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Doberman Great Dane Mix: Gentle giant

Doberman Great Dane Mix: Gentle giant

Designer dogs are a questionable topic. Many people don’t like the idea of them for several reasons, the first one being ethical. But, we have to say that there are some great crossbreeds. For example, the Doberman Great Dane Mix or also known as the Doberdane. Other suitable names may include Great Doberman, or Doberman Dane mix.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of this mixed breed is “big”. Because, well, they are huge dogs! But, there is so much more that these dogs are. They are also intelligent, protective, loyal and so much more.

But, due to their size, they might not be for everyone.

Doberman Great Dane Mix – What to know

This crossbreed is very young. They were developed in the 2000s, so there are no set standards of how they will look and act.

One thing is sure, this designer mix dog has many great qualities, but despite being such amazing dogs, they aren’t for everyone. Especially not for first-time dog owners.

It’s not only their size that is huge. But with that also comes huge responsibility. But let’s look at all of their traits in detail.

Doberdane Parent Breeds

Doberdanes are a hybrid cross between two extremely similar dog breeds. The Great Dane is known for both its compassion and its huge stature. Doberman Pinschers, on the other hand, are known for their unmatched loyalty and alertness. Both dog breeds have remarkable qualities that put them in the top twenty most popular dog breeds in the United States.

Great Dane Parent Breed

The Great Dane is a dog breed that originated in Germany. The dogs were given this name to counteract any negative connotations that might have influenced the breed’s acceptance in the post-World War II era. Given the devastation that Germany was experiencing, it was decided to name the dog a Great Dane. The dogs have no ties to Denmark.

The Great Dane is widely regarded as one of the oldest dog breeds. In addition to numerous evidences such as antiques and paintings, signs of the breed’s connections with ancient Egyptians have been discovered.

Antique artwork dating back to 3000 BC, in particular, portray canines that are similar to Great Danes. The items revealed as belonging to Greeks also depict a large dog that looks similar to a Great Dane.

The goal of breeding the massive Great Dane was to produce a canine capable of hunting wild boars. As a result, the canines were dubbed “Boar Hounds” on a regular basis. After a long period of time, the dogs were assigned to keep an eye on the kings and queens. The presence of a Great Dane was seen as protection during those times because the odds of unexpected events were higher.

The Great Danes, formerly known as ‘..hounds,’ entered royal spaces as protectors and eventually evolved into one of the most sociable canines. The ‘Gentle Giants’ are these massive bundles of love and devotion that are known for their amenability. The dogs are sometimes discovered on their owners’ laps, completely unaware of their size and fury. They are loyal canines, and despite their reputation as war dogs, also make good pets and family dogs.

Doberman Pinscher Parent Breed

The Doberman breed was first introduced in 1890, and Karl Friedrich Louis Doberman is credited with developing the breed. The Doberman dog breed is well-known for its distinct personality. Because of their quick learning abilities, they are sharp, clever, watchful, loyal, friendly, strong, and easy to train canines. They are great with young children despite looking a bit intimidating. They are also often used as a therapy dog.

The Doberman Pinscher is also linked to the Second World War. During World War II, the dogs served as war dogs for the United States Marine Corps.

The Doberman Pinscher is said to be a cross between several breeds. However, several sources include distinct breeds such as the Doberman Pinscher parent breeds, causing confusion about the breeds involved.

The American Kennel Club, on the other hand, considers the Doberman Pinscher breed to be a collection of:

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Rottweiler
  3. Terrier
  4. Pinschers from Germany

What they look like

It’s needless to say that the Great Dane Doberman Mix is a huge dog. They are giants with up to 35 inches in height and weighing over 120 pounds! As you can see these designer dogs are tall and heavily built, but they also have a broad chest and a muscular, but lean body.

Their heads usually look like the Great Danes’. And he usually has a bit of a rectangular and long head. Their natural ears are flopped down, although some people like to trim their ears. That’s why you’ll see a lot of pictures of Doberdanes with their ears being erect. To be honest, I wouldn’t do that to my dog, but you have to make the decision for yourself. Do a lot of research on this topic and find a solution you’re comfortable with.

Cropping is a procedure that the Doberdane, like its parent breeds, goes through. For cosmetic reasons, the natural ears and, in certain cases, the tail are also replaced. Doberdane’s reputation as a terrifying dog is exacerbated by these changes. Despite being energetic and warm dogs, the breed cannot be classified as a family dog.

 Height: Males – Between 30 and 35 inches, Females – Between 28 and 30 inches
 Weight: Males – Between 100 and 140 lbs, Females – Between 95 and 140 lbs
 Lifespan: 8 to 12 years
 Colors: Black, brindle, fawn, brown, red
 Maintenance: Low-maintenance breed; need brushing once a week
Basic information about the Doberdane

The coat of the Doberdane is short and soft. It’s very sleek and shiny. Because of this, they are low-maintenance dogs. They don’t need a lot of brushing or even regular visits to the groomer. Brush them once a week to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Possible coat colors are:

  • black,
  • brindle Doberdanes,
  • fawn,
  • brown color,
  • red

You don’t have to bathe them often, once every three months, or when they get super dirty.

