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Dog Friendly Beaches: The Best In The USA

Dog Friendly Beaches: The Best In The USA

Just like us, dogs love to visit beaches too! They love to walk around, play in the sand and even get in the water! And is there anything more beautiful for a dog owner than to take a long and relaxing walk at the beach with your canine. No, there really isn’t. We picked out the most beautiful dog friendly beaches in the US, so that you and your dog can hit the road and visit one by one.

Dog friendly beaches near me

Huntington Dog Beach (CA) – Google maps location

The dog-friendly Huntington beach stretches for 1.5 miles along the Pacific Coast, on the northern end of Huntington Beach. You will often see here dog parties, photoshoots or other types of canine events. Locals freely walk their canines without a leash and dogs are only ever cited by the city if deemed dangerous. The beach has restrooms, picnic tables, and also complimentary doggie waste bags. It is open every day between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Jennings Dog Beach (CT) – Google maps location

Jennings Dog Beach is a large 27-acre beach that will provide enough space for even the largest dog groups. Amenities include public washrooms, picnic tables, a snack shack, a volleyball area, and also sailboat racks. You will have no problems finding a good parking spot too as there are plenty available. The beach is open to the public every day from dawn to dusk, but dogs are only permitted between October 1st and April 1st.

Jupiter Dog Beach (FL) – Google maps location

Jupiter Dog Beach is a 2.5-mile-long sandy beach. However, while this is one of the many dog friendly beaches in Florida, you will still have to supervise your canine. The water is home to jellyfish and also sea lice. Both could possibly harm your pup. Also, always make sure to clean up after your dog. There are plenty of doggie waste bag dispensers available.

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Jekyll Island (GA) – Google maps location

This is one of the best spots where you could bring your dog to vacation together. However, make sure to keep your dog on a leash as this island is home to nesting sea turtles and also migratory birds. Yet, there is no doubt that both you and your dog will enjoy your time here.

Montrose Dog Beach (IL) – Google maps location

Montrose Dog Beach is by many considered to be the best dog beach in Chicago. You can walk your dog without a leash and there are even spots to wash your pup after playing in the sand. All dogs who visit the beach are required to have city-issued DFA tags proving that they aren’t going to spread diseases to other animals.

Assateague Island (MD) – Google maps location

Assateague Island is a 37-mile island split between the states of Maryland and Virginia. Animals are only allowed on the northern section of the island that belongs to Maryland. The Virginia portion of the island is a national wildlife refuge. Pets are not even permitted to enter this part of the island in vehicles. Dogs are required to be on a 6-foot leash at all times, and visitors to the beach are also charged an admission fee.

Kennebunk Beaches (ME) – Google maps location

You can find three different dog friendly beaches here that even allow your dog to walk around leash free. The city makes sure to keep the beaches as clean as possible and pet owners are required to use the provided doggie waste bags to clean up after their canines. Dogs are permitted all day between Labor Day and June 15th, but during the rest of the year, their access is restricted to before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area (MI) – Google maps location

This dog friendly beach features 3,500 acres of land bordering Lake Michigan. One important thing to note is that your dog will always have to be on a leash, as this beach is the home to a species of endangered bird known as the piping plover. If your dog likes to play in the sand he will absolutely adore the park’s sand dunes, which are approximately 3,500 years old and more than 140 feet tall. The dunes are surrounded by freshwater ponds, and also covered with dune grass.

Galveston (TX) – Google maps location

You can find here 32 miles of dog-friendly beaches which makes it the perfect spot for you and your dog to vacation together. One of the most popular and largest beaches is the island’s East Beach. It runs for more than 10 miles along the Gulf of Mexico. Also if you ever need a break or a quick snack, you won’t have any trouble finding a local cafe to grab whatever you may need.

Double Bluff Beach (WA) – Google maps location

Double Bluff Beach has some stunning views of the surrounding mountains and downtown Seattle. The main feature is an off-leash dog park. There pet owners and their canines can enjoy some time in nature, fresh air and good exercise. Also if you want to catch some good parking make sure to show up early.

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