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Dog Collar With Name Plate

Dog Collar With Name Plate

Nothing will ever beat how convenient and practical a dog collar with a name plate is. Besides being incredibly cute, these will also be a huge help in case your dog ever gets lost. But where can you buy these dog collars? Well, just like with anything else materialistic — the answer is Amazon.

But the options are endless there! So in case you need a bit of help to pick out a dog collar with a name plate — we have got you covered! In this article we will share some of our favorites, with a short description of why we like them so much.

But in case you still need some convincing, here are five reason why you should buy a dog collar with a name plate:

  • Personalized accessories make everything cuter
  • They will help you in case your dog gets lost
  • You can also add some of your own information. Like your phone number or address.
  • If your dog goes to a dog school, it will also make things easier for his supervisor.
  • You can add some additional features and let your creativity speak for you.

Now that we have you wishing for a personalized dog collar, it’s time that we share our favorites ones. So let’s start, shall we?

Poohoo Genuine Leather Dog Collar with Name Plate

If you want to go all out and buy a high-quality dog collar for your canine — this is the one to go.

Here is what the manufacturer has to say: “Handcrafted designs and premium materials make POOHOO collars your source for practical, high quality, high value leather goods.

The padded portiforium PU leather provides a wider, comfortable interior surface to help reduce skin irritation and chaffing. Classic & comfortable, these collars look great and last.”

Multiple sizes and colors allow you to choose the best suitable one for your puppy,medium,large dogs. You can choose the style that you like the most and that fits your dog’s measurements perfectly.

The reviews are pretty promising too, with one user writing: “Great collar, looks strong and good quality materials. So far it’s holding up well to my two Pyrenees cross pups. They are pretty rambunctious and have ripped through many collars.”

Didog Genuine Leather Dog Collars with Engraved Nameplate

This is another high-quality, real-leather option that is going to last. The DiDog collar looks a bit more sophisticated and is available in less colors. However, the reviews are as promising as with the previous one.

Here’s what the seller has to say: “100% Soft Genuine Leather – It’s made of full grain nature leather, durable and soft genuine leather material super suitable for pets daily use.

This quality leather dog collar also do well in dogs walking or training.

More Space for Personalized Information – Enough space for your customized information, PET NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER can be included.”

This collar is available in six sizes, pretty impressive, huh? That also means that it will fit on the neck of your canine like a glove. It has a lot of engraving space, so you can add all types of informations.

Here’s what a buyer had to say: “ I got these engraved collars for each of my Golden-Doodle dogs. The collars are very impressive. They are well made, the leather is good quality, the overall craftsmanship makes the collars look like I paid much more for them than I actually paid.

The color green looks great on both dogs. Both dogs are different colors and sizes. The engraving is well-done and overall I am very happy that I decided on these collars for my “boys”.
I would highly recommend them.”

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name Plate and Phone Number

In case your want a vegan-friendly option that isn’t made from genuine leather, we have got you covered! The GoTags personalized dog collars make it possible for your dog to be both fashionable and easy to identify.

These personalized dog collars are available in a variety of colors and have enough space for not only your dog’s name, but also your phone number or address.

On the manufacturer’s description it says: “Our strong nylon dog collar comes personalized with your dog’s name and phone number permanently stitched into the collar for long lasting identification.

Made of high-quality nylon webbing, a stainless steel D-ring for tag and leash attachment, and a secure plastic side release buckle for easy one handed quick release. The nylon has smooth, tapered edges for a comfortable fit.“

The collars are available in 4 sizes and 5 different color options: blue, black, pink, orange and red.

The reviews are pretty promising too, with one user writing: “Very good quality the dog collar the embroidery is perfect clear reading the name and number. I cannot fault the item. Also fast delivery. Don’t hesitate to buy the product. ”You never regret”the important to get your dog size. 100% I recommend this product”.

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