a tri-color or multi-color coat instead of the traditional Yorkshire Terriers black, blue, or silver coats mixed with tan patches, is caused by a recessive gene. These unusual dogs are becoming more popular, and it’s not too hard to see why.

Overall, Parti Yorkies have a lot to offer and might make excellent family pets. They’re adorable, and they have a vibrant personalities to match. Before you buy a Parti-colored Yorkie, there are a few things you should know about their beauty, health, and overall temperament and disposition. We’re here to aid you with a few things you should know before taking the plunge!

What is a Parti Yorkie?

The Parti Yorkie’s history is sparse in terms of information and facts. They were described as tri-colored Yorkshire terriers in the early 1800s by the first references available.  Some historians say the Yorkie was inspired by the Maltese.

These pups were a pretty unusual find in a litter of a Yorkie dog. The only other color variation, that was even harder to find, was and still is the white Yorkie. Back then, the Parti coloring was thought to be a ‘flaw’, and some even believed that these dogs weren’t purebred.  Because they were deemed undesirable, they were not bred further.

Sadly, because of their coat color, Parti Yorkies were either given away or killed. This is a behavior that we today consider inhumane, although it was widespread until the late twentieth century.  Mrs. Gloria Lipman of Nikko’s Kennels, for example, refused to have her white Yorkshire terriers put down. Parti Yorkies are now getting the love and recognition they deserve thanks to her efforts.

The Parti Yorkie and its bloodlines were recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2000. According to the breed standard, Parti Yorkies are tricolored, with black, white, and tan fur. The Parti gene is found in all purebred Yorkies, regardless of color. In the litter of a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, a Parti Yorkie can sometimes appear. But the chances aren’t too high. However, we will talk more about that later. 

The Parti gene, which is recessive, is responsible for the Parti hue. To get Parti Yorkie puppies, both parents must have the Parti gene. The sole difference between Parti Yorkies and regular Yorkies is their color. Because this distinction was deemed undesirable, it was not bred further.


Unlike other small breeds, the Yorkie is definitely not shy! They don’t have the nervous personality a lot of small dogs have. The Yorkie is brave, feisty, outgoing and a little bit bossy! But at the same time, they are charming and loving! They definitely have a huge personality, so you will have to remind them at times who the leader is (aka you!). Also, brace yourself with patience, because just like many other small breeds they are a bit difficult to house train.

But don’t let any of the above scare you, because even though their personality is huge, it is still pretty sweet as well. At least for the most part. Parti Yorkie Puppies make amazing pets, especially if you live in a small apartment. They love their owners endlessly, and cuddling on the couch is one of their favorite activities. However, they can become a bit jealous. That’s why they are not as likely to get along with other pets in the house unless they were raised together.

It’s super important to socialize your Parti Yorkie from an early age. Expose them to as many new situations, people, animals, dogs, and so as possible. Only this way you can ensure that your Yorkie will stay calm in every situation and won’t act out or be aggressive towards strangers (humans and animals). But when they are well trained, they act pretty sweet and friendly. However, they won’t ever be too excited to have a lot of strangers around.

Colors of Yorkies

The traditional Yorkie’s coat comes in a variety of two different colors; blue and tan, black and bluish-silver, or black and tan. However, Parti Yorkshire Terrier puppies come in black, white, and tan. But what’s special is that they can have any number of colors on their fur, often with a number of white markings. Like a Chocolate Parti Yorkie who has different shades of brown with some white patches. 

The hair of Parti Yorkies is usually straight and long. It can either be trimmed short or reach down to the floor if unattended. Because of their long hair, they do require regular grooming, as most other breeds with long coats. 

One great characteristic of this breed is that they are practically hypoallergenic! They barely shed so they are great for people with allergies. So if you are a dog lover that is sensitive to dog hair, this might be the right breed for you.