But, it’s a good idea to just wipe them down with a wet washcloth when they get a bit dirty. Also, they are droolers, so clean their face well to avoid skin irritation and bacteria accumulation.

What they’re like

The Doberdane might seem intimidating, but they are actually friendly and kind dogs. They can be a bit suspicious and reserved towards strangers though. Because of their Doberman parent breed, these dogs make excellent guard dogs. So, you should monitor them when you’re around strangers.

You can feel safe with the Doberdane. They will do anything to protect their family and home. But don’t worry, they are not aggressive. Generally, they are playful and calm dogs.

doberman great dane mix
The Doberman Great Dane mix looks scary, but they are loving dogs

Early socialization and training are a must. The Doberman Great Dane mix is an intelligent dog, so you will have to continuously train them, all in order to maintain socialization skills and providing them with mental stimulation.

 The purpose for breeding: Creating a guarding dog, that will be a loyal companion
 Temperament: Intelligent, loving, calm, loyal, gentle, protective, reserved with strangers
 Perfect for: Families who have experience in training and socializing a dog; have a lot of space; active families
 Activity level: Very high, need at least one hour of exercise a day
What the Doberdane dog is like

It’s also important to note that Doberdanes have a lot of energy. Both its parent breeds are active dogs. Especially the Doberman. So the Doberdane will fit perfectly into an active family that already has experience with owning a dog. This crossbreed needs at least three long walks a day and up to an hour of exercise a day.

They love hikes, visits to the dog park, games of fetch, and Frisbee. You can even take them out for a run! But, don’t forget to provide them with mental stimulation too, you can do that through training sessions.

Training of a Doberdane

Given the breed’s size and reputation for aggressive behaviors, training a Doberdane is an absolute must. If at all possible, begin training at the puppy stage. Because then his height is little and it knows nothing, it is simple to teach whatever one desires. Begin Doberdane puppy training with basic obedience. Make use of a lot of rewards and praise during the process. Needles to say, socialization is an important part of raising a well-behaved Doberdane.


It will not be a difficulty for a Great Dane Doberman Mix to handle humans if properly socialized. Due to their natural drive to defend, Doberdanes do not get along well with outsiders.

If the Doberdanes are not properly socialized and disciplined, their loving instinct can spiral out of hand. So make it a point to introduce your Doberdane puppy to your family and friends on a regular basis. As a result, the dog can recognize that amid the strangers, there is a friend zone.

Can Doberdanes become watchdogs?

The disposition of a Doberdane, in addition to its temperament, improves the dog’s ability to guard. Doberman Pinschers and Doberdanes are lively dogs with a striking or frightening presence. The dogs may swiftly scare away criminals and stand guard as a result of their innate latency as watchdogs. Because of their huge personalities and sensitivity to strangers, these Great Dane mix pups make great guard dogs. But training of a Doberdane will be needed, especially when they are around small children and young kids.

Barking Doberdanes

Despite the fact that Doberdanes have a intense bark that can appear belligerent and dangerous, they are not frequent barkers. In any case, regardless of the breed, you should train your dog to stop barking. Because a dog’s constant barking can irritate individuals in the vicinity, including neighbors. However, that can also be a good thing if you want to be warned about strangers walking around your house. Especially if you live in a rural area.

Doberdane activity

Doberdanes are high-energy dogs. The dogs are likewise very energetic and active. It is recommended that you walk your Doberdane for 65-75 minutes on a regular basis to keep up with its requirements. Depending on your preference, you can split the time into two or three such trips per day.

Doberdanes are also thought to have more athletic potential. Hikers and other outdoor activity enthusiasts will enjoy the dogs’ company. To keep you company while guarding at the same time on such journeys.

Feeding a Doberdane

The feeding needs of a Doberdane are identical to those of any other large dog breed. Doberdane food is identical to that of Great Dane dogs. Three to four meals each day are recommended for your Doberdane. You can feed it dry dog food or a raw dog food diet. If you’re feeding your dog dry food, make sure it’s premium large breed kibble. Furthermore, the diet you chose for your dog has a bearing on how much to feed a puppy.

Grooming a Doberdane

Doberdanes have short coats, as previously mentioned, which makes grooming a Doberdane simple. Overall, the dogs are simple to care for. A Doberane requires little brushing and bathing due to its coat’s smooth, straight, and thin, equally distributed hair.

Bathing and brushing a Doberdane only once a week is advised. Alternatively, you can brush the Doberdane’ coat as needed. Cleaning the dog’s coat with a wet towel on a regular basis will also assist to maintain it clean.

Do not forget, the Doberdane dogs could be dribblers. Keep a wet cloth with you to wipe off the dog face whenever you feel so.

Moreover, Ear and oral contagions can be detrimental to your Doberdanes health. Therefore, never overlook your Doberdanes regular ears, paws, and teeth cleaning.

