Parti Yorkie: Why they used to be euthanized

parti yorkie
Parti Yorkies have a tri-colored brown, tan, and white coat

Have you ever heard of the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie? Of course, you have! The adorable, but feisty smol bean is hard to forget. But, have you ever heard of the Parti Yorkie?

If not, then this is the article for you! Here you’ll learn all about this toy breed. The first and most important thing to know about them is that they really are a Yorkie Terrier! It’s just a color variation of that breed and not a separate breed. What’s different about them is that their fur color is a combination of three colors, black, gold, and chocolate!

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Parti Yorkie – What to know

We know that Yorkies usually have that creme, silver coat color. So, where does the tri-color coat color from the Parti Yorkie come from? Sadly, no one really knows. There is a lot of controversy around this Yorkie color.

But, many people believe the tri-colored coat had its debut in the 17th century, and the AKC included it in the year 2000.

How many colors do Parti Yorkies come in

At first, the tri-colored coat was only available in a recessive gene, later in the 19th century, it became more common. That’s also when a book on toy dogs came out where Parti Yorkies were described as an undesirable variation of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Today this has changed. Since they’re recognized by the AKC the tri-color Yorkies are becoming just as popular as the classic Yorkie. However, they are very rare. We still don’t know which Yorkshire Terriers carry the Parti Yorkie color coat gene. This means that Parti Yorkies are basically born at random.

Are they purebred?

The Parti Yorkie wasn’t accepted for a long time, not even by breeders. They would even either just give away these puppies, or euthanize the poor puppies… Breeders didn’t view Parti Yorkies as purebred dogs, and besides that no one wanted them.

Today this has changed a lot. Since the AKC included them in the standard list of Yorkie colors, breeders have changed their behavior towards them. Obviously, if the AKC accepts them, that means they are purebred and have the same traits as other Yorkies. But, some breeders still believe these dogs shouldn’t be on the standard list. They think that tri-color Yorkies are a result of crossbreeding Maltese dogs with Yorkies. But there is no proof of that whatsoever.

Height:7 to 8 inches
Weight:4 to 7 pounds
Breed type:Toy breed
Color variations:Tricolor (white, black, and tan), Black bluish-silver
Temperament:Intelligent, loving, loyal, tenacious, courageous, and confident
Purpose:Companion and family pet
Suitable for:Adult homes
Traits of the Parti Yorkie are the same as any Yorkshire Terrier’s

The story of how Parti Yorkies got accepted by the AKC is worth telling too. Now, breeders used to euthanize tri-colored Yorkies, and a female breeder named Gloria Lipman got wind of it. She refused to kill the puppies. Then she met Loryn Bogren, who also didn’t want these poor puppies to get killed.

So, they paired up and decided to get in touch with the AKC. That’s where they did DNA tests of Parti Yorkies to really see what their genetic makeup is. They tested 42 litters! And after that, the AKC could finally confirm that the Parti Yorkie is indeed a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

Are they more expensive?

If you look up prices of Yorkies on the internet you’ll find that they cost between 1500 and 3000 dollars. Of course, the price depends on your area and the breeder.

But, the truth is, those puppies that cost 1500 dollars are usually from bad breeders. A reputable breeder will ask for 3000 dollars and up for a healthy Yorkshire Terrier.

And to be honest, that’s a fair price! Why? Well, first you know who the parents are, you know their health history, which medications and vaccines they got. You also know the puppies got treated for any possible health problem and got their vaccines. Basically, you know you’re getting a healthy puppy. But with bad breeders, you do not know that.

Now, are tri-colored Yorkies more expensive? On the website PuppySpot we found one Tri-colored Yorkie and many “classic” Yorkies. The Parti Yorkie costs $3949, while the “classic” Yorkie costs $3649. As you can see there is a bit of a difference in pricing. This is because Yorkies usually don’t have a large litter, and in addition to that, it’s rare that any of the puppies will be tri-colored. Meaning they are rare, and can sometimes be a bit more expensive.


The Parti Yorkie is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and today they are very popular. But, it wasn’t always like that, at some point they were given away or euthanized.

But, it’s important to know that these dogs have the same traits as any other Yorkie. So, you’re getting a great companion dog with a lot of energy. They are affectionate, intelligent but also a bit feisty. Despite being small they are protective of their family because they form such strong bonds with their owner.

We also have to mention that these dogs are prone to Small Dog Syndrome. This means they are very likely jumping up at people, aggression towards other dogs, especially larger ones, barking at strangers, and begging for food. So, training and early socialization are a must.

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