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Dog hammock: Your ultimate guide

Dog hammock: Your ultimate guide

We all get our dogs simple dog beds where they can sleep and relax. But have you ever thought about getting a dog hammock for your four-legged friend? A dog hammock can be a great place for your pooch to relax and enjoy their day. Of course, a hammock can also be used as a replacement for the classic dog basket or dog bed.

We all probably know what a hammock is and what it looks like. But, it is a novelty that it’s available for dogs now, too. Hammocks used to be mainly available in stores for cats.

Now, there are two types of hammocks. First, we have hammocks that come with a single stand, meaning you don’t have to ruin your walls to set it up. You get a metal construction or stand where you can set up the hammock. There is also a more permanent kind of hammock that is attached directly to the ceiling with a construction system.

If you’re now thinking about getting your canine a hammock, then this article is for you! Here we’ll cover everything you need to know about hammocks for dogs.

But, if you do not want a hammock for your pooch, we have many articles on the best dog beds from different brands:

Dog hammock – What to know

If you’re looking for a comfortable place for your dog to sleep and relax, but don’t want another dog bed, then the dog hammock is a good idea. Of course, you can have both, a dog bed and hammock. You can keep the dog bed inside, and the hammock outside if the weather allows it, for example. This way, your four-legged friend has an area in and outside the apartment or house where they can withdraw.

But, is that the only reason to get a dog hammock? No! There are various advantages to getting a hammock for your dog:

  • The dog has a separate place that belongs only to him.
  • Dog hammock is not directly on the floor, which means that your pooch won’t be cold.
  • The hammock is suitable for small and large animals.
  • A dog hammock can be used both outdoors and indoors.

As you can see, there are many advantages to the hammock.

Hammock for the car

If you don’t need a hammock for the house, you can get your pooch a car hammock! The hammock for the car has a special construction, it’s installed in the back seat of the vehicle. Basically, the sides of the hammock get mounted between the seats.

To ensure a secure hold, you attach the sides of the headrests of the front and rear seats with loops so that your dog can be comfortable in the lying and sitting position. The best part is that you can use the hammock in different vehicles and set it up and remove easily.

The advantage of a hammock for the car is that the dog has a place to lie and at the same time your seats are protected from dog hair.

Buying a hammock – What to look for

If you want to buy a dog hammock, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Purchase criteria, if you will. In that way, you can quickly find the right model for your own four-legged friend.


The size of the dog hammock is of course very important. There are models on the market that are suitable for both large and small dog breeds. So, you should try to buy a dog hammock in which your dog can completely stretch himself.


The material out of which the hammock is made is just as important. Both polyester and cotton are suitable, it’s also important that the seams on such hammocks don’t leave any marks on the dog or its skin.


If you’re getting a hammock with a stand make sure that it is stable enough. Wood or metal are considered to be the best construction materials. The stand should of course be stable enough to hold the weight of the animal.


Of course, hygiene and cleaning the hammock also play a role in getting the right hammock. So please make sure that the hammock can be machine washed.

Where to buy a hammock?

To be honest, there is no right answer to this question. We also can’t tell you which hammock exactly to get. It all depends on your dog and its needs. It’s also important where you will keep the hammock.

But, as a rule of thumb you can find great and affordable hammocks on Amazon. There you can read the reviews and see real-life pictures of the hammock you want to buy. You can also compare multiple hammocks until you find the perfect one for your dog.

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