Parti Yorkie health

Now that you’ve learned practically everything there is to know about Parti Yorkies, it’s time to discuss their health. This is a wide topic, but it covers the essential information you’ll need as a Yorkie owner. Remember that by taking care of your dog’s health, you are not only prolonging his life-span, but also improving the quality of his life as well. 

We’ll go through some of the congenital disorders that Parti Yorkies are prone to, as well as potential challenges they may face in the future. Parti Yorkies’ teeth are the initial source of potential health problems. Some Parti Yorkies may experience issues when they lose their baby teeth, and they may also lose adult teeth later in life. That’s why you should make sure to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. This will lower the risks of dental infections. 

The Parti Yorkie’s small stature and fragility contribute to the other typical health concerns. Unfortunately, because they are so little, they can develop arthritis and patellar luxation. These conditions can decrease the mobility of your dog. Jumping on the couch, going up and down the stairs and other daily activities could become painful and not so easy anymore. 

Many of these health conditions can be avoided if you make sure to buy your dog from a reputable breeder. We know that we say this all the time, but the extra money that it will cost you to buy a high-quality dog will be so worth it. Reputable breeders do all the necessary health screenings of the parent dogs before breeding puppies. This lowers the risk of any genetic diseases by a high percentage.

Most common health issues


Sugar is stored in the body’s muscles and fat until it is needed. However, because Parti Yorkies are so little, they lack the ability to store enough glucose in their body. This means that if your Yorkie becomes very hungry, their blood sugar levels may drop dangerously low, resulting in hypoglycemia. Poor nutrition and not eating enough food are the most typical causes of this illness.


The inflammation of the pancreas can be caused by a high-fat diet. When the pancreas tries to create enough digestive enzymes to digest the dog’s food, it becomes overworked. Diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness, a loss of appetite, and stomach pain are among the symptoms. A blood test is used to diagnose this disease. If the problem is severe, your dog may need to be hospitalized. Antibiotics and fluids may be required. A low-fat diet is usually recommended after your dog has recovered.

Dental Illness

Parti Yorkies are prone to tooth problems, which are mainly caused by plaque and tartar buildup. When teeth deteriorate or get infected, the infection can quickly travel throughout the body. Brushing or having your Party Yorkie’s teeth professionally cleaned is crucial to keep their teeth clean. Bad breath, difficulty swallowing, and swollen or bleeding gums are all signs of dental illness.

Patellar Luxation

This issue might be hereditary or result from a knee injury. It happens when the kneecap moves out of the patellar gap instead of fitting tightly. The tendons that keep the kneecap in place weaken over time, allowing the kneecap to shift and cause pain in your dog. As your Parti Yorkie walks, you’ll observe them stretching their leg backwards in an attempt to straighten their kneecap. Some dogs will skip or carry their back leg up for a few steps while walking.

Legg-Perthes Illness

The hip joint and the femur are affected by this hereditary illness. The femur bone starts to break down, resulting in discomfort and immobility. The inability to walk, limping and loss of muscular mass are all symptoms of this illness.  Treatment options include everything from pain medication to total hip replacement surgery. Depending on how advanced the condition is, the hip area can sometimes repair itself.

Retinal Dysplasia

This genetic disorder causes abnormal retinal development, which can lead to blindness and total detachment. The disease can affect both eyes and is present from birth. Your Parti Yorkie may be hesitant to walk downstairs or leap from furniture because of his poor eyesight.  There is no cure for this, although many dogs may cope with partial or complete eyesight loss by memorizing the layout of the house and where the food and water dishes are.

Collapsed Trachea

Collapsed tracheas can be caused by an injury, such as straining too hard against the collar while walking, or by genetics. The trachea becomes flattened as it collapses, which can be life-threatening for your dog. Coughing, panting, difficulty breathing, and difficulty swallowing, which can lead to gagging, are among symptoms. Medications can be provided to alleviate inflammation, open the trachea, control coughing, and relieve anxiety associated with this illness. It is also beneficial to have your dog shed weight if necessary.