Besides, a regular sitting with a vet is one of the best things to maintain health and wellness of a Doberdane canine.

Doberdane dogs can be dribblers, so keep that in mind. Keep a moist cloth on hand to wipe the dog’s face whenever necessary.

Ear and mouth infections can also be harmful to the health of your Doberdanes. As a result, make sure your Doberdane’s ears, paws, and teeth are all cleaned on a regular basis.

A regular visit to the veterinarian is also essential to keep a Doberdane dog’s health and well-being.

Health of a Doberdane

Crossbreeds are usually much healthier than their parent breeds. But, you shouldn’t rely on that too much. You still have to take good care of your dog in order for them to stay healthy and live a long life. The Doberman Great Dane mix is susceptible to many health problems.

Major health concernsOccasional health problemsRare health problems
Hip dysplasiaAllergiesEntropion
Wobbler’s syndromeSkin infectionsCherry eye
Health problems of Deberdanes

The biggest health concerns are:

  • Hip dysplasia – is an abnormal formation of the hip socket that can cause lameness and arthritis of the joints
  • Wobbler’s syndrome – a gait in dogs with spinal cord compression in the neck. It causes “floating” steps with the front limbs or a “wobbly” gait in the hind limbs.

Besides this, the Doberdane is prone to allergies and skin infections.

Doberdanes have an average lifespan of 9-10 years. Some Doberdane dogs, however, have been recorded to live even longer than 11 years.

Health conditions to look out for in a Doberman Great Dane Mix

Many believe that crossbreeds are healthier than their purebred parents. And while that is true, that doesn’t mean that your hybrid mix can’t get sick. The main idea here is that crossbreeds inherit the best genes from both parents. But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

There are some recurrent problems that can affect the health of many Doberdanes. They are most commonly joint issues, heart disease, and eye problems, such as “cherry eye”. You will lower the risk of all of these conditions if you buy from a reputable breeder.

Here are the most important things to look out for in your Doberdane.


Bloat is a symptom, not a disease, that can kill you in a matter of hours. Bloated dogs lose both oxygen and blood supply as a result of this. When the dog isn’t feeling well, the problem frequently arises during mealtime. It pants, whines, convulses, and even collapses as you force it to swallow the meal.

Avoiding physical activity right after or before a meal is the simplest and most effective way to keep your Great Dane Doberman mix dog safe from this deadly illness.

Joint Issues

The most common concern for large breed dogs is joint difficulties, and the Great Dane Doberman mix, as a large dog, is prone to developing the problem. If not treated properly, dogs with this disease suffer movement issues and may lose their ability to move at all.

It is frequently recommended that giant breed puppies be fed dog supplements for joints in order to protect them from developing weak joints. Also, if you see an issue with a dog, such as limping, make sure it sees a veterinarian. Because if the dog is treated in a timely manner, the position of the dog can be easily reversed. Finally, if you have a Great Dane Doberman mix dog with you, try to avoid going up and down stairs. Stairs are not for dogs, and they are a major source of joint issues in them.

Heart Disease

Cardiomyopathy is a condition in which the heart grows larger. It can affect large breed dogs. Other issues associated with heart disease include heartbeat irregularity. This is a serious problem that must be addressed. Because the disease is passed down down the generations, a Great Dane Doberman mix dog could inherit it from one of its Great Dane parents.

Cardiomyopathy causes a dog’s breathing to become difficult. Take your dog to the veterinarian right away if it is having problems breathing.


Osteosarcoma is a malignant tumor that can develop in large dogs. The ailment is more common in senior dogs than in younger dogs. In the body of an infected dog, there are several lumps. Cancer patients may also have symptoms such as lack of appetite, lameness, joint and bone discomfort, and weariness.


The Doberman Great Dane mix looks scary and like giants, but they are gentle giants. So, you can expect this dog to be loving and kind.

They are also great with children, but you will have to teach both how to behave with each other. So, don’t only teach your dog what is okay and what is not. But, you will also have to teach your child.

Besides this, don’t let your dog and kid play without you around. It’s not safe, something bad can always happen.

It is vital to inquire about the dog’s pedigree before purchasing a dog, whether a Doberdane or another breed. The puppy’s background will assure that you are getting a healthy dog.

Despite their devotion, dog parents are advised not to adopt a Doberdane as their first canine companion. They have a lot of strength and are very aggressive. Keeping up with this Great Dane and Doberman Pinscher mix might be difficult at times, given their enormous and frightening appearance. In addition, if you want a family dog, the dogs may not be appropriate. You must be very active and aware to keep this huge and hyperactive Great Dane Doberman mix dog.

If this is your first time adopting a dog, you can choose from a variety of Great Dane breed mixtures. Nonetheless, getting along with a Great Dane Labrador or a Great Dane Poodle hybrid will be a fantastic start. If you want a family dog that gets along with kids, small pets, and cats, a purebred Great Dane puppy is ideal.

My name is Jackie and I am a veterinarian with a degree in veterinary medicine. With extensive experience in treating various animals, I am known for my compassionate and personalized approach to animal care.