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Dog Has Comical Defense Tactics Against Unwanted Visitors

Dog Has Comical Defense Tactics Against Unwanted Visitors

Dogs defending their territory is a common sight, but Suki, the rescued stray, takes it to a whole new level of vigilance. Instead of reserving her warnings for actual threats, she’s not afraid to let even harmless passersby know they’re on her turf.

Owner Victoria Brambilla admits,

“She’s usually pretty tolerant of the boats, but once a week or so, she has to remind them they’re on her property.”

In a video from February 7, Suki, perched on her owner’s bed, spots some boats approaching in the distance. From her elevated vantage point, she sets out to assert her dominance.

Starting with subtle, almost silent barks, Suki escalates to full-blown warning calls when the boats refuse to heed her initial signals.

Despite her valiant efforts from indoors, Suki eventually takes her post out on the balcony, keeping a vigilant eye on the perceived intruders. It’s clear that Suki’s dedication to her role as defender of the condo knows no bounds.

The TikTok clip documenting Suki’s antics has gathered over 482,000 views, 65,000 likes, and 103 comments, with viewers both amused and impressed by her earnest protection efforts.

One viewer humorously remarks, “Did the boat manage to get into your apartment? Suki seems to be handling her job perfectly.”

Another observer notes, “She takes her job of alerting you of any danger very seriously,” highlighting Suki’s commitment to her self-appointed duty.

While a dog’s bark is a natural response to perceived threats, Suki’s unique approach of using smaller barks to defend her territory stands out.

According to canine experts at PetMD, defensive barking usually involves deep, continuous sounds, often accompanied by growls, in response to specific triggers like unfamiliar individuals or animals encroaching on the dog’s space.

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