Caring & living needs

Parti Yorkies have gorgeous colored coats that do require much grooming. Brushing your dog is necessary to keep them mat-free. This must be done every day. It also eliminates any debris picked up by the coat. Bathe your dog once a month or whenever he or she is dirty. Use dog-specific shampoo and conditioner, and be sure to completely rinse them off so they don’t dry out his skin.

You should give your Parti Yorkie high-quality dog food made specifically for little breeds. It may be tempting to give them sweets or other foods, but you should avoid doing so because it may upset their stomachs and cause health problems.

Every day, Parti Yorkies puppies should get as least an hour of playtime. Because they are so small, they don’t need as much exercise as other breeds. As it is quite easy for them to become lost, stolen, or injured by cars, you should keep your Parti Yorkie indoors or in an enclosed yard. When you take them outside, keep an eye on them so they don’t run away and get hurt.

Although Parti Yorkies are intelligent dogs, they can be quite tough to housetrain. They have a tiny bladder and suffer from separation anxiety. It’s not uncommon to return home to find your dog has had an accident in the house. Parti Yorkies can take up to two years to learn to use the toilet. 

When your Parti Yorkie is young, start socialization and obedience training right away. The more you expose your puppy early on, the easier it will be to train them throughout their lives. If you don’t train them soon enough, these adorable pups could start showing signs of  “small dog syndrome”. 

Parti Yorkie puppies

By now, we probably convinced you to get a Parti Yorkshire Terrier puppy. But know that it could be a bit tricky to find one. Your best option would be to look for a specialized Parti Yorkie breeder. The litter size of Yorkshire Terriers is pretty small (only 2-3 puppies) so it’s possible that you will have to sign up on a waiting list if the demand is high. 

In terms of Parti Yorkie prices, you should be able to find one for around $1200 to $1500. However, just like with any other dog breed, the price will depend on a number of different factors. Gender, bloodline, location, and the current demand will all have an effect on the price tag of your puppy. If you’re seeking for a pup of higher pedigree quality, like the offspring of two dog show champions, you will have to pay a higher price. Sometimes even reaching up to $10,000.

In addition to that, always make sure that you are buying from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders will make sure that your dog got all of the health checks that he needed and that your puppy is as healthy as possible. While the price may be a bit higher, it will be worth it, as you know that you are getting a high-quality dog. Puppy mills and backyard breeders are only looking for money, and they don’t care at all about the well-being of your dog. 

Can two regular Yorkshire Terrier dogs have a Parti puppy?

Yes, two ‘regular’ Yorkies can theoretically get a Parti Yorkie puppy. But if you paid enough attention in biology class, you already knew that. Genes can be dominant and recessive. The Parti gene is recessive. Two regular Yorkies can have both the dominant and the recessive gene if they are heterozygotes, and then their chances of getting a Parti Yorkie with the recessive gene are about 25%.

If just one parent carries this recessive gene the puppies will not show as Parti colored Yorkies in this circumstance, but they will have a chance to carry the Parti gene in future litters. Overall, there are a few options for breeding Parti Yorkies, depending on whether one or both parents have the Parti gene. As you can see, the Parti gene follows the simple Mendel’s laws of inheritance (Yes, I had an ‘A’ in biology, thank you for asking). But as you can tell, the chances of getting a Parti puppy this way aren’t that high, so your best bet would be to go to a specialized breeder.

Are Parti Yorkies rare?

Prior to the 2000s, Parti Yorkies were considered to be a somewhat uncommon breed. While Parti Yorkies are still regarded as a bit harder to find, especially when compared to other Yorkshire Terrier breed varieties, their numbers have increased dramatically. The amount of Parti Yorkie breeders that have sprouted since the breed’s popularization demonstrates this. However, because Parti Yorkies are still outnumbered by typical Yorkshire Terriers, some people are skeptical that this dog is purebred. But as we already explained, there is nothing to worry about. The AKC fully recognizes these pups as purebred Yorkshire Terriers.

