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Dog detangler spray: How to make your own

Dog detangler spray:  How to make your own

Brushing out long fur on dogs (and cats also) can be a difficult task! The fur constantly gets tangled, you’re pulling on your dog’s fur and skin, you’re hurting them and so on. To make it easier you need a dog detangler spray!

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Of course, there are many detangling sprays on the market, however making your own, all natural dog detangler spray is better!

In this article we’re going to show you how you can make your own fur detangling spray and why it’s much better and safer for your dog!

DIY dog detangler spray

One of the greatest benefits of homemade detangling spray is that it’s completely free of chemicals! This means that there are no fragrances or any other kind of additives that could irritate your dog’s skin.

With that being said, this is how you can make your very own detangling spray.

Making a home made detangling spray

To make your very own, safe detangling you’re going to need a few ingredients and a spray bottle!

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Ingredients you’ll need:

  • cup of water,
  • one teaspoon aloe vera gel,
  • one teaspoon of coconut oil
  • three drops of glycerin

These are great ingredients, very safe, very beneficial for your dog’s fur and skin.

Firstly, the aloe vera gel is calming and soothing. Then, we have coconut oil that provides slippage and moisture, making it easier to brush your dog’s fur. Lastly, glycerin is an emulsifier that works well to blend all the products together. And it’s also great for moisturizing.

Now you have the ingredients, but how do you turn them into a detangling spray?

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Making the detangling spray

To make the spray first you need to pour the water into a spray bottle. Then, melt the coconut oil until its liquid and let it cool down before you put it onto the bottle.

The next step is to add the glycerin and aloe vera gel into the bottle.

Lastly, give the bottle a good shake so that all the products are blended together.

Please, keep in mind that this is an all natural mixture so it has to be an air-tight spray bottle at room temperature.

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One downside of homemade detangling spray (which is also a benefit) is that it’s completely natural. This means there are no preservatives, so you have to use it up within a short period of time, one-week maximum.


In conclusion, making your own home made dog detangler spray is safer and better for your dog. Also, you can rest assured that there is no chance of any ingredient irritating your dog’s skin.

Of course, please make sure you use the spray up as soon as possible. It is free of any additives and preservatives, which means that germs can easily make their way into the spray.

To use the spray, just spray your dog’s fur with it and gently brush it out! Keep in mind, you should brush your dog regularly. The longer you don’t brush your the more mats they will have and it will be so much more difficult to remove them. In some cases, only a cut will help.

Besides this detangling spray, there are many more DIY projects with which you could spoil your dog.

Some of the great DIY projects we shared with you are:

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