Therefore, if a Yorkie breeder tries to label his puppies as rare, and puts an unreasonable price tag on them, know that it’s more likely than not a scam. Breeders like that don’t have a dog’s best interests at heart, instead of that, they are just looking for a fast cash grab. You could even potentially find Parti Yorkies at animal shelters, as many of them are left behind by their previous owners. So make always sure to check out your local animal shelters and consider adoption before buying a puppy. 


In conclusion, the biggest and only difference between Yorkie Puppies and Parti Yorkie Puppies is their color! Both kinds of Yorkies are amazing dogs and make great pets for everyone! So, if you can’t make up your mind about which kind to get, rest assured that you won’t regret getting either. It’s really just up to your own preference and which color variation you like more.

The Parti Yorkie may be a bit harder to find, however, there aren’t as rare as many people make them seem to be. You can look for a reputable breeder on the AKC’s breeder registry and check if they have any Parti-colored Yorkies available. In addition to that, if you are interested to take part in dog shows with your canine, know that it won’t be a problem with this beautiful color variation. They are fully recognized as purebred dogs by the American Kennel Club.

However, there is one thing we need to note. Keep in mind that the Parti Yorkie is very fragile. This is because of their tiny size. So if you have small children in your home, getting this breed might not be the best idea. The child might not understand how they need to behave with the dog. But if your kids are a bit older, and know how to be gentle to these tiny little pups, feel free to get one.

Now after learning all of this information, don’t waste any more time and go get a Parti Yorkie of your own. We promise you – you won’t regret it. Leave us a comment below with your thoughts and opinions about this adorable pup.

Parti Yorkie FAQ

Is the Parti Yorkie breed hypoallergenic?

Parti Yorkies, like other Yorkshire Terriers, have long, silky hair. Their coats are known to be non-shedding despite their length. Simply put, they might be classified as hypoallergenic.

Unlike many other dog breeds, Parti Yorkies do not have undercoats. One of the main reasons Yorkies do not shed is because of this. Most of the time, these dogs will only shed if you thoroughly brush their fur.

Regardless, keeping your parti Yorkie’s hair short is still recommended. Brushing will be easier this way, and your pet will look nice and tidy even with minimal care.

How long do Parti Yorkies live? 

The average lifespan of a Parti Yorkie is 12-15 years. Even though Parti Yorkies are generally healthy dogs, they are still susceptible to a variety of health issues including genetic illnesses, which could shorten their life expectancy.

 Is the Parti Yorkshire Terrier a good family dog?

Now, the Parti Yorkie can make a wonderful family dog, but there is one loophole: if you have small children, it may not be the ideal decision.

In the great scheme of things, Yorkies are joyful, playful, and affectionate, but they are also incredibly delicate. If you have a Parti Yorkie, be sure everyone in the family is capable of dealing with smaller canines.

When fully grown, how large do Parti Yorkies get?

According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, Parti Yorkies can weigh up to 7 pounds and stand 7 to 8 inches tall. Parti Yorkies are the same size as their typical Yorkshire Terrier cousins in terms of size.

Around the age of four, these canines reach their full height and weight. They do, however, grow quickly during their first year.

Are Parti Yorkies Intelligent?

Yorkies (particularly parti-colored Yorkies) are generally intelligent canines. Yorkshire Terriers were recognized as the 34th smartest breed in a study of 138 dog breeds. Other terriers, such as the Boston Terrier, Welsh Terrier, and Irish Terrier, did not fare as well.

You should have no trouble training a parti Yorkie, even though they are not at the top of the list. After all, with a little determination and patience, any dog, regardless of intellect level, may be trained. 

My name is Jackie and I am a veterinarian with a degree in veterinary medicine. With extensive experience in treating various animals, I am known for my compassionate and personalized approach to animal care.